About Us

Localtonians provides a random timeline from the 1700s to 2021 for each day.  The content is Kentucky history/politics, horse racing, Kentucky athletics, national politics, crime, and odd posts thrown in the mix.  A post may contain an error; however, we continually improve, edit, and update the site daily.  We also value visitors’ feedback.

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Localtonians is heavy on politics; however, we strive for neutrality.  We provide Horse Racing trivia every day and try to show at least one race a day.  If you have a video related to any Localtonians post or potential post, we would love to promote it.  Lastly, Localtonians, every day, acknowledge those who lost their lives in the Vietnam, Korea, and Middle East Wars and in the line of duty.

TodayinKentuckyHistory.com celebrates the good and reminds us of a complicated past.  The world hurls curve balls one after another; it is nice to go back and see them from a different perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.  We welcome and would appreciate your feedback. 

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