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50 Years

January 16, 1973

UK Medical Center Announces Grand Addition Unilateral Cease-Fire May Pave Way For Peace

January 15, 1973

All Military Operations Ordered Halted By President Nixon Cops Catch Crooks With Computer’s Help

January 14, 1973

Kissinger Returns From Paris After 6 Days Of Peace Talks Bailing vs. Burning For Paper Recycling

January 13, 1973

Government Is Convinced That Coal Is Solution For Energy Solution Sex-Change Surgery Puts UK in Law Suit

January 12, 1973

Call Boxes Aid Motorist On I-75 Increased Cigarette Use On Rise For Americans

January 11, 1973

Six Indicted For Gambling In Owensboro Elk Club Ex-Cons Employed As Counselors For Kentucky Juvenile Offenders Working Well

January 10, 1973

Fighter-Bomber, Helicopter Lost Over North Vietnam New Season Record Set By Burley; $81.93

January 9, 1973

Lexington Seizes 86 Slot Machines Kentucky Cities Adopted Shade Tree Ordinances To Promote Tree Planting