50 Years

March 5, 1971

Nixon Says Laos Thrust Has Damaged Capabilities Of Hanoi, Aided Withdrawals Nixon’s Manpower Plan Authorizes Public Jobs

March 4, 1971

U.S. Grand Jury Sought To Probe Vice In Louisville; Former Chief Of Louisville Detectives Cleared Of Charges Governor Reagan Tells Proposals To Cut Welfare Cost… Read More »March 4, 1971

March 3, 1971

Morgantown Native Earns Medal Of Honor; Don J. Jenkins Supreme Court Rules Public Roads Cannot Be Built Through Federal Parks TVA Is Sued By Environmental… Read More »March 3, 1971

March 2, 1971

Thousands Turn Out For Concert To Benefit Hyden Mine Victims; Loretta Lynn Headlines George H. W. Bush Starts New Job As Chief Delegate At United… Read More »March 2, 1971

March 1, 1971

Coal Policy Conference Disbands; Conflicts Cited Frankfort’s Capital Plaza Office Tower Almost Completed Prisoner Missing 3 Days Found Inside Reformatory Hiding; La Grange It’s A Second… Read More »March 1, 1971

February 28, 1971

Measles Immunization Shots Given To Kentucky Students Gov. Nunn “Don’t Point Your Finger, Point The Way” 52 Fayette Drivers Loose Their License, Names Printed In… Read More »February 28, 1971

February 27, 1971

Nixon Proposes Healthcare And Insurance For All Americans Spacemen Reunited With Family After 48 Day Quarantine Racetrack Hearing For Paris Pike Reset Kentucky Sophmore Breaks… Read More »February 27, 1971

February 26, 1971

Citizens Have Peaceful Rally For Ashland Bridge; Governor Nunn Attends Lunch In City Marion Man Awarded Navy Cross For Heroism In Vietnam Ex-Governors’ Chauffeur Appointed… Read More »February 26, 1971

February 24, 1971

U.S. Sec. Of Interior Tells UK Students Government Needs To Protect Environment Richmond Theater Sues Police Chief Who Seized Adult Movie $78,194,129 Would Go To… Read More »February 24, 1971