January 27, 1997

Super Bowl XXXI Packers 35 – Patriots 21 LaFonda Fay Foster Gaining Notoriety After New Book and Film

January 27, 1972

Nixon Pushes Peace Plan; N. Vietnamese Say All Talk Optional Sunday-Closing Bill Passes Kentucky Senate

January 27, 1922

Jackson County Finally Wants Road From Richmond to McKee Five Men Flee From Irvine Jail

January 26, 1997

Bronze Statute of Cigar Finishing Up in Woodford County; Goes To Gulfstream Park Super Bowl XXXI; Patriots vs. Packers Tonight

January 26, 1972

Nixon Finally Offers Peace Plan House Passes Bill Giving Governor Ford To Fire Cabinets Secretaries

January 26, 1922

Large 2-Story Home Sells For $10,000; Richmond 8-Year-Old Girl Kills Her 12-Year-old Brother With Gun, Playing “Bear;” Ashland

January 25, 1997

President Bush – President Clinton Good Friends Vatican Reiterates Its Stand Against Women Priests

January 25, 1972

Legislators Oppose Citizen Panel Probe of School Systems FTC Seeks To Break Up Cereal Firms; Pricing Fixing Alleged