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Sunday, January 1, 1967
LBJ Willing To Meet Hanoi Halfway In Peace Talks

LBJ: U.S. Can Afford Both Guns Butter in ‘67
U.S. Issues Guides For School Integration
Strip Mines Boom Under New State Law
High: 39 Low: 26
Lexington Herald
World Says Goodbye To ’66; Looks Toward New Year With Hope For Peace In Vietnam

Government Chooses Boeing, GE CO., For Construction Of Super Sonic Transport
London Art Gallery Looted Of Paintings Worth 7 Million
Shoe Making Industry Flourishes In Kentucky
Hot Shooting Cats Down Irish

Monday, January 2, 1967
Marines Attack Infiltrators Despite Viet-Cease Fire

Viet Cong Call 7-Day Truce Next Month
Opinions On Smoking Change Little; Surgeon General Report Little Impact
Traffic Accident In Winchester Is State’s First
High: 41 Low:35
Lexington Herald
1,000 Marines Launch Attack Before New Year’s Truce Ends

World Is Tense As It Steps Into 1967
Paris Man, Kentucky’s 1st Traffic Fatality
Late Cowboy Rally Dies As Packers Win NFL Title
Coach Lombardi Wins 4th NFL Crown

Tuesday, January 3, 1967
U.S. Phantoms Deal War’s Worst Blow To Hanoi Air Arm; 7 MIGs Downed

$18 Million State Parks Plan Sought; Breathitt Will Ask Session Tomorrow
Hidden Tape recorder Gets Jack Ruby’s Story; Conspiracy Denied
Soviet Lunar Probe Indicates Moon Is “Alive”
High: 44 Low:21
Lexington Herald
U.S. Air Offensive Explodes As Yanks Down 7 MIGs

Highway Death Toll Rises At A Slow Rate
“Best I’ve Been Associated With,” Says Tide’s Bryant; Alabama Wins Sugar Bowl 34-7

Wednesday, January 4, 1967
Sen. Cooper Defends Warren Commission’s Findings
Jack Ruby Dies Of Blot Clot Caught In Lung
Community College Expansion in 1967 Set At $18.4 Million
“Broad-Form” Strip Miners Ruled Liable
3 More Auto Makers Protest Safety Standards
High: 45 Low: 24
Lexington Herald
Plot To Invade Haiti Smashed; Raiders Are Arrested In FL; Stepping Stone For War Against Cuba

Jack Ruby Dies Of Cancer
City Motorcycle Patrolman Lexington’s First Traffic Fatality
200,000 Loan Made By Louisville’s Federal Land Bank
18.5 Million Community College Expenditures Forecast

Thursday, January 5, 1967
Clarify Stand On Peace Talks, U.S. Ask Hanoi

Kincaid Bids For Louisville’s Third Largest Bank
Hoffa Pushes Portable Plan For Pensions
It’s Still Winter But Kentucky Parks Fill For Summer
High: 35 Low: 18
Lexington Herald
Leaf Averages $68.12 As Sales Reopen Here; Price Up 93 Cents

Runaway U.S. Missile Flies Over Red Cuba
Coal Truck Driver Shot In Head With Son In Cab In Madison County
Governor To Dedicate New Nicholas Library

Friday, January 6, 1967
Hanoi Envoy Arouses U.S. Interest With Hint Of Talks If Bombs Stop

New Concept Of Aid Aimed At Appalachia
LBJ Rejects Portrait Calls It “Ugliest Ever”; Lady Bird Embarrassed
Mansfield Drafts Proposal For Vote By All 18-Year Olds
High: 31 Low:27
Lexington Herald
Graham and Clay Dispersal Boost Keeneland Receipts To Record

T.M. Evans Pays $170,000 For Daughter Of Bold Ruler
Mining Reclamation Urged By Gov. Breathitt
Owsley Courthouse Destroyed By Fire
Leaf Down 76 Cents On Lexington Market

Saturday, January 7, 1967

Hanoi Statements Called Maneuver To End Bombing
Revolution Developing In China
U.S. Buys 60,000 Acres In Eastern KY; 4 Counties $2M; Daniel Boone National Forest
GM Recalls 296,000 Cars In 1967 Cars For 8 Defects
High: 31 Low: 25
Lexington Herald
Commie Guerrillas Range Throughout Vietnam – And Calling It War

Transy Clerk Is Beaten By Youth
Season Low Posted With $66 Mean
200 Acres In Woodford County Offered For Wildlife Haven By C.E. Buckley

Sunday, January 8, 1967

Quiet Diplomacy Peace Key
American Bar Recommends Direct Presidential Vote
Liberty Bank Urges Stockholders Not To Vote
School Needs More Money; KEA Says
High: 51 Low:42
Lexington Herald
Suicidal Explosion Rips Las Vegas Hotel – 6 Dead

Louisville Bankers Urged Not To Sell To Kincaid
Chandler To Name Campaign Aids For Unprecedented Third Run
New Peace Offensive Highlight Viet War

Monday, January 9, 1967

Largest City Of China Struck By Anti-Maoists
Gunfire Flares Again On Syria, Israel Border
U.S. Relaxing Controls On Prescription Drugs
Public Confidence In Congress Takes A Dive
High: 33 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
Hording Of Gold Continues

Uncle Sam-The Rainmaker-Trying To Pull Moisture From The Air
U.S. Airfield In Saigon Hammered By Commies
Father Of 29 Dies; Williamstown, KY

Tuesday, January 10, 1967

Marines’ Chief Says More Yanks Going To Vietnam
$23 Million In Viet Aid Lost In ’66, Report Says
Main Issue: Guns, Butter Or Both
Wilt Doubtful For 17th NBA All Star Game
High: 35 Low: 13
Lexington Herald
Chinese Crisis Appears Headed For Showdown; Civil War Definite

Leaf Means Hit $68.06 In Lexington
College Basketball UCLA#1 Louisville#2
Kincaid Dealt “Low Blow” By Directors, He Claims

