Kentucky Trivia ● Kentucky Tweets

January 6, 1775, Richard Henderson reorganized the Louisa Company, adding new members and forming the Transylvania Company.  Henderson immediately commissioned Daniel Boone to begin land purchase negotiations with the Cherokee Nation.  The other eight members included: Thomas Hart, John Williams, William Johnston, Nathaniel Hart, John Luttrell, James Hogg, David Hart, and Lend Henly Bullock.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Breckinridge County native Joseph Holt, born in 1807.  Mr. Holt was the 18th U.S. Postmaster General and the 25th U.S. Secretary of War.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Bardstown native Robert Charles Wickliffe, born in 1819, the 15th Louisiana governor.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Chloe Creek native Effie Waller Smith, born 1879 in Pike County.  Effie was an African-American poet of the early twentieth century who published three volumes of poetry: Songs of the Month (1904), Rhymes From the Cumberland (1904), and Rosemary and Pansies (1909).  Her poetry appeared in the publication Harper’s Weekly and various regional newspapers.

January 6, 1906, Town Marshal T. H. Kirby, Scottsville Police Department, was accidentally killed when his revolver fell from its holster and discharged, striking him in the heart.  He was supervising prisoners working on Main Street when the accident occurred.  Marshal Kirby had been sworn in only seven days into his second term.

January 6, 1920, on the first day of the General Assembly, Kentucky ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving women the right to vote.

Localtonians wish a Happy Birthday to Lynn native Donald Edward Gullett, born in 1951 in Greenup County.  Don was a member of the Cincinnati Reds dynasty that won four National League pennants and two World Series championships between 1970 and 1976.  He was a member of the New York Yankees who won two consecutive World Series championships in 1977 and 1978.

January 6, 1956, at the January Sale, Stavros Niarchos buys Segula, dam of 1955 Horse of the Year Nashua, for $126,000, a record price for a broodmare sold at public auction.

January 6, 1964, the owner of the Kansas City A’s, Charlie Finley, signed a two-year deal that would shift the club to Louisville.  The deal would have the Athletics playing ball at Louisville’s Fairgrounds Stadium.  The city and state guaranteeing the stadium would undergo a renovation that would raise the seating capacity from 20,100 to 30,632.  Other MLB owners would not approve the deal.

January 6, 1969, Army PFC David L. Johnson from Flemingsburg died in the Vietnam War.

On January 6, 1969, Quality native Don J. Jenkins was serving as a private first class in Vietnam when he repeatedly exposed himself to hostile fire to engage the enemy.  Despite being wounded, he made several trips through intense fire to rescue other wounded soldiers.  For these actions he received a promotion and awarded the Medal of Honor in March 1971.

January 6, 1970, falling snow and plunging temperatures put education on ice in 43 Kentucky counties and slowed Kentucky highways to a standstill.  The city of Louisville declared an emergency.

January 6, 1971, the Kentucky Colonels take on the Virginia Squires, winning 145 to 137.  Louie Dampier ran his free throw streak to 45 and scored 30 points.

January 6, 1976, three women were driving home from dinner on US 27 in Stanford when they saw what they thought was an airplane on fire falling from the sky.  But the object stopped on a dime less than 100 feet from the ground beside them and, the women claim, caused the car to accelerate uncontrollably.  They could now see what they described as a disc-shaped craft with revolving yellow lights that maneuvered behind them and began pulling their vehicle toward it.  A blue light then filled the car, and the next thing the passengers remember was being back on the highway, driving home, but confused and noticeably hot.  Residents of nearby counties independently reported the same UFO around the alleged encounter.

January 6, 1980, Governor John Y. Brown and Agriculture Commissioner Alben Barkley II met at Cave Hill, the governor’s Lexington mansion.  They discussed their differences in the Agriculture Department’s operations.  The two men were at odds on how to promote Kentucky Ag products.  Brown claimed Barkley was uncooperative and Barkley claimed Brown was meddling, possibly unlawful, in his department.

January 6, 1987, Ira E. Massie, a former UK “tobacco production specialist,” known to many as Mr. Tobacco, died of lung cancer.

January 6, 1996, the Warren Hotel in Bowling Green tragically caught fire and killed three guest and injured more than a dozen others.

On January 6, 2000, officials discovered $300,000 in financial irregularities in Frankfort.  Deputy Education Commissioner Randy Kimbrough abruptly resigned.

January 6, 2000, Kentucky lawmakers finally made it a felony to steal someone’s identity.

January 6, 2005, a federal judge ordered Saddlebred Wild-Eye and Wicked exhumed after dying under mysterious circumstances.  The Kentucky State Police started the investigation.  Wild-Eye and Wicked was a two-time winner of the Saddlebred industry’s triple crown.

January 6, 2008, the Midway Christian Church re-created an Old-Time Christmas with a Medieval Epiphany feast celebration. They feasted on a locally raised hog instead of a wild boar.

January 6, 2015, police pulled over Sen. Brandon Smith in Frankfort on the first day of the 2015 legislative session for drunk driving and speeding.  He was later acquitted, by a jury, for drunk driving but the speeding charge stuck.

January 6, 2018, a Keeneland graduate wins Santa Anita’s GIII $100,000 Sham Stakes for three-year-olds.

January 6, 2020, accused of having sex with staff members in the courthouse, Kenton County Judge Dawn Gentry was suspended from the bench with pay.

On January 6, 2020, the federal government announced its intentions to take away $1.6 million of David Coffey’s assets.  Authorities alleged he ran drug clinics in Eastern Kentucky that illegally prescribed millions of pills to feed the Kentucky drug epidemic.

January 6, 2020, Elizabethtown native Daniel Jay Cameron became Kentucky’s first African-American Attorney General.

January 6, 2020, Yum! Brands bought all the Texas based 300 Habit Restaurants for $375 million. 

January 6, 2021, hoodlums stormed the U.S. Capitol, four individuals died.  Guards are on tape moving barriers and taking selfies with intruders.  Once Senator McConnell approved the Electoral College vote, the Trump supporters came storming in.  In response, the government gave $2 billion in new funding to the Capitol Police a month later.  It seems every time there is a national crisis, the answer is to print more money.