100 Years

January 27, 1922

Jackson County Finally Wants Road From Richmond to McKee Five Men Flee From Irvine Jail

January 26, 1922

Large 2-Story Home Sells For $10,000; Richmond 8-Year-Old Girl Kills Her 12-Year-old Brother With Gun, Playing “Bear;” Ashland

January 25, 1922

“Superphone” Makes Wire Talk Secret and Certain, Officers Say Mercury May Drop Below Zero Today

January 24, 1922

General Assembly Drives Out Woman Lobbyist Parents’ Laziness Blamed For Derelictions of Modern Youth

January 23, 1922

Rum Runners Battle Police In U.S. Capitol American Cardinals Make Plan To Sail To Rome

January 22, 1922

Pope Benedict Is Dead, Vatican Announces All Foreign Cardinals Called To Rome

January 21, 1922

Berea Basketeers Beat Transylvania 32-24 Brandy Found in Suitcase; Richmond Man Goes To Jail