100 Years Ago Today
Friday, February 23, 1917

Army Passes $250,000,000 Appropriation Bill
Resolution Introduced To Delay Bone Dry Bill Till October 1
Lube Martin Guilty of First Degree Murder of Constable In Murray
Kentucky Oilmen To Address Views In Frankfort; Oppose Flat 1% Tax on Output

Lexington Herald
Women To Keep Out Of Wilson’s Inaugural Parade
Probe of Boy’s Death At Kentucky’s Feeble-Minded Institute For Children; Mother Tells Prosecutors Body Was Mutilated By Brutal Treatment
National Food Control Urged
Death Sentence Given To Negro; Murray, KY

1917, Kentucky’s 38th Governor, Augustus Owsley Stanley I, calls the General Assembly into special session in February. At issue was the large state deficit and the state’s tax code, which Stanley felt unjustly burdened agricultural interests. Though Kentucky was in better shape financially than many of its peers, Stanley still sought to balance the budget. The 60 day session was a success creating a three-member state tax commission adding taxes on spirits, oil production, race tracks, and corporate licenses. WW1 headlines dominate newspapers across the county and February is the first time that war seems inevitable. The prohibition movement is underway and both sides are gearing up for battle in their own right.

Viet Peace Closer, Hanoi May Be Willing To Talk
Mystery Shrouds Death of JFK Probe Figure
Louisville Wins Missouri Valley Conference; NCAA Bid
High: 43 Low: 21

Lexington Herald
Top Figure In New Orleans Probe of Kennedy’s Death Found Dead;
“Getaway Pilot” Dies of Suicide
Lost Plane Is Hunted In Morgantown, KY
Bluegrass Fair Plans For 200,000

1967, Governor Breathitt enters his last year as Kentucky’s 51st Governor. As Governor he passed one of the strongest Civil Rights Acts in the South and created conservation measures by regulating water, soil and forest resources. Four state colleges achieved university status during Breathitt’s administration. America is ramping up the Vietnam War with newspapers across the country reporting on fierce battles every day along with prospects for peace. The race to the moon is also at its height as American citizens are enthralled by our Astronauts and the Apollo Missions. February sees unusual blizzard conditions throughout the month and several major fires throughout the state are reported. The Boston Strangler’s reign of terror also ends in February.  

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