Kentucky Trivia
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Three sites in Kentucky bear the scars of ancient impacts by meteorites: the Jeptha Knob in Shelby County, a site near Versailles in Woodford County, and a site near Middlesboro in Bell County. In the past, these structures were referred to as “cryptoexplosive” because their origin was uncertain. A good example is Jeptha Knob, which can be observed on the Shelbyville and Waddy region. This nearly 3-mile-diameter group of hills is visible just north of Interstate Highway 64. It contrasts sharply with the surrounding rolling farm land.

The geographic center of Kentucky, according to old Kentucky Transportation Cabinet road maps, is in Marion county about three miles northwest of Lebanon on KY 429. Campbellsville in Taylor County also claims to be the geographic center of the state and there is a marker on the campus of Campbellsville University.

U.S. Senators are either in Class I, II or Class III. Kentucky Senators are in Class II or III. Today, Senator Paul is in Class III and Senator McConnell is Class II. There have only been five Senators who have been elected to both classes. They are: Henry Clay, John J, Crittenden, Thomas C. McCreery, Joseph Blackburn and Alben W. Barkley. 

I-75 is 191.78 miles long in Kentucky and runs through 9 countiesThe 2nd longest interstate is I-64 with 191 miles but travels through 12 counties.

KY's 1st Governor's MansionThe stone mason and the brick mason who helped build Kentucky’s first Governor’s Mansion would both go on to reside in the home. The stone mason, Thomas “Stonehammer” Metcalf was our 10th Governor from 1828-32. The brick mason Robert P. Letcher was our 15th Governor from 1840-44. Both worked side by side to complete the home in 1798 for the 2nd Governor, James Garrard, to move in.

According to the Kentucky Division of Forestry which is restricted to native species, the tallest tree in Kentucky is the Eastern Cottonwood. This tree is located in McCracken County, stands 165 feet with a circumference of 246 inches.*

There have been 67 different men who have represented Kentucky in the U.S. Senate. All have been Caucasian.  37 were born in Kentucky, 22 in Virginia and one each from the following states: AL (McConnell), NC, NY, PA, RI, TX (Paul) and WVA. Senator James B. Beck was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.*

There are ten state forests the Kentucky Division of Forestry owns and manages totaling 47,677 acres. Kentucky is blessed with one of the most diverse hardwood species mix in the nation (second only to Florida). The Commonwealth is comprised of 25.426 million acres, 48% is forest land. The Red Maple is the most common individual tree species accounting for 12.2% of all trees. The tallest champion tree in the state is a Yellow-Poplar located in McCreary County measuring 163 feet tall. The smallest champion is a Mountain Maple with a circumference of four inches and is located at Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves in Carter County. Forest industries employ more than 51,000 Kentuckians and contribute nearly $12.8 billion of revenue to the state’s economy.

Kentucky’s 10 State Run Forests: Big Rivers, Green River, Kentenia, Kentucky Ridge, Knobs, Marion County, Marrowbone, Pennyrile, Rolleigh Peterson, Tygarts.

Henry Clay’s Ashland estate and Woodland Park made up the first campus for the A&M College or State College, now known as the University of Kentucky. In 1866, John Bryan Bowman, the driving force behind the new college bought both estates totaling 433 acres for $130,000. The Ashland mansion housed the administration building and a cottage that still stands beside Ashland was an early dormitory. The Woodlands mansion housed the agricultural classrooms and the Engineering classrooms and labs stood at what is now the corner of Fincastle and Sycamore roads (pictured). In 1882, Lexington donated its Maxwell Springs Fairgrounds land as a new campus where UK has been ever since.

Kentucky has had 8 different capitol buildings.
(1) 1792 – a small log house located in Lexington. (2) 1793 – temporary, large frame house in lower Frankfort, the capitol will remain in Frankfort. (3) 1794 -first permanent 3 story stone building, burned in 1813. (4) 1814 – temporary quarters used for state offices. (5) 1816 – 2nd permanent building, two story brick structure burned in 1824. (6) 1825 – temporary church building rented for governmental quarters. (7) 1829 – third permanent building still standing, abandoned for current capitol. (8) 1910 – current capitol.

