50 Years

June 23, 1971

Senate Calls For Withdrawal From Vietnam Nixon Committed To Appalachian Commission Former UK President Dr. A.D. Kirwan Hospitalized Colonels Split Twin Bill

June 22, 1971

Clean Water Panel Adopts Once Rejected Standards Dupont Charged With Pollution Dumping Into Ohio River First Day Of Summer Is Wet As Storm Drenches Kentucky… Read More »June 22, 1971

June 21, 1971

The Hyped Vietnam War Report Released; LBJ Says It Is Biased 38 Ft. Knox Officers Sign Antiwar Ad Coal Mine Disaster Reflected In Music, Memories;… Read More »June 21, 1971

June 20, 1971

V.P. Agnew Said He Is Watching Kentucky’s Governor Race Smoker See Cancer Link But Don’t Stop Smoking Berea Police Chief Pistol Whipped Indiana All-Stars Beat… Read More »June 20, 1971

June 19, 1971

GIs Must Take Heroin Test Before Leaving Vietnam Ex-Los Angeles Coach Takes Louisville Colonels Job Scientists Release Study of Kentucky Meteorite that Fell in 1950… Read More »June 19, 1971

June 18, 1971

Nixon Seeks $155 Million to Fight Narcotics Neighbors get Man, 24, Life Saving machine; Bowling Green UK Is Granted Hearing on Mining in Robinson Forest… Read More »June 18, 1971

June 17, 1971

Ban on Mining at Forest of UK May Be Dissolved Louisville Bookies Longing for Good ol Days Wildcat Miner Strike Spreads Across Coalfields of Kentucky… Read More »June 17, 1971

June 16, 1971

Court Says NY Times can’t publish article on Vietnam Escalation; Senate Holds Hearings on War Escalation FBI Hunting for the Leak on War Report McConnell… Read More »June 16, 1971

June 15, 1971

Public Pools May Close Rather Than Integrate Antiwar Bishop Resigns, Frustrated By Hierarchy Senators Seek Formula To End War, Vote Nears Jorge Velasquez Rides Proliferation… Read More »June 15, 1971

June 14, 1971

52 Kentucky Utilities Are In Debt To State Highway Agency Social Security Could Pay A Couple $1,200 By 2001 FDA May Require Labels To List… Read More »June 14, 1971