100 Years Ago Today
Sunday, June 24, 1917

Lexington Herald
Mighty Blows Struck Against French Lines
Dry Forces Are Urged To Hear Bryan Lecture
$30,000 Secured For Red Cross Here; $20,000,000 More Needed For Nation
Baseball Will Help Soldiers Enjoy Themselves

For Infants and Invalids
Substitutes Cost You Same Price
A Nutritious Diet For All

Lexington Herald
21 Marines Killed When Copters Hit
Senate Censures Dodd
Legislation Dim For Civil Rights
Dr. Fager, Furl Sail Head Today’s Racing
Wide Open Race In-Oh! Susannah At Miles Park; Louisville KY

Don’t Let The Price Fool You
Bourbon deLuxe
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
It’s a Great Kentucky Bourbon Only
$4.10 4/5 Qt  $2.55 Pint  $1.30 ½ Pint

Kentucky State Insect Honey Bee

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