The top-selling car/truck in the U.S., the Ford F-Series pickup, is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. The top-selling car in the U.S., the Toyota Camry, is manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky.  The Kentucky-produced Chevrolet Corvette is the top-selling premium sports car in the U.S.*

400-west-market-street400 West Market is Kentucky’s tallest building, a skyscraper in downtown Louisville. The 35-story, 549-foot high structure is constructed of reinforced concrete, as opposed to the steel construction usual for buildings of its height. It was completed in 1993 at the cost of $100 million. A distinctive feature of the building is the 80-foot high Romanesque dome which reflects the building’s original name of Capital Holding that is illuminated from the interior at night. The lighting is changed from the usual white to a combination of red and green from Thanksgiving Day until New Year’s Day. Formerly AEGON Center; formerly Capital Holding Tower; formerly Providian Center.*

Native Kentuckians who have guarded the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Lloyd Cosby (Lancaster), Sterling Howard (Clearwater), Alvin Gross (Jackson), Dan Druen (Shelbyville) and Max Gideon (Danville). – William Kizziar (Central City), Mark Farrar (Campbellsville) and Robert Neidlinger (Bowling Green) have also guarded the Tomb and currently live in Kentucky.*

The Old Governor’s Mansion, also known as Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion, is located at 420 High Street, Frankfort, Kentucky. It is reputed to be the oldest official executive residence officially still in use in the United States, it is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky. 

There have been four U.S. Vice Presidents from Kentucky more than any other state except NY. 1) Richard M. Johnson, the only V.P. ever elected by the U.S. Senate under the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment. 2) John C. Breckinridge, the youngest V.P. sworn in at 36 years young. 3) Adlai Ewing Stevenson from Christian County and 4) Alben W. Barkley, the oldest to hold the V.P. office at 71.*Jessamine Creek

Southern Kentucky’s barren grasslands, laurels that grow along the Laurel River, medicinal springs where many visitors took a therapeutic bath, Jessamine Creek (pictured), Cumberland River, Ohio River, and the Rockcastle River are the seven Kentucky Counties that are named for their natural habitat.

The year Kentucky became a state, punishment for every felony expect one was death by hanging. The one felony not punishable by death was attempted rape of a white woman by a black man. The penalty for that was castration. Men who committed such crimes as arson, forgery, horse stealing and sodomy were strung up to trees. Minor offenses were punished by physical mutilation-burning of the hand, whipping, or placement in pillories or stocks. 

Kentucky also has more counties (120) than any other state/commonwealth in the Union.

The highest elevation points in KY are along the Virginia border: 1. Harlan 4,139’ 2. Letcher 3,720’ both on Black Mountain, 3. Bell 3,400′ on the Cumberland Mountain and 4. Pike County 3,149’ Pine Mountain. The lowest point in KY is Kentucky Bend aka New Madrid Bend at 257’ above sea level. Shown on the KY map as the western most yellow marking surrounded by the Mississippi River, TN and MO.

Kentucky is the only state to have the last two letters of its name as its postal abbreviation (KY).

dueling-pistolsForty-one formal duels were fought by Kentuckians, the first occurring in 1790 and the last in 1876, according to J. Winston Coleman Jr. Sixteen died in these duels and no one was successfully prosecuted over these deaths. In an effort to end dueling, the 1850 Kentucky Constitution mandated that all members of the KY General Assembly, Governor included, and all members of the KY Bar, must take the following oath:

I do solemnly affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth, and be faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Kentucky so long as I continue a citizen thereof, and that I will faithfully execute, to the best of my ability, the office of …. according to law; and I do further solemnly affirm that since the adoption of the present Constitution, I, being a citizen of this State, have not fought a duel with deadly weapons within this State nor out of it, nor have I sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel with deadly weapons, nor have I acted as second in carrying a challenge, nor aided or assisted any person thus offending, so help me God.

Kentucky is the only U.S. state to have a continuous border of rivers running along three of its sides—the Mississippi River to the west, the Ohio River to the north, and the Big Sandy River and Tug Fork to the east.

The first commercial coal mine in the state was opened in Muhlenberg County in 1820.

My Old Kentucky HomeMy Old Kentucky Home’s relationship to the number 13:  The walls are 13’ thick, the ceilings 13’ tall, the front of house has 13 windows, each floor is separated by 13 steps.  Originally the home had 13 rooms with each landing having 13 railings.  The home has 13 earthquake protection bars and there are 13 mantels.  John Rowan the builder and U.S. Senator from Kentucky was believed to have an affinity for the number and considered it good luck. 

The official fish is the Kentucky Spotted Bass. The official butterfly is the Viceroy Butterfly. The official state Wild Animal Game Species is the Gray Squirrel. The official State Horse is the Thoroughbred. Kentucky’s official state dance is clogging, the official state musical instrument is the Appalachian dulcimer and the official state mineral is coal.

