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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trivia of the Day!

August 21, 1902, Kentuckian Carrie Nation gave a rousing speech, heard by a large audience. She started out by saying, “all women are good and all men bad. ” She sharpened her hatchet on a Muskegon audience of between 2,000 and 3,000 at Lake Michigan Park yesterday afternoon. That she had missed her train and was an hour late in arriving did not seem to disturb Carrie in the least and in the interval before her lecture she beamed with comfortable good nature on the people as she sat in the bunting-festooned balcony over the beach. Picking up a glass of pure, cold Lake Michigan water she stepped to the railing and raised her arm aloft and cried, “I always drink as Adam drank before there was any sin,” which, of course brought a round of applause and greeting.

“This is Hell’s conspiracy,” she hammered. She attacked both the Republican and Democratic Parties by saying both favored the breweries. She caused a great ripple of laughter a moment later when she said, “The only difference between the parties is that one is in office and the other is out.” She continued by saying, “Both are the enemies of your homes. Any one that will vote for the interest of the breweries votes to destroy your homes.

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