25 Years

September 19, 1996

Drug “Cocktail” Helps Kentuckians Live With AIDS T-Blades Show Up For First Day of Work; Rupp Arena

September 18, 1996

Keeping Perot Out Of Presidential Debate Recommended Kentucky Looks Out Of State For Computer Expertise

September 17, 1996

S.E. Indiana’s First Riverboat Casino Opens; Gran Victoria II Crime Is Campaign’s Issue; Dole Vs Clinton

September 16, 1996

Tobacco-Related Disease Expected To Be #1 Killer Mike Hill Wins PGA Senior Event At Kearney Hills By One Stroke

September 15, 1996

U.S. Calls For Overthrow of Hussein Ben Chandler Wants Kentucky Counties To Focus On Child Abuse Cases Already On Books

September 14, 1996

UK Frats Take Sober Look at Future After Deadly Drunk Car Crash And Lawsuit Tupac Shakur Dead From Gunshots

September 13, 1996

Keep Perot Out Of Presidential Debates Dole Tells Kentucky Crowd U.S. Prepares For New Attacks Against Iraq

September 12, 1996

Hollywood comes to the hills; Steven Seagal films Fire Down Below Jerry Baily signs with talent Agency

September 11, 1996

Ralph Gabbard Dies At 50 Curry Told Players To Ignore Public Call To End His Job

September 10, 1996

Rupp Arena Enters the Ice Age; Thoroughblades Minor League Hockey Bluegrass Music Father Dies; Bill Monroe