The Kentucky River is nearly 255 miles long, begins from the confluence of the North and South Forks at Beattyville on a generally northwesterly course to the Ohio River in Carrollton, Kentucky and drops 226 feet during its journey.  The river flows through 4 regions: Eastern Coal Fields, the Knobs, the Inner and Outer Bluegrass.

McCreary County was the last county created in Kentucky and the only one created in the 20th century.

110 Kentuckians lost their lives fighting in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001-13. The complete list can be found here. 

Marshall County, Kentucky is the only county in Kentucky to be named for a United States Supreme Court Chief Justice. Marshall County was the 92nd county and created on Kentucky’s 50th Birthday. John Marshall, the 4th Chief Justice, was appointed by President John Adams and held office from 1801-35. Chief Justice Marshall had no direct relation to Kentucky other than to have relatives who lived in the Commonwealth including a first cousin, nephew and his father.  

The first nine counties formed in Kentucky were formed by the state of Virginia. The first county formed by Kentucky was Washington County, the 10th county created. It was created soon after Kentucky was accepted into the Union in 1792. 

Counties in nine states have been named in the honor of Kentucky’s first and fifth Governor, Isaac Shelby. 

The Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. The title Kentucky Colonel dates back to around 1813 when the Kentucky Militia disbanded after the War of 1812 and Gov. Shelby commissioned Charles S. Todd, one of his officers in the war, as an Aide-de-Camp on the governor’s staff. Todd’s official rank and grade was Colonel. The position took on a more ceremonial function in the late 1800’s as symbolic guards at state events. May of 1931, the first meeting of what would eventually become the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels was held in Frankfort. Today the Kentucky Colonels are Kentucky Ambassadors supporting needy Kentucky charities and worthy Kentucky organizations. 

Poultry and eggs are the #1 agricultural commodity and #1 food commodity in Kentucky. The average poultry farm is owned by a family farmer and consists of less than five poultry houses. Kentucky poultry and eggs are a $1.2 billion industry creating over 20k jobs for Kentucky. 

Number of Kentucky Electoral College Votes Since Statehood:
1782-1800 – 4 Votes  –  1804-1808 – 8 Votes  –  1812-1820 – 12 Votes  –  1824-1828 – 14 Votes  –  1832-1840 – 15 Votes  –  1844-1860 – 12 Votes
1864-1868 – 11 Votes  –  1872-1880 – 12 Votes  –  1884-1928 – 13 Votes  –  1932-1948 – 11 Votes  –  1952-1960 – 10 Votes  –  1964-1988 – 9 Votes
1992-2020 – 8 Votes

