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Kentucky Trivia of the Day

December 11, 1979, Governor John Young Brown was sworn in as Kentucky’s 55th Governor. He appointed a woman and an African-American to his cabinet as he promised. The most controversial appointment was, Secretary of Transportation, Frank Metts who broke with political tradition, announcing that contracts would be awarded on the basis of competitive bids. Metts doubled the miles of road that were resurfaced. In difficult economic times, Brown stuck to his campaign promise not to raise taxes. Instead he reduced the state budget by 22% and cut the number of state employees by 6,400, mostly through transfer and attrition.  At the same time, his merit pay policies increased salaries for the remaining employees by an average of 34 percent. He cut the executive office staff from ninety-seven to thirty, and sold seven of the state’s eight government airplanes. He also required competitive bids from banks where state funds were deposited generating $50 million in revenue. He created communications and contacts with Japan, setting the stage for future economic relations. Brown was absent for more than five hundred days during his four-year term. As noted by Kentucky historian Lowell H. Harrison, Brown’s hands-off approach allowed the legislature to gain power relative to the governor for the first time in Kentucky history, a trend which continued into the terms of his successors. Photo.

Henderson, Kentucky

50 Years Ago Today

FBI Chief Shifts “Bugging” Blame to Bob Kennedy
U.S. Bombs Accidently Kill 16 Yanks
Richest Man’s Son Weds His Girl In $2 Ceremony
Nuclear Treaty Talks Called Encouraging

Lung Cancer Causes Many Deaths In U.S.

Hoover Says That RFK Increased Use Of Wiretapping Equipment
Test Show Jack Ruby Has Cancer
Ambulance Needed? Good Luck

In 1966 America was in the middle of the Vietnam War.
Kentucky created 57,000 new jobs, more than $1 billion in plant investment, passed one of the strongest Civil Rights Acts in the South and created conservation measures, including the creation of an authority to regulate water, soil and forest resources.
President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) Governor Edward T. Breathitt (D)

100 Years Ago Today
Monday, December 11, 1916

Six Framers Chosen For Kentucky’s New Revenue Law Announced
Enormous Sum For War Cost ; France And Britain Have Spent 32 Billion
Knife Duel In Dark Is Fatal
Navy Feeds Its Men For 36 Cents A Day

Three New Bills Recommended By Tax Investigators
Deutschland Is Home Again; To Return To U.S.
Food Inquiry Shifts To West
Burns Fatal To Women

Americans just elected Democrat, President Woodrow Wilson, for a 2nd term. WW1 is underway, however, the U.S. has yet to enter. Kentucky was at the apex of the Progressive Movement, led by Democratic Governor Augustus O. Stanley. Passed were antitrust laws, no more free rides for politicians on public trains, transparency in campaign finance and forbade public service corporations from contributing to any campaign. The Women’s Suffrage Movement failed in the House by a single vote.

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