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March 30, 1998

Kentucky Nurse’s Stress Leads To Unions Kentucky Plays For NCAA Title Tonight Against Utah

March 30, 1973

Kentucky ex-POW Says GIs Treated Like Animals President Nixon Puts a Freeze (Price Limit) on Meat Prices; Vegetarians Happy Meat is High

March 30, 1923

5,000 Kentucky Coal Miners To Strike Harding’s Friends Get Ready To Back Him for 1924 Run

March 29, 1923

Charles D. Clay Wins Court Battle To Safe Son’s Name Two 24-years-old Dead; One Pistol Fight Over Timber; Morgantown

March 29, 1973

Mission Accomplished; Last American Forces Leave Vietnam 37 New Citizens Naturalized from 18 Countries in U.S. District Court

March 29, 1998

Kentucky’s poor Spend More Money on Lottery Jonesboro School Victims Are Buried