The names of those persons and/or families known to have resided in or near the Fort Boonesborough and Boone Station area follow:
Thomas BAILEY, Isaac BAKER, Bland BALLARD, Abraham BANTA, Henry BANTA Jr., Henry BANTA Sr., John BANTA, James BARBORN, Samuel BARKER, William BARKER, Alex BARNETT, Abrose BARNETT, James BARNETT, John BARNETT, Joseph BARNETT, Robert BARNETT, James BARNHILL, David BARTON, Joab BARTON, Joshua BARTON, Samuel BARTON, Thomas BARTON, Williasm BARTON, Catherine BAUGHMAN, Jacob BAUGHMAN, John BAUGHMAN, Col. Edward BAXTER, Charles BEALE, G. Michael BEDINGER, Flowner BELL, Samuel BELL, John BELLENTINE, Charles BELLEW, John BENNETT, Joseph BENNING, William BENTLEY, Jesse BENTON, James BERRY, Humphrey BEST, Moese BEST, Stephen BEST, Mary Gass BLACK, William BLACK, Joseph BLACKFORD, Anthony BLEDSOE, Joseph BLEDSOE, Moese BLEDSOE, Robert BOGGS, John Peter BONDURANT, Ann BOONE, Betsey BOONE, Col. Daniel BOONE, Daniel Morgan BOONE, Edward or Allen BOONE, Enoch Morgan BOONE, George BOONE, Hannah BOONE, Isaiah BOONE, Josiah BOONE, Lvinia BOONE, Moses BOONE, Nathan BOONE, Rebecca BOONE, Sarah BOONE, Squire BOONE, Mrs. Squire BOONE, Squire BOONE, Squire H. BOONE, Susan BOONE, Ulissy BOONE, Albert BORUS, John BOWLES, John BOYLE, Edward BRADLEY, James BRIDGES, Samuel BROOKS, Thomas BROOKS, William BROOKS, David BRYANT, George BRYANT, Henry BRYANT, James BRYANT, Jonathan BRYANT, Joseph BRYANT, Rebecca BRYANT, Thomas BRYANT, William BRYANT, Capt. William BUCHANAN, Edward BULGER, John BULGER, John BULLOCK, Leonard Henley BULLOCK, Nathaniel BULLOCK, David BUNDAN, John BUNORAN, James BUNTEN, Capt. William “Billy” BUSH, Maj. William BUSHBY, John BUTLER
Robert CALDWELL, William CALK, Mrs. William CALK, Caleb CALLOWAY, Edgar CALLOWAY, Elizabeth CALLOWAY, Flanders CALLOWAY, Frances CALLOWAY, George CALLOWAY, John CALLOWAY, Hezekiah CALLOWAY, Keziah CALLOWAY, Lydia CALLOWAY, Col. Richard CALLOWAY, Mrs. Richard CALLOWAY, John CAMERON, Samuel CAMPBELL, Adam CAPERTON, Braxton CARTER, John CARTWRIGHT, Robert CARTWRIGHT, Abraham CHAPLAIN, Elizabeth Mullins CHENAULT, William CHENAULT, Gen. George Rogers CLARK, Gen. Green CLAY, Judge John COBURN, Samuel COBURN, Capt. William COCKE, Ambrose COFFEE, Jesse COFFEE, John COLEFORT, Alex COLLINS, Elijah COLLINS, Josiah COLLINS, Thomas COLLINS, William COLLINS, Betts COLLIER, George COLMES, Joseph COMBS, John CONSTANT, John CONWAY, Jesse CONWAY, David COOK, Cuthberth COMBS, Enos COOMBS, Williams COOMBS, Jacob COONS, Ben COOPER, Jesse COPHER, William COOPER, Peter COSSART, Frederick COUCHMAN, James COULTER, Maj. William CRADLEBAUGH, John CRAIG, Lewis CRAIG, David CREWS, Elijah CREWS, John CROOKE, John CROSS, Charles CURD, Benjamin CUTBERTH
John DANIEL, Joseph DAVIS, Samuel DAVIS, William DEAL, Abram DEAN, Susan DEAN, Joseph DEBAN or DESON, DENTON family, Thomas DIAL, John DONIPHAN, James DOSTER, James DOUGLAS, Joseph DRAKE, Margaret DRAKE, William DRYDEN, John DUMPARD, John DUNN, Benjamin DUNAWAY, John DURBIN, Daniel DUREE, Henry DUREE, Peter DUREE Jr., Mrs. Peter DUREE Jr., Peter DUREE Sr., Mrs. Peter DUREE Sr., Samuel DUREE
Robert ELKIN, Mrs. Robert ELKIN, James ELLIS, Mary ELLIS, Joseph ELLISON, Talton EMBRY, Richard EPPERSON, Robert EPSLEY, Ben ESTILL, Boudee ESTILL, Capt. James ESTILL, Sally ESTILL, Samuel ESTILL, Wallace ESTILL, Baker EWING