Wednesday, January 11, 1967
LBJ Seeks Boost In Income Taxes; Ask Higher Social Security Benefits

New 6% Surcharge Would Cover War, Domestic Spending
Watts Bill Would Delay Fast Time In Kentucky
Kincaid Increases Offer For Liberty Bank Stock
High: 35 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
CORE Attempts To Block Lexington’s Schools Desegregation Plan

President Johnson Ask Congress To Increase Taxes 6 Per Cent
Watts Bill Would Ignore Daylight Savings Time
Lexington Businessman Files In Governor’s Race; David Trapp

Thursday, January 12, 1967

Congress Won’t Rush Tax Raise
Kentucky Legislatures Prohibit Car Insurance Companies From Cancelling Policies Without Reason
Independent Marcum Runs For Kentucky Governor
Lance Corporal From Louisville Dies In Vietnam
High: 32 Low: 14
Lexington Herald
Congress Plans To Move Cautiously On Tax Hike

City Is Negotiating For Greyhound Bus Terminal
Sportsman Liquor Fined For Grog Sale To Teenage Girl
Mexico City Covered By Record Snowfall; 26 Year Old Record

Friday, January 13, 1967

Mao Starts Purge, Names Wife As Adviser, Gives Police Extra Powers
U.S. Cuts “Happy Pappy Aid By 30%; EKY Aid
2 More GIs Convicted Of Slaying Villagers
Drive On To List Cigarette Tar Content
High: 49 Low: 20
Lexington Herald
Yanks Overrun Red’s HQ Base

Volume Is Down Slightly With Average At $66.40
21 Nurses Ask Raises, Threaten To Resign; Paducah, KY
Georgetown College Celebrate 138th Year
Good Sam Nursery School To Cap 30 Freshman

Saturday, January 14, 1967
LBJ Nominates Bert T. Combs For Post On U.S. Appellate Court

Bombs Drive Out Much Of Hanoi’s Industry
An Elbow Bone Could Date Man 2.5 Million Years
LSD Worth $500,000 Seized In CA.
22 Women Are Arrested In Louisville Vice Raids
High: 52 Low: 28
Lexington Herald
Photos Indicate Many Sites For Lunar Landing

Burley Down To $66.10 On Lexington Market
Gov. Combs Nominee For U.S. Judge
Safety Officials Seriously Consider Fingerprinting Kentuckians

Sunday, January 15, 1967
State Plans New Rules For Movers: Consumers To Get Closer Estimates, Action On Damages

U.S. Plans To Rate Cars By Safety Standards
Notre Dame Priests Asked To yield Power; 125 Years Of Control To be passed To Lay Persons
Experience May Be Super Difference; Green Bay/Kansas City In 1st Super Bowl
High: 50 Low: 35
Lexington Herald
U.S. Reds Engage In Battle

Private Agency Hired To Patrol Shadeland Neighborhood
Lexington Police Chief Davis Retires From Force
Lexington’s Record Setting Burley Market In ’66 Judged “Unique”

Monday, January 16, 1967
Packers Calmly Chill Chief’s Super Hopes;

Extravagantly Produced And Advertised 1st Super Bowl in 70 Degrees Heat
Louisville Man’s Lucky Coin Confiscated By CIA
LBJ Expected To Seek $3.2 Billion In Foreign Aid
Marines Kill Almost 120 In Jungles Near Da Nang
462 Yale Faculty Members Ask For End To N. Viet Bombing
High: 50 Low: 18
Lexington Herald
Special Year End Edition
Keeneland Observes 30th Birthday With Longest Season

Keeneland Anniversary Meet Set Record High Attendance
1966 Was “Year of the Top Price”
Buckpasser Named Horse Of The Year
John Gaines Is One Of A Few “Two-Way Horseman” Trotters And Thoroughbreds
Big Red Mile Has Registered More Two Minute Miles Than Any Other Track

Tuesday, January 17, 1967

Chicago Convention Hall Burns; $150 Million In Damages
Louisville Moves Fast To Fill Chicago Gap
Farm Group Supports Burley Poundage Limit
Lurleen Wallace Takes Alabama Governor’s Oath of Office
UFO Pictures Seem Authentic To Professor
High: 35 Low:10
Lexington Herald
Iron Triangle Offensive Nets 700 Reds, 2,600 Tons of Rice

UK President Outlines New Programs For Women
Designers Say Short Skirts Are Here To Stay
Superstar Starr Guides GB To 35-10 Waltz Over KC

Wednesday, January 18, 1967

Saigon Offers To Meet With Hanoi On Longer Truce-Maybe Indefinite
LBJ Says Arms Cost To Top $73 Billion In His 1968 Budget
War At A Turning Point; Signs Point To Talks
Kentucky PTAs Start No Smoking Campaign
High: 37 Low: 27
Lexington Herald
Acreage-Poundage Plan Draws Violent Reaction

Shillito’s Will Construct Shopping Center Here; 14 Million Dollar Project
Engineers Ask Four Lanes For Stretch of Lane Allen
Terrell Threatens To Withdrawal From Clay Fight

Thursday, January 19, 1967
Breathitt Says I-65 Will Be Completed First

Trailbreaking Surgery Gives Boy New Hope;
18-Year-Old From Pike County Receives Plastic Heart Valve
Midwestern Cold Wave Spills Into Kentucky
High: 21 Low: 5
Lexington Herald
Breathitt Says Work Will Start Soon On New Circle Road Section;

Harrodsburg To Tates Creek Connection $2.2 Million
Fayette County Jail “Almost Medieval”
Total Defense Property Valued At $183 Billion

