November 27, 1995

Smart Machine Reminds Lead-Footed Drivers To Ease Up Little Cost Add Up When State Changes Governors Toyota Will Soon Announce Where Truck Plant Is Going,… Read More »November 27, 1995

November 27, 1970

Further Raids On POW Camps Hinted By Nixon Drillers, Mountain People Feud Over Oil Prospecting Operations; Blackey, KY Arson Destroys Old Morgantown School Fair Ye… Read More »November 27, 1970

November 26, 1970

GIs In Vietnam Feast; Battlefields Are Quiet Many Airports to Install Modern Guidance Systems Blue Law Case Fines Delayed Colonels Rap Rockets 153-138l Set Club… Read More »November 26, 1970

November 26, 1995

Wear An Hearing Aid? User Friendly Phones On The Way Three Kentucky Families Bring Adopted Daughters From China, Land Thanksgiving Night Mark Pope Leads Cats… Read More »November 26, 1995

November 26, 1920

Boy Hunters Find $70,000 In Loot; Nonnegotiable Papers Stolen From Harrodsburg Bank Thrown Away By Bandits Contract Coal At Mines Is $3.50 A Ton; Dealers… Read More »November 26, 1920

November 25, 1920

L&N Speeds Coal Shipping Cars Manufacturing, 2000 Are Ordered And Will Be Built 5 Guards Ousted As Convicts Flee Kentucky Reformatory In Frankfort Indiana Farmer… Read More »November 25, 1920

November 25, 1970

Cost Of Living Rises Sharply For Second Month Kentucky’s Burley High Average Is A Rerun Of Opening Day Senate Committee Favors Lake-Littering Penalties Jim Plunkett,… Read More »November 25, 1970