William FALL, John FARRAR, Edmund FEAR or FAIR, Col. Ezekiel H. FIELDS, Davind FINLEY, James FINLEY, John FINNELL, John FINNICK, John FLUTY, Col. John FLOYD, Thomas FOOT, Joseph FOWLER, John FOX, James FRENCH
James GASS, Jennie GASS, John GASS, Mary GASS, Sarah GASS, Capt. David GASS, James GATES, Capt. Charles GATLIFF, James GATLIFF, Letitia GATLIFF, Neal GATLIFF, Martin GENTRY, Richard GENTRY, Catherine GEORGE, John GEORGE, Nicholas GEORGE, Mrs. Nicholas GEORGE, Whitson GEORGE, Julius GIBBS, Samuel GILBERT, Ricard GIREY, Sameul GIREY, Ancil GOODMAN, Daniel GOODMAN, Elizabeth GRANT, Hannah GRANT, Isreal GRANT, l John GRANT, Rebecca Boone GRANT, Moses GRANT, Squire GRANT, William GRANT, Capt. Higgason GRUBBS, Mrs. Higgason GRUBBS, Peter GUERRANT, Thomas GOFF
Peter HACKETT, Edward HALL, Thomas HALL, William HALL, Andrew HAMILTON, John HAMILTON, James HAMILTON, George HANCOCK, Stepen HANCOCK, William HANCOCK, Edward HAND, Andrew HANA, John HARMON, Thomas HARGROVE, John HARPER, Peter HARPER, John HARVESTER, William HARRIS, Ben HARRISON, John HARRISON, Edward HARROD, Chenoa HART, China HART, Cumberland HART, David HART, Mrs. David HART, John HART, Kiziah HART, Mary HART, Nathaniel HART, Nathaniel HART Jr., Mrs. Nathaniel HART, Simpson HART, Susannah HART, Thomas HART, Thomas Richard Green HART, John HAWISTON, Elizabeth HAYES, James HAYES, Jemima HAYES, William HAYES, John HENDERSON, Nathaniel HENDERSON, Nicholas HENDERSON, Pleasant HENDERSON, Col Richard HENDERSON, Samuel HENDERSON, Frances Halley HENDRICKS, George HENDRICKS, William HICKS, Jospeh HINES, Dr. HINES, Col. Richard HINES, Isaac HITE, Jesse HODGES, James HOGAN, Richard HOGAN, William HOGE, James HOGG, Capt. John HOLDER, Francis HOLLEY / HALLEY, Mrs. Francis HOLLEY / HALLEY, Mrs. John HOLLEY / HALLEY, William HOOTON, Elizabeth HORN, Jeremiah HORN, Matthew HORN, Elizabeth HOY, Parthenia HOY, William HOY, Joseph HUGHES, Jake HUNTER, John HUNTER, Samuel HUNTER, Benjamin HOWARD, John HOWARD, Margaret HOWARD
Harry INNES, Christopher IRVINE Jr., Christopher IRVINE Sr., David C. IRVINE, Col. William IRVINE
John JACKSON, Joseph JACKSON, Jonathan JENNINGS, Charles JOCKARS, Andrew JOHNSON, Betsey JOHNSON, Rev. Cave JOHNSON, Isaac JOHNSON, Robert JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, Jacob JOHNSTON, Thomas JOHNSTON, Catlett JONES, Matthew JOUETT
Charles KAVANAUGH, William KAVANAUGH, Beal KELLY, Joseph KELLY, Benjamin KELLY, John KELLY, Andrew KENNEDY, David KENNEDY, Elizabeth KENNEDY, Jesse KENNEDY, John KENNEDY Jr., Joseph KENNEDY, Mary KENNEDY, Thomas KENNEDY, James KENNY, Simon KENTON, Johnthan KETCHAM, John KINCAID, Thomas KINCAID, Robert KIRKHAM, Samuel KIRKHAM, William KINTLEY, John KNOX
Samuel LACKEY, Col. John LADD, Thomas LANHAM, Charles LEE, John LEE, Abraham LEWIS, George LINCOLN, William LIPSCOMB, Nathan LIPSCOMB, Thomas LITTLE, Charles LOCKHART, Col. John LOGAN, Samuel LOGAN, Joseph LONG, Frances LONG, Lawrence LONG, Col John P. LUTTRELL, Thomas LUTTRELL, David LYNCH, William LYNN
Robert MCAFEE, George MCAFEE, William MCAFEE, Moses MCCLURE, John MCCOLLUM, MCGARY family, David MCGEE, James MCMILLAN Sr.,. Margaret White MCMILLAN, Thomas MCQUEEN, William MCWHINNEY, George MADDEN, James MANKINS, John MANNEN, John MARTIN, William MARTIN, Jesse MAUPIN, William MAYS, George MERIWEATHER, Nicholas MERIWEATHER, David MILLER, Thomas MILLER, William MILLER, Michael MIRAS, Alex MONTGOMERY, John MONTGOMERY, Charles MOORE, John MOORE, William MOORE, John MORGAN, Ralph MORGAN, William MORGAN, Jesse MORRIS, William MORRIS, Richard MORRISON, John MORTON, Thomas MOSELY, John MOUNCE or MOURNER, Jacob MYERS
