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50 Years

November 17, 1973

Nixon Signs Bill To Construct Alaska Pipeline 300 Attend Louisville’s Riverfront Ice Plaza Opening

November 16, 1973

3 Rookies Sped Into Orbit For Longest Planned Mission; 84 Days Aboard Skylab V.P. Designate Denies Wrong Doing in Stock Trade

November 15, 1973

U.S. Judge Rules Firing of Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox Was Illeagal Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips Marry

November 14, 1973

Louisville Awards Cable TV Franchise; 15 Year Contract Gulf Oil, Ashland Oil, 2 Democrats Convicted of Giving Money To Nixon

November 10, 1973

Nixon Tells GOP He Will Make Tape Data Public Six In Watergate Are Sentenced To Prison