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Kentucky Trivia

October 1775, William McConnell, Francis McConnell, David Perry, John McClelland, Robert Patterson, and others set out from Fort Pitt in Pennsylvania.  They packed supplies into canoes; the men went by land, driving nine horses and fourteen head of cattle, the 1st importation of either into Kentucky.  The Founding of Lexington 1775-1776 by Carolyn Murray Wooley; pg: 18

On October 17, 1797, exiled Prince Louis-Phillipe d’Orleans from France arrived in Bardstown.  Kentucky was one stop in his exploration of the American frontier while waiting for the French Revolution to defeat Napoleon.  He stayed at the Old Talbott Tavern, where a member of his entourage painted murals.  Locals rediscovered and restored the murals in the 20th century and displayed them until a fire burned the building in 1998.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Richard Mentor Johnson, born in 1780.  Richard entered this world in a settlement called “Beargrass,” now Louisville.  He is the only Vice President elected by the U.S. Senate under the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment.

Kentucky Trivia:  The youngest and oldest Vice Presidents are Kentuckians.

October 17, 1843, Bardstown native Ephraim Hubbard Foster started his 2nd term in the U.S. Senate representing Tennessee as a member of the Whig party.

October 17, 1851, Lexington held their Great Union Barbecue, where Henry Clay spoke to several thousand men in the pouring rain.

October 17, 1890, Town Marshal Sam Voglesong, Falmouth Police Department, died from a gunshot when ambushed as he entered the door to his home.  Two brothers and another man were arrested a short time later and charged with his murder.  The brothers had vowed to get even with the marshal over a previous encounter in which Marshal Voglesong shot one of the brothers.

October 17, 1903, Kentucky State College (UK) defeated Kentucky Military Institute in Lexington 18-0.  Kentucky State College lost one game that season, the last one to Kentucky University (Transy).

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Springfield native Samuel Paul Derringer, born in 1906.  He pitched in the Majors for three National League teams from 1931-1945, primarily with the Reds.  In 1958, he became a founding inductee into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.  He is also a two-time World Champion. 

October 17, 1951, Army PFC Gerlad J. Mattingly from Jefferson County died fighting in the Korean War.

October 17, 1970, Navy CPO Charles E. Thomas from Ashland died fighting in the Vietnam War.

October 17, 1976, Lawrence Welk became the 1st performer to play at Rupp Area.  He attracted a jaw-dropping 20,000 patrons on Sunday for a 3:00 p.m. concert, easily surpassing Welk’s previous tour record of 18,000.  Tickets sold for $7.50, $6.50, and $5.  Adolph Rupp sat in the 1st row, and would join Welk on stage during the show.  So many people showed, a popcorn shortage occurred.

October 17, 1991, Angel Cordero, Jr., became the 3rd jockey to win 7,000 horse races.

October 17, 1994, Kentucky Senate Majority Leader John Rogers began his trial for attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, mail fraud, and lying to federal investigators.  Prosecutors charged he tried to profit for helping pass a 1984 banking bill.  He wanted former Governor W. Wilkerson to keep his promise of giving him bank shares for help passing the bill.  The bill enabled Kentucky holding companies to buy banks in other counties and states.  The secretly recorded tapes by an informant nailed him.

On October 17, 1998, in Tim Couch’s signature win of his career, Kentucky earned their 1st road win over a ranked SEC opponent since 1977 at LSU. Couch did most of his damage after halftime, throwing all three touchdown passes in the 3rd quarter.  He threw for 391 yards, shy of his 4th 400-yard passing performance.  Seth Henson kicked a last-second FG for the win, 39-36.

October 17, 2006, Army Staff Sgt. Garth D. Sizemore from Mt. Sterling died fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

On October 17, 2009, an accident involving the Belle of Louisville occurred on the Ohio River while taking passengers on a cruise.  According to the Coast Guard, she struck the McBride dry dock, not a barge, as first reported.

October 17, 2010, U.S. Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway participated in their most contentious and personally bitter debate.  Paul stated that Conway had “descended into the gutter” with campaign ads about his past.

On October 17, 2017, Rick Pitino sued Adidas, alleging that the apparel company deliberately damaged his reputation.  Adidas terminated its services contract with Pitino hours after his firing from UofL on October 15.  The F.B.I. complaint accused Adidas of funneling money to families of two Louisville recruits in return for being a Cardinal and signing with Adidas.  Pitino claimed he knew nothing of Adidas’s conspiracy.

On October 17, 2019, Governor M. Bevin flew in Kentucky’s Beechcraft Leer Jet for the last time.  At the time, Kentucky also owned a Beechcraft King Air.  State officials wanted the next governor to sell one, but the U.S. Defense Department prohibited the sale of either plane since they had paid for them.

On October 17, 2020, Anthony Blinken contacted Michael Morell, a former CIA deputy director, to help discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Two days later, 51 former intelligence officials signed a public letter stating the story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”  The letter also acknowledged they did “not have evidence of Russian involvement.”  Blinken became Sec. of State months later.  Russiagate is the gift that keeps on giving.

On October 17, 2020, Kentucky reported 1,295 positive cases, the 4th highest single-day total of the pandemic so far.  The governor stated, “The virus is our enemy, not each other.”  Also, Commonwealth officials received word from D.C. for the 1st time that the vaccine would be available for a few Kentuckians by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021.

Positives:  1,295 / 86,797
Deaths:  12 / 1,312 – 1st Death 3/16/20
50&over:  1,275 / 49-30: 35 / 29&under: 2

On October 17, 2021, Dr. Fauci, speaking for the pharmaceutical industries, pushed mixing booster shots.  “If you boost people who have originally received Johnson & Johnson (J&J) with either Moderna or Pfizer, the level of antibodies that you induce in them is much higher than if you boost them with the original J&J.”  He then informed the public the FDA recommended a 2nd J&J shot and a 3rd dose of the Moderna Inc. shot.

October 17, 2022, the Associated Press (AP) released its preseason NCAA rankings, where Kentucky came in #4.  The Cats finished the season 22–12 (12–6 SEC), won the SEC Tournament, and lost in the 2nd round of March Madness.