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25 Years

November 29, 1998

UK and Other Colleges Getting Tough on Crimes By Athletes 1st Murder of Cell Mate Since Kentucky Starting Double Bunking Inmates Since the 80s

November 28, 1998

UK Football Payer Arrested With Mary Jane; One Week After Fatal Car Crash Former Publisher of Herald Leader Dies; Lewis Owens

November 27, 1998

Y2K Glitch Could Hold Up State Benifits Heath Insurance Will Rise 4%-20% For Many

November 24, 1998

U.S. Senator-elect Bunning and Governor Patton Question the Fairness of Tobacco Settlement UK AD C. M. Newton Sets Tougher Alcohol Rules For Student Athletes in… Read More »November 24, 1998

November 23, 1998

I-75 Between Lexington and Berea Opens After A 3rd Lane and $31 Million Makeover U.S. Murder Rate Lowest In 30 Years

November 22, 1998

U.S. Threatens to Bomb Iraq Anti-Smocking Legislation Being Pushed After National Tobacco Settlement

November 21, 1998

Glory of Rome Cruises Begin For Gamblers States, Industry OK Huge Tobacco Deal

November 20, 1998

Clinton Impeachment Hearings Turns Nasty Dangerous Fumes Force Evacuation at Louisville Ford Plant