Alexander NEELEY, Edward NELSON, Mrs. Edward NELSON, John NELSON, Moses NELSON, John NEWBY, Abraham NEWLAND, Thomas NOEL
Jesse OLDHAM, Tyree OLDHAM, Michael OVERSTREET, William O’REAR, Thomas M. OWENS, John Cockey OWINGS, Clough OVERTON
Lt. James PATTON, Richard PATTERSON, William PATTERSON, James PEAKE, Jesse PEAKE, John PEAKE, Joshua PENNIX, Peter PENNYBACKER, James PERRY, Richard PETERSON, Anny Duffey PEYTON, Yelverton PEYTON, Anthony PHELPS, Edwin PHELPS, Elizabeth PHELPS, George PHELPS, Guy PHELPS, John PHELPS, Joshua PHELPS, Josiah PHELPS, Lucy PHELPS, Sarah PHELPS, Thomas PHELPS, William PHILLIPS, John PITTMAN, John PLEAKENSTALVER, John PLECK, John POGUE, William POGUE, Mrs. William POGUE, Samuel PORTER, Page PORTWOOD, Sam PORTWOOD, Levin POWELL, James PROCTOR, John PROCTOR, Joseph PROCTOR, Capt. Nicholas PROCTOR, Nicholas PROCTOR Jr., Rachel PROCTOR, Reuben PROCTOR
James QUISENBERRY, Benjamin QUINN, James QUINN, Thomas QUINN
John RANK, Nicholas RAY, Alexander REED, JOhn RICE, Joseph RICE, Samuel RICE, Benejamin ROBERTS, Davidn ROBINSON, George ROBINSON, Samuel ROBINSON, William ROBINSON, Col. Robert RHODES, Pemberton ROLLINS, Ambrose ROSS, Hugh ROSS, Gen. Christopher RIFFE, Fred RIPPERDAM, Mrs. Fred RIPPERDAM, James RUSSELL
Samuel SANDERS, John SAPPINGTON, William SCHOLL, Anderson SEARCY, Asa SEARCY, Bartlett SEARCY, Charles SEARCY, Reuben SEARCY, Richard SEARCY Jr., Richard SEARCY Sr.,. Samuel SEARCY, William SEARCY, James SCOTT, Hugh SEFER, Hugh SHIELDS, David SHELBY, Isaac SHELBY, David SHELTON, Charles SHIRLEY, Katie SHIRLEY, Michael SHIRLEY, Thomas SHORES, Col. Thomas SLAUGHTER, Enoch SMITH, Encoh George SMITH, John SMITH, Maj. William Bailey SMITH, John SNODDY, Samuel SNODDY, John SOUTH Jr., John SOUTH Sr., Mrs. John SOUTH, Samuel SOUTH, Thomas SOUTH, Richard SPURR, William STAGG, Barney STAGNER, John STAPLETON, Jacob STARNES, Joseph STARNES, Jacob STEARNS, John STEPHENSON, Dudley STONE, Michael STONER, Samuel STRODE, Berue SWEARINGEN, Benoni SWEARINGEN, Thomas SWEARINGEN
Hale TALBOTT, John TANNER, John TATE, Robert TATE, Samuel TATE, Edmond TAYLOR, John TAYLOR, Nancy TAYLOR, Peter W. TAYLOR, Richard TAYLOR, John TERRELL, Robert TERRELL, James THOMAS, Moses THOMAS, James THOMPSON, Lawrence THOMPSON, Col. John TODD, William TOMLINSON, Gerrett TOWNSEND, Joshual TOWNSEND, Oswald TOWNSEND, Thomas TRIBBLE, David TURNER, John TURNER, Solomon TURPIN, William TURPIN, Capt. Thomas TWIDDY, William TWIDDY
William UMPHREY, Benoni VALLANDIGHAM, Lewis VALLANDIGHAM, Joel VASSAR, Richard WADE, Joel WALKER, Isaac WANE, David V. WALKER, Felix WALKER, Robert WALTON, Thomas WARREN, James WARTON, Capt. Charles G. WATKINS, James WATKINS, John WEBBER, Walter WELCH, Richard WELLS, Ambrose WHITE, Aquilla WHITE, Galen WHITE, Robert WHITLEDGE, Capt. John WHITTAKER, Billy WILCOX, Sally Boone WILCOX, Daniel WILCOXON, Elizabeth WILCOXON, John WILCOXON, Rachel WILCOXON, Aletha Anderson WILKERSON, John WILKERSON, Mrs. John WILKERSON, Moses WILKERSON, Wyatt WILKERSON, William WILLIAMS, Edward WILLIAMS, Jarrett WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, Richard WITLEDGE, Moses WILSON, Adams WOODS, Capt. Archibald WOODS, John WOODS, Samuel WOODS, Samuel WOODSON, Capt. Edward WORTHINGTON, John WRIGHT, James WESTERVELDT (Westerfield), John WITHERS
James YATES, Jesse YOCUM