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Kentucky Memorial

October 22, 1813, Charles Scott, Kentucky’s 4th Governor passed away. Charles was the epitome of a war hero in his day. He saw extensive military service during the French and Indian War. During the Revolutionary War he became a brigadier general in 1777, serving as Washington’s chief of intelligence toward the end of the war. Scott visited Kentucky in 1785 and two years later moved to present-day Versailles, 9 miles from the KY River. Scott’s military reputation was enhanced by participation in several Indian expeditions, including the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. Two of his sons were killed in Indian warfare. As a military hero and a sound Jeffersonian Republican, he was overwhelmingly elected governor in 1808. Injured in a fall during his first year in office, he never really recovered physically and was considered handicapped.  Most Kentuckians did not seem overly concerned with the rumors of the governor’s heavy drinking and profanity; on the contrary, he was well-liked for his modesty and sense of public duty.  He was buried at Canewood, and his remains were later removed to the Frankfort Cemetery .

October 21, 1989, Churchill Downs became a National Historic Landmark. 

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