Friday, January 20, 1967

GOP Spurns LBJ’s Tax Hike; Demands End To War “Shortest Time Possible”
Tuition To Be Increased At Bellarmine and Ursuline
Snowstorm Hits Kentucky With Up To 10 Inches
State Holiday For Robert E. Lee’s Birthday; Shutdown of Capitol Leaves Visitors Baffled
High: 34 Low: 13
Lexington Herald
American Causalities Hit Peak; Largest Action Of Viet War Gets Blame
New Terminal, Runway Extension Are Planned
Planners Are Told Need For Library Extension
Percent Of Income Spent On Food Lowest Ever

Saturday, January 21, 1967
Total Civil War Is On In China; Mao’s Aid Says

3 Kentucky Teachers’ Groups To Ask New Raises
Fort Knox To Get 17 Million For Buildings
Louisville Zoo Offered A $441,000 Fund Match
High: 43 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
$42 Million Construction For UK Is Approved By Board

Breckinridge Switches To Attorney General Bid; Out of Governor Run
Proposed Bill Would Extend Poverty Act For Kentucky
Rupp is Honored As Basketball Coach of Century

Sunday, January 22, 1967
China Admits Peasant Uprising

64,000 In State Due Pay Boost Next Month; New Minimum Goes Into Effect
Interstate Park Group Wants Park In Falls of Ohio Historic Area
6 Men Charged With Drunk Driving Friday Night
High: 52 Low: 30
Lexington Herald
$21 Million Defense Contract Extended For Lexington Based Munitions Firm

GOP Leaders Favor Nixon For ’68 Race
Minimum Wage Raise From $1.25 To $1.40
Atomic Waste Dump Means Prosperity For Fleming County
Number Of U.S. Farms Continues To Decline

Monday, January 23, 1967
Mao’s Forces Threaten Use of Army

Magic Gulf Air Turns Winter Into Spring
Louisville Expects $12 Million Convention Decline
Casper Fires 69; Leads Palmer And Nicklaus By Stroke In Crosby
High: 65 Low: 42
Lexington Herald
U.S. Planes Hit Rail Lines Feeding Hanoi

Two Wrecks Take Two Lives In Kentucky
Nicklaus, Palmer Trail Casper In Bing Crosby
Chalk Up Another Award For Orioles Frank Robinson

Tuesday, January 24, 1967
LBJ’s Social Security Proposals Would Increase Benefits, Tax Bite

18,445 Billboards Face Ax On Kentucky Roads; Beautification Act
Veteran Holdup Victim Has Had It After #18; Restaurant on E. Broadway
Enjoy, Enjoy! Winter Rerun Due Tomorrow
High: 70 Low: 59
Lexington Herald
Congress Asked To Raise Social Security Benefits

Computer To Invade Tobacco Warehouse; Electronic Paychecks
Red China Army Called Out To Quell Revolt
Record Crowd To Attend Harvey Speech At Phoenix Hotel; 1,300 For Annual Event

Wednesday, January 25, 1967
LBJ’s New Style Budget Puts U.S. Spending At $169.2 Billion

LBJ Asks 20-30% Rise In Postal Rates
Garvice Kincaid Named To Liberty Bank Board; Fails In Control Bid
“The Sun Shines” On State Song, But Clouds Form; Investigated For Racial Overtones
High:70 Low: 54
Lexington Herald
1,000 Students Swarm Huguelet and Woodland Area After False Fire Alarm

Johnson Unveils Budget of Record $135 Billion
Republicans Claim Budget Is Excessive
Local Man Nabbed On Obscene Photos Count
Zip Code Numbers Must Now Be Used

Thursday, January 26, 1967
Mao Puts Army On Battle Alert, Peking Reports; Mongolian Revolt?

“Happy Pappy” Plan Faces New Trouble
LBJ Wants Tax For Public TV
Male Vote Set On Acre-Pound Set For Burley
High: 63 Low: 30
Lexington Herald
Furious Battle Is On Between Germans, Russians

99 Cincinnatians Face Election Fraud Charges
Opera Singer Dominic Sings His Way To U.S.

Friday, January 27, 1967

LBJ, Advisors Drop Guidepost Ask Restraints on Profits and Wages
Big Bank Cuts Prime Rates; Will It Spread
Ashland Oil, Amerada Reported Near Merger
Berea Doctor Raps Colleagues For Pill Sales;  Pill Pushing
High: 68 Low: 45
Lexington Herald
Soviets Antimissile System Forces U.S. To Improve ICBMs

Economic Plans Will Be Made For War’s End
Big Apartment Complex Planned On South Lime; 324 Units
Apartments Are Planned Around Historic Clay Villas

Saturday, January 28, 1967
Entire Apollo Team of Grissom, White, Chaffee Are Dead

Apollo Shot May Be Delayed For A Year
Louisville Fireman Get $140 A Year Pay Raise
State Pressing To Get U.S. Fund For Green River Dam
High: 52 Low 25
Lexington Herald
Entire Three-Man Apollo 1 Crewed Killed By Fire Aboard Spacecraft

U.S. Astronauts Grissom, White, Chaffee Die When Accidental Blaze Breaks Out During Test
Lexington Will Be Site Of Civil Rights Survey
American Tobacco Negotiating For Royal Crown Cola Company
Kincaid Buys WKYT-TV

Sunday, January 29, 1967
Plugged In Apollo Electric cable

Battery Fire Expected In Fire
Apollo Blaze Delays Launch 4 To 6 Months
Dixie Colleges Seek Negros Students
High: 38 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
Investigators Begin Probe Hoping To Find Cause of Space Tragedy

UK Birth Defects Treatment Center Serves Area of 30 Counties
Lt. Lee Allen Estes Dies At Hospital; State Police Ventriloquist Who Played His Magic Safety Show In Front of 75,000 Kentucky School Children
Berea College Names New Leader; Willis Weatherford 51

Monday, January 30, 1967
Baker Found Guilty On All Counts; Tried To Build Fortune As Senate’s Majority Secretary

Writer Finds Apollo Looks Like Furnace; Cocoa Beach
Apollo On Outside Power When Fire Killed Crew; 1st Reports Contradicted
Police Charge 15 This Weekend With Drunken Driving
High: 41 Low: 27nd
Lexington Herald
Bombs Rip 2 Yugoslav Embassies, 4 Consulates in U.S. and Canada

