100 Years

June 23, 1921

4,000 Growers Meet To Talk Tobacco; Shelbyville 16 Model High School Students Receive Diplomas; Richmond Non-Stop Flights Start From California To NY Dempsey Exemplifies Perfect… Read More »June 23, 1921

June 22, 1921

Berea Boy On Lost Navel Tug Mrs. A. J. Tribble Goes To Her Reward Bathing Suit Ball At Carb Orchard; Governor’s Grand Ball Friday Night… Read More »June 22, 1921

June 21, 1921

Bootlegger And Police Chief In Gun Buttle; Eminence Man Who Shot Three Policemen Captured; Frankfort L&N May Go Into Owsley Next Church League Game Wednesday

June 20, 1921

Louisville Yegg makes Getaway W. Kentucky’s John K. Hendricks Dies; Chief Prosecutor in Goebel Trial; Congressman Eastern Kentucky State Normal School Holds Baccalaurette Services Five… Read More »June 20, 1921

June 19, 1921

Gunless Frankfort Sherriff Takes Fugitive Gunman into Custody Beer Issue Wrecks Dry Cohesion 1,500 Meet in Lexington For Tobacco Co-operative Plan John Finn Wins by… Read More »June 19, 1921

June 18, 1921

Woman Sold for $20 in Winchester Gov. Morrow To Ask About Blair Case; Robber Released from Prison Professor Threlkeld Denied New Trial; 75 Year Old… Read More »June 18, 1921

June 17, 1921

Bank Robbers Go On Trial Today; Harrodsburg Gang of Auto Thieves Uncovered; Owensboro Old Time Fiddlers To Meet at Lagrange; Champ is Challenged Jack Dempsey… Read More »June 17, 1921

June 16, 1921

After Bootleggers in Berea Area Stanford Missionary gets Passport Cholera Serious Threat to Hogs in Kentucky U. of C. To Build Huge Stadium

June 15, 1921

Madison Growers Sign Up For 385,000 lbs of Tobacco Prestonsburg Sheriff Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Murder Governor Morrow Offers $300 Reward For… Read More »June 15, 1921

June 14, 1921

Flag Day Observed All Over The Country Governor Morrow Issued A Proclamation Calling On Kentuckians To Observe The Day Kentucky Girl Is A Cream Expert,… Read More »June 14, 1921