25 Years

November 27, 1995

Smart Machine Reminds Lead-Footed Drivers To Ease Up Little Cost Add Up When State Changes Governors Toyota Will Soon Announce Where Truck Plant Is Going,… Read More »November 27, 1995

November 26, 1995

Wear An Hearing Aid? User Friendly Phones On The Way Three Kentucky Families Bring Adopted Daughters From China, Land Thanksgiving Night Mark Pope Leads Cats… Read More »November 26, 1995

November 25, 1995

Flag Burning Amendment Stalled In U.S. Senate Group May Ask Legislators To Ban The Shooting Of Stray Dogs Archaeologist Sort Relics Found Near Old Capitol… Read More »November 25, 1995

November 24, 1995

Aids Virus Found High In Young Men Ex-Pike Official Wins Bout In Tax Dispute; State Misses Hearing State Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Filed By Tennis… Read More »November 24, 1995

November 23, 1995

Prayer Still Standard In Some Schools; Perry County Two U.S. Congressmen Want To Subpoena B&W Tobacco Executive John Sikura’s Estate Sues GM Over Cadillac Malfunction;… Read More »November 23, 1995

November 22, 1995

Tobacco Firm Wins Temporary Order To Silence Critic 10 Commandments Should Be Returned To Classroom Governor Jones Says Kentucky Humane Society Takes 15 Dogs From… Read More »November 22, 1995

November 19, 1995

Juvenile Center Is Reborn With Strict Regime National Democrats Treat Patton Like A Hero Civil Rights Activist Filed A Federal Complaint Against 18 Kentucky High… Read More »November 19, 1995