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25 Years

April 5, 1999

They Want to Mine near The Peak Of Black Mountain Moms In Prison; Peewee Valley

April 4, 1999

NATO & America Begin To Bomb Albania Horse Vs Houses; “A House is the Last Crop a Farmer Will Ever Raise”

April 3, 1999

UK Student Government Elects 1st Black President NATO & America Continue To Bomb Yugosolvia

April 2, 1999

Hazard Mayor Bill Gorman Wants New 4-Year College Police On Outlook For Fake License; Website Offers Good Ones

April 1, 1999

Ex-UK Football Player Pleads Guilty in Two Deaths Internet Sex Becoming a Social Concern

March 29, 1999

America Wants Ground War In Yugoslavia MLB Went To Cuba an Fidel Showed Up

March 28, 1999

Government To Take Over Coal-Dust Testing After Private Sector Cheats President Clinton Continues To Bomb Yugoslavia

March 27, 1999

UK vs. Stanford; 1st of Final 4 Games UK Doctors Disagree With New Federal Policy on Organ Transplant