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100 Years

March 30, 1923

5,000 Kentucky Coal Miners To Strike Harding’s Friends Get Ready To Back Him for 1924 Run

March 29, 1923

Charles D. Clay Wins Court Battle To Safe Son’s Name Two 24-years-old Dead; One Pistol Fight Over Timber; Morgantown

March 27, 1923

500 Cases Liquor Seized at Lawrenceburg Mansion Lexington Tracks Given Dates; Ashland in July, Green River in August

March 24, 1923

Renegade Indians Take Up What Is Expected To Be Their Last Stand; Utah Sleeping Sickness Kills Louisville Woman

March 23, 1923

Confirmed; Henry Ford Buys 120,000 Acres of Kentucky Coal Land Kites To Dot Sky Over Stoll Field; Lexington

March 22, 1923

Henry Ford Said To Have Bought Vast Amount of Eastern Kentucky Land One Redskin Slain and Others Shot; Utah

March 21, 1923

King Tut’s Tomb Continues To Give Another Chicago Banks Closed; Bad Loans Held Cause