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Kentucky Trivia

January 20, 1978, La Grange in Oldham County, measured 31 inches of snow, the Kentucky record for snow depth. Three days earlier, 18 inches of fresh snow fell on top of seven inches and another five plus arrived on January 20, setting the record. The winter of 1977-1978 was very different from previous winters in Kentucky. There have been colder temperatures and more snowfall in other years, nevertheless, this one featured incessantly cold temperature and memorably persistent snow cover. It was the last time the Ohio River froze over this far south. 

January 19, 1994, Kentucky logged its record low temperature at -37 Degrees Fahrenheit in Shelbyville.

100 Years Ago Today
Saturday, January 20, 1917

Army Begins Withdrawal From Mexico
Water Power Plant Rumors; Public Service Company Plans Blue River Dam
Highest Price Paid For Weed; Bright Leaf Brings $36 At Carlisle
Money Prizes For Winners; Transy and Centre Debate

Allies Are “Condemned” To Continue War
City County Funds Sought For Fair Sight
7 Jobs Added To Police Force
“Boo” Ireland Chosen To Head U.K. Basketball Team

1917, Kentucky’s 38th Governor, Augustus Owsley Stanley I, calls the General Assembly into special session in February. At issue was the large state deficit and the state’s tax code, which Stanley felt unjustly burdened agricultural interests. Though Kentucky was in better shape financially than many of its peers, Stanley still sought to balance the budget. The 60 day session was a success creating a three-member state tax commission adding taxes on spirits, oil production, race tracks, and corporate licenses. With an increase in funds the General Assembly spread it to every part of state government; higher education and health programs benefited greatly. President Wilson is prepping America to enter their First World War and the prohibition movement is underway. The 3rd Rose Bowl was played on 1/1/17.

50 Years Ago Today

GOP Spurns LBJ’s Tax Hike; Demands End To War “Shortest Time Possible”
Tuition To Be Increased At Bellarmine and Ursuline
Snowstorm Hits Kentucky With Up To 10 Inches
State Holiday For Robert E. Lee’s Birthday; Shutdown of Capitol Leaves Visitors Baffled
High: 34 Low: 13

American Causalities Hit Peak; Largest Action Of Viet War Gets Blame
New Terminal, Runway Extension Are Planned
Planners Are Told Need For Library Extension
Percent Of Income Spent On Food Lowest Ever

1967, Governor Breathitt enters his last year as Kentucky’s 51st Governor. As Governor he passed one of the strongest Civil Rights Acts in the South and created conservation measures by regulating water, soil and forest resources. He was also the only state Governor named to the President’s Council on Human Rights. Four state colleges achieved university status during Breathitt’s administration. He also established the KET network and Kentucky’s vocational education system. America is ramping up the Vietnam War with newspapers across the country reporting on fierce battles every day. The race to the moon is also at its height as American citizens are enthralled by our Astronauts and the Apollo Missions. The first Super Bowl takes place 1/15/67.

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