50 Years

November 29, 1972

Kentucky Hospitals New Surgeries Let Patients Get Home Same Day Governor W. Ford Overhauls State Government Cabinets

November 28, 1972

Most Leaf Prices Steady; $79 A Hundred Pounds UK Announces Coed Dorms For Undergrads

November 25, 1972

Burley Averages $79.59; Overproduction Woes Kissinger Continues Vietnam Peace Talks

November 24, 1972

Leaf Prices Staying Steady; Good Supply Still Coming In 1st Lexington Police Women Begin the Beat

November 23, 1972

“Nail The Pushers” Program By Herald Leader Makes 3 Arrest Is Burley Market At A Crest? Average Plunges .17 Cents; $79.80

November 22, 1972

UK Employees Not Given The Right To Organize High 44; Low 35

November 21, 1972

Tobacco Market Noticeably Stronger As Demand Better; State Average $79.42 Woman Kidnapped; Two Fayette Jail Escapees Sought