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April 23, 1944, Private First Class John C. Squires, from Louisville, during WWII, in Italy, repeatedly braved enemy fire to carry messages, bring up reinforcements, and fight the Germans throughout the night and into the next morning. For this he received the Medal of Honor of which part of it read:

John C. SquiresSquires, platoon messenger, participating in his first offensive action, made his way 50 yards forward to the advance element, noted the situation, reconnoitered a new route of advance and informed his platoon leader of the casualties sustained and the alternate route. Acting without orders, he rounded up stragglers, organized a group of lost men into a squad and led them forward. Pfc. Squires, knowing that almost all of the noncommissioned officers were casualties, placed 8 men in position of his own volition, disregarding enemy machinegun, machine-pistol, and grenade fire which covered the creek draw. When his platoon had been reduced to 14 men, he brought up reinforcements twice. On each trip he went through barbed wire and across an enemy minefield, under intense artillery and mortar fire. Three times in the early morning the outpost was counterattacked. Each time Pfc. Squires ignored withering enemy automatic fire and grenades which struck all around him, and fired hundreds of rounds of rifle, Browning automatic rifle, and captured German Spandau machine gun ammunition at the enemy, inflicting numerous casualties and materially aiding in repulsing the attacks. Following these fights, he moved 50 yards to the south end of the outpost and engaged 21 German soldiers in individual machinegun duels at point-blank range, forcing all 21 enemy to surrender and capturing 13 more Spandau guns. Learning the function of this weapon by questioning a German officer prisoner, he placed the captured guns in position and instructed other members of his platoon in their operation. The next night when the Germans attacked the outpost again he killed 3 and wounded more Germans with captured potato-masher grenades and fire from his Spandau gun.

Squires was killed in action a month later, after having been promoted to Sergeant. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on October 2, 1944. Squires, aged 19 at his death, was buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in his hometown. In 2001, a memorial honoring Medal of Honor recipients from Kentucky was dedicated in Louisville. The memorial features a six-foot-tall bronze statue of Squires.

April 22, 1929, Prestonsburg’s Chief of Police John Hunley, was shot and killed when he attempted to arrest three drunk men who were causing a disturbance.

100 Years Ago Today
Monday, April 23, 1917

Washington Give British Its Greeting; Closest Guard In History of Capitol By Police and Secret Service; Flags of Allies Fly With Stars and Stripes Everywhere
Two Hospital Vessels Sunk and 75 Drown
Governor Stanley Asks Co-Operation of Ministers; Wants Announcement From Pulpits As To War Duties Next Sunday

Lexington Herald
U-Boat Sinks Two Hospital Ships; Germans and Wounded British Lost, Big Battle On
National Crisis Discussed In Many Pulpits Yesterday
40,000 American Flags Wave On Paris Streets, Beginning Celebration Honoring U.S.
Turkey Theft Charge Holds Two; Winchester

Celestins Vichy
Owned by and bottled under the direct control of the French Government
Your Physician Will Recommend To Relieve: Indigestion – Rheumatism – Uric Acid – Gout
Not Genuine Without The Word Celestins

56 Arrested, Ending Days Second March; Louisville
Russia Puts Manned Craft Into Orbit
Digging Surveyor Finds Moon Safe For Landing
Hanoi Claims 44 Killed In U.S. Bombing of Haiphong
High: 70 Low: 49

Lexington Herald
Soviets Blast Manned Spacecraft Into Orbit; Re-Enter Race For Moon
Chandler Opens Campaign With Speech, Predictions
Increased Interest In Historic Preservation
Damascus Easy Wood Winner; Francis U. Takes Ben Ali

Timber Is A Cash Crop
We Pay More For Black Walnut Trees and Logs
Call or Write For Offer
Wood-Mosaic Corporation
5004 Crittenden Dr. PO Box 2441 Louisville 21 Ph: 363-4562

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