100 Years

March 4, 1921

Wilson Rides To Capitol With Harding Our New Vice President: Calvin Coolidge Faith, Loyalty And Support Make A City 5 High Schools Play In Sectional… Read More »March 4, 1921

March 3, 1921

Bo M’Millin Stays With Centre Turns Down Professional Offer. Judge Says Rum Given As Gift Is Legal If Obtained Legally; Springfield Local Pleads Guilty Of… Read More »March 3, 1921

March 2, 1921

Harding Wants To Merge Army and Navy Under A Defense Minister Money Almost Raised For Danville Community House Danville City Bonds To Be Sold March… Read More »March 2, 1921

March 1, 1921

President Wilson’s Last Few Days On Office President-Elect Harding Stops In Lexington On Way To D.C. Supreme Court Rules .50-Cent Tax On Whisky In Kentucky… Read More »March 1, 1921

February 27, 1921

U.S. May Retain Camp Taylor Hospital Louisville Citizens Still Fighting 7 Cent Fares Moreland Depot Robbed-No Clues; Lincoln County Boy Scouts Purchase 100 Acre Farm;… Read More »February 27, 1921

February 26, 1921

226 Indicted In Coal Plot To Fix Prices; 5 In Kentucky Governor Morrow Plans Coal Tax Cure Distillery Heiress Calls Lawyers Fees Excessive After Estate… Read More »February 26, 1921

February 24, 1921

Knights Of Pythias Banquet Enjoyable; Danville’s Utopia Lodge Chapter Rum Plot Not Proven In Court Suspects Released Scum of Europe Flocking To U.S Bread Man… Read More »February 24, 1921