Apollo Vehicle Was Plagued By 1000’s of Problems
Bomb Scares Investigated at Two Lexington Schools; TC & BS

Tuesday, January 31, 1967
LBJ Ask Clean Air Legislation

Apollo Cry “Get Us Out!”
Day of tribute To Apollo; LBJ To Attend 2 Burials
Courts Say Draft Boards Can’t Punish War Foes
High: 49 Low: 31
Lexington Herald
LBJ Calls For Full-Scale Assault On Air Pollution

Saddened Nation To Bury Its 3 “Lost Heroes” Today
Move Planned To Double $1 Billion Appalachian Redevelopment Program
Jesse Shuff, 79, Trots Authority Succumbs

Wednesday, February 1, 1967
“Taps” and Rifles Sound For Apollo Astronauts

Auto Safety Standards Are Modified
LBJ Seeks Full Benefits For Vietnam Veterans
Doctors Selling Glasses Prescribe More Says MD; Seeks Bill To Stop Doctors Selling Own Glasses
High: 61 Low: 33
Lexington Herald
New Minimum Wage $1.40 Goes Into Effect; 15 Cent Raise For 3.7 Million

Lafayette Band To Represent State In Florida
2.5 Million Hospital To Be Built Here, Beaumont Hospital
Kentucky Trains Face Tickets Today For Speeding

Thursday, February 2, 1967
U.S. Scrutinizing Hanoi’s “Signal” On Peace Talks; LBJ Reply Today?

To A Kentuckian, An Invite Is An Invite; 1,000 At Citizens Day
LBJ Ask For New Wilderness In California; 143,000 Acres Set Aside
Group Wants To Liven Louisville For Young People; Trip To Chicago Planned
High: 61 Low: 33
Lexington Herald
First Security Merger Upheld In U.S. Court

Local Taxicab Fares To Be Increased Soon
Horde Of Citizens Invade Frankfort For “Citizens Day”
Richmond Girl Killed Just After Leaving School Bus

Friday, February 3, 1967
Reynolds Is Out of $20 Million Project To Develop Louisville Waterfront

Little Change In River Plans Anticipated
President “Not Aware” of “Serious” Peace Bids
Car Safety  Expert Quits; Says Rules Inadequate
High: 61 Low: 34
Lexington Herald
Lt. Governor Urges Investigation Of Spindletop Institute; Where Did $5 Million Go?

Traffic Patrol Constable In Court; Traffic Tickets
State Catching Up In Industrial Jobs
New Pro Basketball League Launches Plans; ABA

Saturday, February 4, 1967

AFL-CIO Split Grows Between Top Labor Forces

Overhaul Set On Apollo Life-Support System; Smoke Killed Astronauts
Motorist Set The Pace On Kentucky Highways; Fixing Speed Limits
College In Cumberland Plans Modernization
Lexington Herald
4 Americans Released From Prison In E. Germany

Burley Program Future Questioned At Frankfort
More Mines Are Needed To Expand Coal Industry
Resources of Alaska About To Be Tapped

Sunday, February 5, 1967

LBJ Aide: Viet Talks May Evolve
New Aim To Curb Auto Fumes
Auto Insurance Firms Are Blacklisting Many
17,560 Watch Louisville Beat Cincy In Freedom Hall
High: 34 Low: 27
Lexington Herald
Orbiter 3 On Flight To Moon

Transy Establishes Grants For High School Schools; The Presidential Scholarships
“War On Poverty” Called Unorganized Skirmish
Sharpe Decline In Homicides Here in ‘66
Hot Shooting Wildcats Whip Stubborn LSU 105-84; Berger Scores 24

Monday, February 6, 1967
Food-Stamp Plan Permanent In Jefferson

Third Big Snowstorm Burying Midwest Anew
Students on Left, Right Agree; Draft Must Go
Auto Insurance Rate Increase Likely
High: 57 Low: 24
Lexington Herald
U.S. Loses 2 Planes In Raids Over North

Police Add Radar Cruiser
Reverend, Mr. Clay, Muhammad Ali Sometimes Known As Cassius Clay Preaches To Muslims In Houston
Orbiter 3 Streaks Toward Bullseye

Tuesday, February 7, 1967
Winter Goes On A Rampage Across Eastern U.S.

Cassius Or Muhammad; He’s In A Class Alone; Butchers Terrell In 15
President Urges Congress Wage War On Crime
Men Rebuff Congresswomen At Gym Door; Congresswomen Equal Access
State Car Insurance Set Up; Practices, Profits Questioned
High: 38 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
U.S. Airplane Loses In S.E. Asia Raised To 1,172 From 622
Memorial Hall Organ Damaged By Steam
School Board To Buy Patchen Wilkes Tract; Crawford Jr.
Lexington Women Guilty On Charge Of Abortion

Wednesday, February 8, 1967
Guns Silent For Viet Holiday Truce

Draft Younger, Men First, Panel To Ask
Snow, Cold Shut Down Schools In 21 Counties
Kentuckians To Pay $2 Million More For Auto Insurance
High: 23 Low: 12
Lexington Herald
Johnson Asks Senate For Swift Ratification of Space Treaty
Huge Blizzard Hits, Cripples Northeast
Winchester Man, 80, On Trial In Slaying of Attorney
State Farmers Asked To Plant Walnut Seedlings
Clay Criticized By British Press; Called Arrogant, Ugly Venomous and Sickening

Thursday, February 9, 1967
LBJ Tells Pope U.S. Also Hopes To Extend Troops

LBJ Proposes Broad Program To Aid Children
U.S. ’67 Aid To County, City $60 Million So Far
Indiana Senate Passes Proposals For Falls Park
High: 30 Low: 12
Lexington Herald
Gas Leaks Into Stream From Gas Station Underground Tank; Lansdowne

