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Kentucky Trivia

August 20, 1966, Barkley Lock and Dam was dedicated at Grand Rivers, Ky. Barkley Dam is 10,180 feet in length and 157 feet high. It took nine years to construct and offers flood control, hyrdo electic power and basically tames the Cumberland River. The TVA built their 16th great structure near the mouth of the River and marked a new era for fishermen in Middle TN. Barkley Canal, also built during the dam construction, is the only free-flowing waterway in the nation linking major lakes on two principal rivers — the Cumberland and Tennessee, according to the Corps of Engineers Nashville District. Barkley Dam was named for Vice President Alben Barkley, a native of Lowes, Ky., and the U.S. V.P. from 1949-53.

August 19, 1884, City Marshal Jesse Offut of the Franklin Police Department, was shot and killed as he and the city’s deputy marshal accompanied a prisoner to a local saloon.

50 Years Ago Today

Lexington Herald
U.S. Plans Greatest Troop Movement In History 687,000 Men
4,000 Sons of KY Show They Are Ready
1,000 Horses Expected For Opening of Racing Season At Louisville
Moreland Buys Stallion From Louisville Men

100 Years Ago Today 

Lexington Herald
Mrs. Graham’s Niece Says Suit Statement Untrue
City Patorlaman Stricken, Dies While On Duty
Damascus Captures Travers With Ease, Equals Track Mark

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