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100 Years

March 5, 1924

Massive Fire Downtown Louisville Valued at $500,000 Loss U.S. Troops May Go To Bell County

April 4, 1924

An Ordinance To Tax Mutuel Machines $100 A Day-Passed Klan is Backing Clean Up Drive

April 3, 1924

Fire at “Ashland” Fire House Responds Outside City Limits Canada Deports Two Kentuckians Back Home

April 2, 1924

Lexington High Blue Devils Eliminated in National Basketball Tourny Kentucky Missionaries Attacked By Mob In China

April 1, 1924

Governor Fields Host State Text Book Commission At Executive Mansion Good Salaries Are Provided For State Road Appointments

March 29, 1924

Race Track Bets Major Issue In Assembly Races Democrats Continue Plans For Rehabilitation of Organization; Washington D.C.

March 28, 1924

Boone Family To Have Reunion In Lexington Shriners Circus To Be Annual Event After Successful 1924 Run

March 27, 1924

Shiners Proposes A Hospital in Lexington Walnut Hall Buys 15 Exceptional Trotting Mares From Harry Orr