Change In Draft Laws Sought; Take Youngest Men First
Teenager Killed By Train; Owensboro
Rupp Needs 14 More Wins To Equal Allen’s Record; Most Wins

Friday, February 10, 1967
Secretary of State Rusk: No Bomb Halt Until Sign From Foe

Johnson Asks 3.1 Billion For Foreign-Aid
Road Cut Hurt Breathitt Tells U.S. Officals
Lunar Orbiter  3 Circles Moon Before Scanning Apollo Sights
Meeting Set On Rash of Louisville Drugstore Thefts For Narcotics
High: 41 Low: 17
Lexington Herald
Fire Destroys Supply Warehouse; Industry Road

Speed Test Device Purchased, Considered For Police
80 Year Old, Kirby Ragland, Gets Life In Winchester Lawyers Death
Centre Library Dedication Set For April 22

Saturday, February 11, 1967
U.S. Shifts The Pressure To Hanoi; LBJ Tightens Peace Stance

Presidential Succession Amendment Is Ratified: 25th Amendment
TVA Announces 5 Year Plan To Clean Its Air Pollution
New Jersey Firms May Pay Heavily For Air Pollution
High: 45 Low: 28
Lexington Herald
Richmond’s Biggest Supermarket Firm Razed By Fire
Three Servicemen Die In Creek As Auto Takes Plunge In Perry
Lexington VA Patient Recommitted For LBJ Threat
Appeals Court backs State Billboard Law; Kentucky’s Pioneering Anti-Billboard Law

Sunday, February 12, 1967
China Reported Bolstering Russian Border; Peking Put Under Military Control

War Resumes But No Bombs Fall On North
NASA Denies Safety Risk In Moon Race
Explore Planets, Scientists Urge LBJ
High: 41 Low: 34
Lexington Herald
Truce Marred By Repeated Clashes; And War In Vietnam Goes On
Trooper Who Sited MSU President For Speeding Is Not Welcome On Campus
Wildcats Lose 4th OT Game 77-72; Berger, Williams, Walden Outstanding
UK Scientist Say Harmful Substances Can Be Eliminated From Tobacco

Monday, February 13, 1967
U.S. Bomb Halt On Day To Day Basis While Search For Peace Continues

Johnson Cites Lincoln To Condemn Racism
Louisville Flier, Missing in War For 18 Months, Reported Alive In Prison Camp
Louisville Celebrates 50 Years of Boy Scouts; First Chartered March 1917, 17 Members
High: 31 Low: 19
Lexington Herald
LBJ Delays Renewal of Air Attacks On North; Waits For Signs of Peace

Water Company Completes $6 Million Expansion Job; Doubling the KY River Treatment Facility
Keeping Fit Can Be Fun At Lexington’s New Spa Health Club
Alcindor Is Wanted By Globe Trotters Now

Tuesday, February 14, 1967
U.S. Resumes Viet Bombing; “No Alternative,” LBJ Explains

High Court Won’t Rule On Draft-Card Burning; Federal Ban Stands, No Burning Cards
Cumberland Poverty Unit On Way Out? One of the Nation’s Largest Aid Programs Doomed
Strike Idles 1,150 Workers In Louisville GE Plant
High: 55 Low: 26
Lexington Herald
Gas Fire-Explosion Kills Workers Near Winchester; Bulldozer Ruptures Pipeline
U.S. Renews Bombing of North
Stockyards, Slaughter House, Two Homes Burn At Stanford
Nuclear Ban Treaty Near
Research Pin Points Drugs That Can Cure Skin Cancer

Wednesday, February 15, 1967
Prime Minister Wilson: Peace “Was Within Grasp”

Tallent Dropped By Rupp In Disciplinary Move
Car Insurer Told To Justify Rates
High: 63 Low: 46
Lexington Herald
Graham To Resign As Spindletop Research Head After Investigation
Two Women Found On Bluegrass Parkway Tell Feds Of Abduction
County Dump Does It Again With Gusto; Overbearing Smell Catches Fire
Rupp Doesn’t Alibi Loss; TN Stomped the Hell Out of Us

Thursday, February 16, 1967
Winds Rake Louisville Cut Power; Mercury Plunges 32 Degrees

Pentagon Plans Call-Up of 30,000 Reservists
A Smoothly Working Orbiter 3 Cranks Out New Moon Photos
Long Distance Teaching “Blackboard by Wire” Using Ordinary Telephone Circuits To Transmit Handwriting and Voice at Union College
High: 62 Low: 48
Lexington Herald
Near Hurricane Force Winds Hit Lexington

Lunar Orbiter Takes Close-Up Picture of Moon
UK Forestry Controversy Is Growing; School’s 15,000 Acres of Robinson Forest Moved From Dept of  Forestry To Agriculture Services
What’s New Racing Fans? Birth Pills For Horses

Friday, February 17, 1967
30,000 Allied Forces Strike Viet Foe; About 600 Killed

LBJ Seeks Consumer Safeguards; Ask End To Deceit and Confusion For Consumers, Investors and Medical Patients
6-7 Inches Of Snow In Forecast; Driving Will Be Hazardous
UK Student Newspaper Asks “Has Rupp Choked?” In Dismissal of Junior Guard Tallent
Lexington Herald
State Roads Hazardous Under Snow, Heavy Snow Hits Fayette

Tax Rate Virtually Same As City Budget Adopted
Transylvania College Gets Federal Grant of $450,6723
Rupp Kicks Tallent Off Team; Will Retain Grant However

Saturday, February 18, 1967
Johnson Fears A New Spiral In Arms Race

Ruby’s Last Will Denies Any Ties To JFK Murder
4.7 Million Flew Over Atlantic in ’66
UK Will Keep Its Forestry Department After Many Show Concern
High: 30 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
McCarth Files For Reelection To Railroad Post; Longest Serving Member, 38 Years
Tempo Picks Up as 976 Commies Killed This Week
“Deplorable Condition” Of Jessamine Schools Cited; Very Serious Predicament
Garrard Bank Executive Dies As House Burns

