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Kentucky Trivia ● Kentucky Tweets

February 25, 1917, a quarter-million bushels of grain caught fire in downtown Louisville.  Property for blocks around had sparks thrown on them, including one a mile away that caught fire.  It was the largest elevator in the south.  The Kentucky Elevator Company owned it.

On February 25, 1920, Louisville club women started a concerted effort to stop downtown shops from carrying tight skirts, pointed toes, and French heels.  They became frustrated when they couldn’t find appropriate clothes for their daughters.

February 25, 1921, UK played Tulane in the 1st game of the 1921 Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SIAA) Tournament in Atlanta, GA.  Cats won 50-28.  Williamsburg native Paul Adkins scores 18.  Kentucky won the tournament in four games under Coach George C. Buchheit.  The SIAA was one of the first conference post-season basketball tournaments ever held in the U.S., existing from 1921 to 1932.

February 25, 1938, William Whitley State Historic Site in Stanford became a Kentucky State Park.  William and Esther Whitley moved to the Kentucky frontier in 1775 and constructed one of Kentucky’s first brick homes.  Construction occurred between 1787 and 1794.  Sportsman’s Hill included the first circular racetrack to run counter-clockwise in the U.S.  Dubbed the “Guardian of Wilderness Road,” pioneers also gathered at the Whitley home to use as a fortress against Native American attacks.  Visitors included George Rogers Clark and Daniel Boone.

February 25, 1940, after a five-day home visit in Versailles, Senator Chandler returned to Washington after a cheerful sendoff from supporters at the Union Station when he boarded the eastern bound C&O Train.  He came home to file for reelection. 

On February 25, 1946, more than 100 UK students and faculty crowded the lt. governor’s office to ask their state government some questions.  They expressed their confidence in the school and President Dr. H.L. Donovan on the 3rd day of talks in the House of Representatives.  Four law students wanted an investigation into construction finances and petty cash funds.

Kentucky Trivia:  Proposed in 1946, Cherokee State Park opened in 1951.  At the time, it was the only state park in Kentucky developed for African Americans.  Governor Combs signed a 1963 Executive Order that ended segregation in public facilities.

February 25, 1950, Kentucky played its last game in Alumni Gymnasium, beating Vandy 70-66 in a regular-season game.  The first game played in 1924.  Kentucky dominated on their home court with a 249-24 record.  Alumni held 2,800 and was the fourth home for Kentucky basketball.  Rupp led the transition from Alumni Gym to Memorial Coliseum.

February 25, 1951, Chief of Police Pryor Martin, Eminence Police Department, died as he attempted to arrest a suspect.  Despite being mortally wounded, he was able to return fire and kill the suspect.

February 25, 1955, Patrolman William D. Porter, LaGrange Police Department, was shot and killed as he and the police chief attempted to arrest a suspect who had robbed a supermarket in Louisville.

February 25, 1957, Minerva native Stanley Forman Reed, 73, retired from the U.S. Supreme Court citing old age.  He served 19 years and 29 days. 

February 25, 1964, Muhammad Ali (19-0) fought Sonny Liston (35-1) in Miami Beach Convention Hall.  Finally, Clay was fighting for the world heavyweight title in one of the most anticipated bouts of that era.  Liston had won his title by knocking out champion Floyd Patterson in the first round.  Clay came in as a 7-1 underdog yet taunted Liston before the fight, repeatedly calling the ex-convict, who had alleged ties to organized crime, a “big, ugly bear.”

February 25, 1968, Army SGT Nathan L. Robinson from Harrodsburg died in the Vietnam War.

February 25, 1969, Marine Corps PFC Robert A. Coffey from Greensburg in Green County, Marine Corps LCPL Kenneth R. Gilliam from Lexington, Marine Corps LCPL Donald R. Lewis from Maysville and Marine Corps Allen M. Sharp from Covington, all died in the Vietnam War.

February 25, 1970, the Kentucky Education Association’s desperate late gamble for more teacher pay money, by way of a cigarette tax increase, was axed by the legislative mill.

February 25, 1971, two women were denied a court order to force the Jefferson County clerk to issue them a marriage license.  They took the decision to Kentucky’s highest court, the Kentucky Court of Appeals.

February 25, 1974, the Tree Farmer of the Year award went to Mrs. Mary Chandler at the annual meeting of the Kentucky Forest Industry Association.  She received recognition for her outstanding work on her 17- wooded acres in Anderson County.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Dublin native Patrick Kevin Skinner, born in 1974.  He won the fourth season of America’s Got Talent.

February 25, 1980, Governor John Y. Brown, Jr. met with President Jimmy Carter at the Whitehouse to endorse the president for re-election over Edward Kennedy in the Democratic primary.

February 25, 1994, Governor B. Jones signed a bill to return the Tulip Poplar as Kentucky’s official tree.

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February 25, 2000, seventy-five Kentucky residents representing a wide range of ages and 30 ethnicities became U.S. citizens in Frankfort during two separate naturalization ceremonies.  These ceremonies happen every 45 to 60 days.

February 25, 2000, the first individuals to be prosecuted for poaching Elk since the reintroduction in 1997 got off easy.  State Wildlife officials were disappointed the criminals only received a $3,000 fine and no jail.

On February 25, 2005, UPS announced an $82.5 million expansion in Louisville after the state handed over $20 million in incentives.  The expansion hoped to create over 400 full-time jobs in ten years.

February 25, 2010, thrill seekers take to the Red River Gorge to ice climb.  Pikeville’s Josh Justice is spotlighted as he climbs an ice covered rock wall near Burning Fork.  The ice climbers prefer the rock cuts made the construction of U.S. 119.

February 25, 2012, Air Force Lt. Col. John D. Loftis, 44, of Paducah, died from gunshot wounds received during an attack at the Interior Ministry in Kabul fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom.

February 25, 2012, Fairgrounds hosted the GII $300,000 Risen Star Stakes.  Keeneland graduates finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

In a playoff on February 25, 2018, Justin Thomas won his 8th PGA event.  The Honda Classic purse in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was $6.8 million, Justin received $1.224 million.

February 25, 2020, Senator C.B. Embry Jr. from Morgantown in Butler County introduced a bill that would let veterinarians report clients’ animal abuse.  Every year since 2007, Kentucky has finished last in a ranking of state animal-protection laws.  The bill became law in July 2020.

February 25, 2021, Kentucky reported a total death count at 4,570 from coronavirus with 401,750 positive cases.  The positivity rate stood at 5.67%.  The update also said 646,836 people received a vaccination at 119 sites.  February 23, 2022, the positivity rate was 10.80%.