November 29, 1997

The Day After Thanksgiving; The Malls Are Packed Indoors Farmers Market A Big Hit

November 29, 1972

Kentucky Hospitals New Surgeries Let Patients Get Home Same Day Governor W. Ford Overhauls State Government Cabinets

November 29, 1922

U.S. Considers Prosecution of Klux Klan Thanksgiving Day In Lexington

November 28, 1997

Malpractice Insurer Paid McBrayer Over $300,000; Not For Lobbying Says Lawyer 11 Year Old Murry Boy Performs At NBA Halftime Shows; Chase Futrell

November 28, 1972

Most Leaf Prices Steady; $79 A Hundred Pounds UK Announces Coed Dorms For Undergrads

November 28, 1922

Kentucky Oil Men To Meet In Phoenix Hotel High 37; Low 30