Sunday, February 19, 1967
|LBJ Panel Urges Vast Crime War With Better Police, Courts and Jails

Oppenheimer, Atomic Bomb Pioneer, Dies
31 Win Awards For Farming, Conservation Efforts; Program By Governor Breathitt
DA Says JFK’s Death Plotted In New Orleans; Arrest Will Be Made
High: 40 Low: 10
Lexington Herald
Congressmen Blast, Defend CIA’s Relationships With Private Groups
Nunn Predicts “Substantial” Victory As Lexington Headquarters Is Opened
By Stander At Quarrel Is Killed; Mt. Sterling
Owen Killing Follows Child Custody Tiff
J. Oppenheimer Dies At 62

Monday, February 20, 1967
Federal Panel Urges Law To Make Every Negro’s School Half White

South Viet Bashes Foe In Major Victory
Oppenheimer Dies Unexonerated
Government Seeks To Cut Gasoline Prices
High: 42 Low: 25
Lexington Herald
U.S., Russia Facing Pressure To Join In Protection of Non-Nuclear Nations
Throat Cancer Caused Death of A-Physicist Oppenheimer
NCAA, NIT Committees Start Work, Will Issue First Invitations Soon
Lexington 4-H Auto Safety Program Biggest In Country

Tuesday, February 21, 1967
Soviet Generals Boast of Missile Defense Screen

$5 Million Painting Flown To U.S. in $53 Suitcase
South Viets, Marines Kill 864 Foes
Leading Historian Tells Senate U.S. Is “Overextended” As World Power
High: 44 Low: 35
Lexington Herald
County Extension Board Approves Big School For Mentally Retarded on Georgetown Rd
Bombing Had Failed To Prevent Flow of Oil Into South, Says McNamara
5 In Governor’s Race Haven’t Filed Expenses
Will NCAA Adopt Rule To Outlaw Stalling?
Improved Dunbar Meets Defenders; Catholic on Road

Wednesday, February 22, 1967
Enemy Booby Trapp Kills Viet Expert Bernard Fall; Journalist/Historian Knew Vietnam More Than Any Westerner

4.74% “Freedom” Bond To Go On Sale May 1st; LBJ Launches Drive
Ford Recalls 217,00 Cars To Check Brakes
State Orders First Step In Air Pollution Control
High: 31 Low: 18
Lexington Herald
B52s Hit Commie Positions

Tribune Sues To Remove Rules On Murder Trial Coverage
Secrecy Shrouded Sale of $5 Million Da Vinci
Record Syndication For Raise A Native; Lesile Combs II

Thursday, February 23, 1967
Viet Peace Closer, Hanoi May Be Willing To Talk

U.S. Company’s Losses Heavy In Viet Attack
Mystery Shrouds Death of JFK Probe Figure
Louisville Wins Missouri Valley Conference; NCAA Bid
High: 43 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
Top Figure In New Orleans Probe of Kennedy’s Death Found Dead; “Getaway Pilot” Dies of Suicide

Lost Plane Is Hunted In Morgantown, KY
Bluegrass Fair Plans For 200,000

Friday, February 24, 1967
Ferrie’s Death Silences JFK Probe Witnesses

Blizzard Type Storm Sweeps Across Kentucky
Record Year For Life Insurance Business In Kentucky
President Day Proclamation Issued By Governor Breathitt
Lexington Herald
45,000 In Biggest Drive Hunt Viet Cong Headquarters

Storm Glazes Streets Shuts All Area Schools
New Orleans “Plot” Mystery Thickens; JFK Probe Goes On
Users of LSD on Road To Derangement; Doctors, Police Watch Helplessly
High: 30 Low: 16

Saturday, February 25, 1967
Boston Scared As “Strangler” Still Escapes Capture; Escaped From Mental Institution
Louisville Director Of Public Safety Fires Police Chief for Insubordination
Kentucky To Get $90 Million Plant For Aluminum Rods
Now For The Weather, Its Cold, Cold, Cold!
High: 13 Low: 4
Lexington Herald
Boston Strangler Still Free; Escaped From Mental Institution
New Orleans Probe Reveals Plots Against JFK
Computers May Be Used To Control Traffic
Courthouse Called “Deplorable” In Scott Grand Jury Analysis

Sunday, February 26, 1967
|MAYOR FIRES GLASS, Director of Public Safety; Fire Chief Rehired

Meek “Boston Strangler” Caught In Clothes Store; Brother Turned Him In
Before Long The Chill Will Be Gone
An Electric Car In Your Future?
Lexington Herald
Desalvo Surrenders; 2 Brothers Charged With Aiding His Escape
Longest Operation of War To Pick Up Steam
Local Police Get Preview Of Radar Speed Check
Need Answer Phone A Computer

Monday, February 27, 1967
U.S. Puts Mines In N. Viet Rivers To Halt Supplies

Ballot Begins Today On Burley Program
Churches Reel In Changing World
$500, 000 Loss Set In Mt. Sterling Fire; Estimated 2,500 Crowd Watch
High: 36 Low: 5
Lexington Herald
Hanoi Accuses U.S. of Escalating War After Warships Bomb North
Fire Hits 3 Building In Downtown Mt. Sterling
Andretti and Lorenzen Finish 1-2 With Fords In Daytona 500
Burned Body Discovered Near Campton

Tuesday, February 28, 1967
No Choice LBJ Tells Viet Critics; Ordered New Types of Military Operations

NAACP Official Killed In Natchez, Truck Explosion
Despite Protest, Rangers Killing Yellowstone Elk; Herd Too Large For Food Supply
Mother of 7 To Run For Kentucky House; Mrs. Joseph McGaughy
Febru-Weary? High: 38 Low: 33
Lexington Herald
Burned Man’s Car Found Burning In Parking Lot At U.K. Med Center; Vehicle Adds Mystery Of Burned Campton Man
Stricter Deferment Rules, Lower Draft Age Asked
Lexingtonian, 17, Killed, 2 Hurt As Car Hits Pole

