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Kentucky Trivia ● Kentucky Tweets

People do think that if they avoid the truth, it might change to something better before they have to hear it.  Marsha Norman

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Bourbon county native Kenner Garrard, born in 1827.  Kenner was a brigadier general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.  A member of one of Ohio’s most prominent military families, he performed well at the Battle of Gettysburg.  He then led a cavalry division for Major General W. T. Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign.  Garrard entered the world at his paternal grandfather’s home while his mother was visiting.  His grandfather, James Garrard, had already been Kentucky’s 2nd governor.

September 21, 1846, the Battle of Monterrey in the U.S. – Mexican War took place.  In 1847, a vibrant Kentucky River town called Williamsburg changed its name to Monterey to commemorate the battle.

September 21, 1937, Brig. Gen. Henry H. Denhardt of Bowling Green, a former Lt. Governor of Kentucky, was to begin his 2nd trial for the murder of his fiancée.  However, about 12 hours earlier, brothers of Verna Garr Taylor supposedly killed him in front of the Armstrong Hotel in downtown Shelbyville.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Wayland native Kelly “King” Coleman, born in 1938.   Kelly Coleman was without question the greatest Kentucky high school basketball player of all time.  He finished his amazing high school career by gathering 4,263 points in 127 games for a nifty 33.6 per game mark in his four-year career at Wayland High School in the hills of Floyd County.  In the 1956 Kentucky State High School basketball tournament, Kelly broke four of the individual records himself and his Wayland team established four more.  He went on to set records at Kentucky Wesleyan College and played two years in the ABA.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Dawson Springs native to Steve Beshear, the 61st governor, born in 1944.

September 21, 1945, Bernie Shively coached his 1st game for the Wildcats in a SEC loss to Ole Miss in Memphis.  He would win two games in his only season as Kentucky’s head football coach.

September 21, 1946, Coach Bear Bryant coached his 1st game for Kentucky, beating Ole Miss in Lexington 20-6.  He would be the Kentucky Wildcat’s football coach for eight seasons.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Marsha Norman from Louisville, born in 1947.  She is an American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who received the 1983 Drama Pulitzer Prize for her play ‘night, Mother.  Norman wrote the book and lyrics for the musical The Secret Garden that won the Tony Award for Best Book in 1991.  She also wrote the libretto for the musical versions for The Color Purple and The Bridges of Madison County.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Lexington native Jack “Goose” Givens, born in 1956.  Givens led Kentucky to the 1978 NCAA Basketball Championship and was named that year’s Final Four Most Outstanding Player (MOP).  His 41-point performance in Kentucky’s 94-88 victory over Duke in the finals was one of college basketball’s greatest performances.  In 1978 there was no 3-point shot.  The “Goose” is one of six UK players to receive the NCAA Final Four MOP award: Groza, Spivey, Givens, Delk, Sheppard, and Davis.

September 21, 1966, Private 1st Class Billy Lane Lauffer of Murry died during a selfless act of courage during the Vietnam War.  He received the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously.  Bill rests at Murray Memorial Gardens in his birth city.

September 21, 1967, Navy P03 Joseph Anthony Combs, 21, from Owensboro, died in the Vietnam War.

September 21, 1968, Marine Corps 1st LT Stanley Garfield Larson, from Shelbyville, died fighting in the Vietnam War.

On September 21, 1968, the Kentucky Football Wildcats opened their season with a win over Missouri.  A nice win, seeing how they only won two games the previous season.  They would go 3-7 for the year, with Charlie Bradshaw as head coach.

September 21, 1968, Western Kentucky played their 1st football game in Houchens Industries-L.T. Smith Stadium also known as the “The Houch.”  The facility has seen several phases of improvements since then.  The official seating capacity is listed at 22,113.

September 21, 1975, the President of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association and Vice Chairman of the Kentucky Tobacco Research Board alarmed Kentucky tobacco farmers that “we could take an awful beating from foreign growers.”  Not everyone shared his concern.  In 1973 more than 100,000 Kentucky tobacco farmers received more than $470 million for their crops.

September 21, 1988, Louisville and Lexington announced that they would take their sewage sludge to some Hopkinsville County abandoned mines as an experiment.  They addressed two problems at once; reclaiming old strip-mines with hard to dispose of sewage sludge.  The sludge mixed with lime dust from cement kilns.

Kentucky Trivia:  Kentuckians use more than 4.3 billion gallons of water every day.  About 95% of this is surface water, and 5% is groundwater.  Almost 94% of water used by consumers is returned to streams.  About 815 public supply systems provide water for 80% of the population.

September 21, 2007, Fair Grounds Race Course became the 1st Churchill Downs Inc (CDI) owned racetrack to offer slot-machine gaming.

September 21, 2008, Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville hosted 37th Ryder Cup.  Kentuckians Kenny Perry and J.B. Holmes made the team.  The U.S. led from start to finish winning 16½-11½ and regaining the Cup after three consecutive European victories.  For the 1st time since 1995, the opening matches featured foursomes.

September 21, 2019, Deputy Sheriff Chris Hulsey, Meade County Sheriff’s Office, suffered a fatal heart attack after struggling with a subject while executing a search warrant at 1299 Greer Road in Payneville.

September 21, 2019, the GII $300,000 Kelso Handicap Stakes ran at Belmont Park for three-year-olds and upward.

September 21, 2020, Josh Hicks accused Rep. A. Barr of lying in his campaign ads.  The Representative claimed to have always supported preexisting conditions related to health insurance.  The challenger Hicks responded, “I can’t let a lie like that stand.”

Positives:  406 / 61,917
Deaths:  1 / 1,112 – 1st Death 3/16/20
50&over:  1,081 / 49-30: 30 / 29&under: 1

September 21, 2021, Governor A Beshear did not mandate corrections officers get vaccinated, even though they were one of the lowest vaccinated populations in the state.  Meanwhile, the Eastern Kentucky coronavirus surge hit hard.