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Monday, August 29, 2016
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Battle of RichmondAugust 29, 1862, the Battle of Richmond began. It was the most decisive and dominate victory for the Confederate Army in the entire war and the second largest Civil War battle in Kentucky. Important for the Confederacy’s concerted effort to capture Kentucky, its men and much needed material, for the Southern cause, as well as forcing the Union to retreat out of middle Tennessee and other key Confederate states. The battle took place on and around what is now the grounds of the Blue Grass Army Depot. Gen. William “Bull” Nelson lead the Union and suffered through 206 killed, 844 wounded, and 4,303 captured or missing. Gen. Edmund Smith lead the Confederates with 78 killed, 372 wounded, and one missing. The way north towards Lexington and Frankfort was open. 

50 Years Ago Today

(America was in the middle of the Vietnam War
Ky was leader of S. Vietnam)

Viet War Strategist Plan 600,000-Man U.S. Force
End Violence Peking Tells Young Reds
5 Burn In Car As Negro Mobs Riot In Illinois

Nixon Says Inflation Could Be Biggest Issue In Fall Elections
2 Americans Die When Reds Sink South Viet Ship

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