Wednesday, March 1, 1967
Revised Louisville Housing Plan Taken Up; Critics Open Fire
LBJ Urges Cooperation For Public Television
Henry R. Luce, Founder of Time-Life, Dies at 68
Jeffersontown Solider Dies In Vietnam
High: 41 Low: 28
Lexington Herald
Man Believed Fire Victim Was Accused of Arson; Was To Give Deposition In Wolfe County This Week
Local Elderly Man In Critical Condition After Beating
Kentucky Gets 2nd Big Aluminum Plant
“Quiet” Rupp Cites Poor Shooting For Road Loss

Thursday, March 2, 1967
Congressman Powell Barred From Congress; First Time Since 1921 and 6th Time in History

Judge Orders Hoffa Into Court Tuesday To Begin Jail Term
800 Quietly Protest Natchez Bombing
First Grade Registration Is Up 5,000
New Skipper Arrives To Take Charge Of the Belle
High: 41 Low: 19
Lexington Herald
U.S. Ships Bombard North Vietnam
LBJ Proposes $4.5 Billion Hike In Social Security Funds
Probe of Spindletop Is Ordered By Legislative Audit Committee
Tot Dies of Exposure; Father Placed In Jail; Booneville

Friday, March 3, 1967
LBJ Says Russians Agree To Talks To On Missile Curbs

JFK Plot Evidence Claimed In Affidavit
RFK Offers Peace Plan Based On Bombing Halt
Governor Breathitt Ready To Ban Fast time; ICC Says “No”
High: 69 Low: 32
Lexington Herald
Two Wealthy Brothers, 64 and 66, Attacked At Residence On Winchester Road; One Wounded Seriously
Jacobs Entry Favored For 38th Famingo
Gov. Breathitt Poised With order To Halt Day Light Savings Time
Retiree, 54 Hangs Self From Tree In Cynthiana

Saturday, March 4, 1967
Allies Probe Jet Attack On Village; 95 South Vietnamese Killed

Gore Proposes International Missile Guard
NBC To Acquire Arnold Palmer’s Business Interest
Taylor County School Board Chairman “Burned To Death,” Turns Up Alive;
High: 66 Low:51
Lexington Herald
Gabehart, Missing Since Wolfe Fire, Found Alive, Taken To State Hospital
U.S. Bombers Pound Communist Vessels
Stretch Running, Reflected Glory, Wins Flamingo
UCLA’s Wooden Is Selected AP Coach of the Year

Sunday, March 5, 1967
LBJ’s Panel Proposes Sweeping Draft Overhaul; Calls For End For Student Deferment

Astronauts Not Likely To Fly Till 1968
Ruken Wins Santa Anita Derby; 50,000 On Hand
New Gabehart Puzzle; Whose Body Burned?
High: 53 Low: 43
Lexington Herald
Robbery Thwarted By Phoenix Hotel Manager; Pair Wanted In FL.
Gabehart Case Is Still A  Mystery
131-Acre Fleming County Farm Sells For $23,711
Ruken Rallies In Stretch; Wins Santa Anita Derby

Monday, March 6, 1967
All Killed When Plane Crashes Near Ohio Town; Louisvillian Aboard
U.N. Secretary Says U.S. Holds Key To Peace
U.S. Starts Announcing Exact Loses In Vietnam Battle
Paris Cattle Breeders John H. Clay, Sr., Dies
High: 65 Low: 39
Lexington Herald
Two Die At Interchange; Rain Cited In 6 Crashes; Built To Kill-N.Broadway Interchange
Search For Danville Student Will Resume At Lake
U.S. Planes & Warships Hit North Vietnam Communications
2.5 Million Higbee Mill Country Club Will Open In ‘68

Tuesday, March 7, 1967
Heavy Snows Closes School; Some Rivers Up

LBJ To Order Draft Lottery; 19 Year Olds Go First
Hoffa Loses Bid To Avoid Prison Today
2 Jets That Bomb S. Viet Village Were Ours
Lexington Herald
Medical Center Doctor Accused of Failure To Report Rape Assault

Death Intersection Slated For Scrutiny; N. Broadway Interchange
Low Pressure Brings Heavy Snow To State; 3 Inches of Rain Flood Homes; Hazard Bracing For Imminent Floods
Major Changes In Draft System Announced By President Johnson

Wednesday, March 8, 1967
New Marches Set To Protest Mayor’s Neutral Stance On Open Housing

Hoffa Sad, But Juanty, Enters Federal Prison
Guggenheim Daughter Found Dead In Paris
County Appropriates $25,000 To Purchase Fairdale Park Site
High: 38 Low: 23
Lexington Herald
Mr. Wiggs Department Store Destroyed By Fire; 1.2 Million In Damages

Flooded Eastern KY Begins Cleanup Operations
6 Million Budget For Lexington Schools
122 Nominated For Belmont

Thursday, March 9, 1967
U.S. Plans To Let Kentucky Ignore Fast Time For A Year

Glass, Louisville’s Fired Safety Chief Says He Tried To Crack Down on Vice, City Officials Not Happy; Mayor Scoffs
State Teacher Pay is $748 Within National Average; Closest To National Average Than Ever Before; $5,768 Average Yearly Pay
High: 40 Low: 23
Lexington Herald
No Day Light Savings Time For Kentucky This Year

Yankees Open 1967 Spring Exhibition Games Today Against Senators
Mercer Man Nabbed On Grog Count
Bomb Scare At Bluegrass Airfield Causes Delay

Friday, March 10, 1967
LBJ Proposes Restoring Business Tax Incentives To Fight Spending Lag

Stalin’s Daughter Flees To West
Coal Industry Protest Enactment of Air Pollution Code; Washington DC
What Now For Burley After Pound Plan Defeat?
High: 59 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
LBJ Schedules War Conference In the Pacific
Coal Lobby Forces Air Controls Delay
Chandler Pledges Government Reform As Campaign Headquarters Opens
Restroom Attack At Transy Charges Local Man

