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adlai_stevensonOctober 23, 1835, Adlai Ewing Stevenson was born in Christian County, KY, where he attended public school in Blue Water, KY. He was a graduate of Centre College.  Adlai was the 23rd Vice President of the United States under President Cleveland. Stevenson never realized how close he came to being president: A habitual cigar-smoker, Cleveland developed cancer of the mouth that required immediate surgery in the summer of 1893. The president insisted that the surgery be kept secret to avoid another panic on Wall Street. While on a yacht in New York harbor that summer, Cleveland had his entire upper jaw removed and replaced with an artificial device, an operation that left no outward scar. The cancer surgery remained secret for another quarter century.

Foggy Morning Red River Gorge
Daniel Boone National Forest

Cumberland Falls

50 Years Ago Today

Wales Feels Numb In Slide’s Wake; 2,000 Dig On
Soviet Spy George Blake Escapees London Prison
State Steps Up Air Pollution Fight

Master Double Spy Escapes From Prison
Cooper & Brown Meet In Cordial Atmosphere

In 1966 America was in the middle of the Vietnam War.
Kentucky created 57,000 new jobs, more than $1 billion in plant investment, passed one of the strongest Civil Rights Acts in the South and created conservation measures, including the creation of an authority to regulate water, soil and forest resources.
President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Governor Edward T. Breathitt (D)

100 Years Ago Today 
Five Robbers Hold Up Train But Get Nothing
Former Negro Slaves Begin National Reunion
Farmers Are For Wilson
Latonia Fall Racing On Final Lap

The 1916 Presidential election pitted incumbent President Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic candidate and Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes, the Republican candidate. The British and French (allied) forces were fighting the Germans in WW1 but America was still neutral. Despite their sympathy with the allied forces most American voters wanted to avoid involvement in the war, and preferred to continue a policy of neutrality. After a hard-fought contest, Wilson defeated Hughes by a narrow margin. Wilson was helped by his campaign slogan
“He kept us out of war.”

The 1916 Kentucky Gubernatorial election included Democratic Augustus O. Stanley against his good friend Republican Edwin P. Morrow. The two traveled the state together, often speaking from the same stage. On one engagement Stanley vomited in front of the audience as Morrow spoke. When Stanley took the podium, he remarked, “That just goes to show you what I have been saying all over Kentucky. Ed Morrow plain makes me sick to my stomach.” The election was too close to call on election night but Stanley won by 471 votes, the closest gubernatorial vote in the state’s history.

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