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25 Years

June 7, 1998

Victory Gallop Wins Belmont By A Nose Kentucky Loses More Than Jobs When Big Firms Merge Or Move

June 6, 1998

Latest State Police Class Has Highest Number of Minorities Elk Bette Not Stray or Else

June 2, 1998

Louisville and Lexington Plans Task Forces On Migrants News Rules For Kentucky Watercraft; Jet Skies Abundant

June 1, 1998

Kentucky Works On Roads In Major Way More Teenage Girls Committing Crimes on Their Own

May 31, 1998

Kentucky Depends More And More On Migrant Labor Some Wonder If Knott “Mafia” Benefits From Patton Ties

May 30, 1998

Camp Nelson Event Looks At Civil War’s Black Soldiers Ginseng Harvesting In Kentucky Harder and Harder To Do.


May 26, 1998

Kentucky Organs Centers Oppose New “Sickest First” New Rule Red Mile Host Memorial Day Bash