June 23, 1996

Drug Sniffing Dogs Sought For Kentucky Schools Volunteers Scour Kentucky River Bank For Annual Clean Up Event State Calling To Close 32 Offices Who Help… Read More »June 23, 1996

June 23, 1971

Senate Calls For Withdrawal From Vietnam Nixon Committed To Appalachian Commission Former UK President Dr. A.D. Kirwan Hospitalized Colonels Split Twin Bill

June 23, 1921

4,000 Growers Meet To Talk Tobacco; Shelbyville 16 Model High School Students Receive Diplomas; Richmond Non-Stop Flights Start From California To NY Dempsey Exemplifies Perfect… Read More »June 23, 1921

June 22, 1996

Troubled Loner Shoots Transy Police Officer Dudley Webb Heads Effort For Minor League Franchise Wynoanna Judd’s Second Child Is A Girl Lexington Buddy Bryant Wins… Read More »June 22, 1996

June 22, 1971

Clean Water Panel Adopts Once Rejected Standards Dupont Charged With Pollution Dumping Into Ohio River First Day Of Summer Is Wet As Storm Drenches Kentucky… Read More »June 22, 1971

June 22, 1921

Berea Boy On Lost Navel Tug Mrs. A. J. Tribble Goes To Her Reward Bathing Suit Ball At Carb Orchard; Governor’s Grand Ball Friday Night… Read More »June 22, 1921

June 21, 1996

Mountain Anti-Drug Forces Lose Federal Funds Low-Cost Airlines Force Delta To Cut Corners Patton To Call Special Workers’ Comp Session Indians Protest Law Forbidding Camping… Read More »June 21, 1996

June 21, 1971

The Hyped Vietnam War Report Released; LBJ Says It Is Biased 38 Ft. Knox Officers Sign Antiwar Ad Coal Mine Disaster Reflected In Music, Memories;… Read More »June 21, 1971