Saturday, March 11, 1967
U.S. Bombs Big Steel Plant North of Hanoi

Grand Jury To Investigate Glass Charge of Vice Pay Offs
LBJ Business Tax Incentives Boost Stock Market To Second Biggest Day
NCAAP Attorney Attacks Louisville’s Open Housing Ordinance
High: 73 Low: 38
Lexington Herald
Masked Bandits Seize $66,450 In Independence, KY Bank Holdup; One of The State’s Biggest
Party Troubles Plaque Wilson, Trying To Avert Split
Stalin’s Daughter Has Defected From Soviet Union
Breathitt County, Russell, Maytown Advance, Shelby County Beaten

Sunday, March 12, 1967
Apollo Story: “20,000” Failures Solved, Then………….

Jets Hit North Vietnam Plant Again
Kentucky River Creates Carrollton Swamp
NAACP Marches Back Strong Housing Law; Criticize Mayor’s Administration
March Is Back; High: 75 Low: 60
Lexington Herald
Apollo 1 Story Unfolds – “Only” 2,500 Things Found Wrong With Spacecraft
Miss Stalin Is Granted Asylum By Switzerland
Three Louisville Men Held In $66,450 Holdup
1,000 Ton Rock Falls, Kills Hazard Man

Monday, March 13, 1967
Open-Housers Marcher On Aldermen’s Home

River Road Is Under The Swollen River At Third Street Ramp
Yesterday’s 75 Warmest March 12 In Louisville History; 56 Year Record Broken
Kentucky Sifts Through Its History; Archives Being Recovered From 33 County Court Houses
Lexington Herald
6 Members of Lexington Family Die In Auto Crash Near Florence
Wreck Kills 2 Brothers In Madison
Louisville Teacher Is Killed In Richmond Road Accident
400 Viet Cong Killed In Grand Fighting

Tuesday, March 14, 1967
Senator Dodd Concedes $189,000 Kept For Private Use

Appropriation Committee Provides Extra 12.2 Billion For Vietnam War
LBJ Request 1.5 Billion To Aid Latins
High: 83 Low: 48
Lexington Herald
1,800 Year Old Coin Is Dug Up Near Hopkinsville

Cigarette Smoking Probably Not Associated With Coronary Heart Disease
Woodford Jury Awards $35, 136 For Injury In Car Wreck; Largest Locally Awarded Verdict
Many Kentuckians To Ask, “What Time Is It?” Soon; Daylight Savings Time Goes Into Effect But Not In Kentucky

Wednesday, March 15, 1967
Heard JFK Plotters, Witnesses Said; Alleged Conspirator In Court

Rev. Grenough Trinity High School Teacher Dragged From City Hall In Open Housing Protest
City Hall Sit-In Broken Up; Open Housing Group Ejected
State Car Inspection Voluntarily – At First
High: 77 Low: 61
Lexington Herald
18 Thoroughbred Yearlings Perish In Claiborne Farm Fire; A.B. Hancock, “Nothing Has Hurt As Bad In My Life.”
Civil Rights Probe Starts In Lexington
Witness Says She Heard Shaw Plot To Assassinate Kennedy
Budding Shrubs And Trees Damaged By Hail Storms

Thursday, March 16, 1967
Mayor Vows No Action Till “Outsiders” Quit Protesting

LBJ Reaffirms Strong Viet Policy
Central, Allen Win Opening Rounds In Kentucky State Basketball Tourny
Permanent JFK Grave Blessed By Family And LBJ Dawn Secret Ceremony
Nippy; High: 61 Low: 35
Lexington Herald
College Official Is Injured When Car Explodes At Berea

Jack C. Hodgins, 71, Dies After Long Illness; Dixiana Farm Conditioner
Allen County, Louisville Central Advance In State Tournament Play
Folley Serious About Cassius, Clay Makes 7th Defense Title In A Year At Garden

Friday, March 17, 1967
Mayor Promises To Move Quickly On Open Housing

Glass Resumes Testimony of Grand Jury Vice Probe
IU Opens NCAA Tournament Tonight; Louisville Begins NCAA Title Drive
Nippy; High: 50 Low: 26
Lexington Herald
Marine From Lexington Helps Rescue Youth, 9, From Danger in CA

February Kentucky Highway Toll Money Is $568,229
Two Jailed On Illegal Grog Count; Blowing Green
Thorobreds Down Harlan, Atherton, Earlington, Monticello Are Winners; Freedom Hall

Saturday, March 18, 1967
LBJ Releases $350 Million For Road Work; To Help Boost Economy

2 Flee Prison At LaGrange
Mistakes Hurt As UL Falls To SMU 83-81 In NCAA Tourny
Central, Covington Catholic, Breathitt County, Earlington Gain Semis; State Tourny in Freedom Hall
Still Shivery – High: 47 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
Clay Shaw To Stand Trial For Conspiracy To Murder JFK
UK To Establish School For Gifted Children
New UK Code Proposes To Treat Students As Adults
Lexington Solider Dies In Vietnam, PFC William F. Hogan; UK Graduate

Sunday, March 19, 1967
LBJ Indicates $60 Billion Aid To States in ’72; Governors Briefed

Earlington Wins Thriller For High School Crown
Dayton, Houston, North Carolina, UCLA In NCAA Finals; To Be Held In Louisville
National Dachshund  Show To Be Held In Louisville in ‘69
High: 38 Low: 19
Lexington Herald
Johnson Briefs Governors; Leaves For War Conference
Hopson’s Last Second Shot Gives Earlington State Title
More Arrests Forthcoming In JFK Probe
Congress Has Accomplished Very Little After 11 Weeks

Monday, March 20, 1967
LBJ Again Pledges Fight Till “Honorable Peace”
2 Leading Senators Fear War Step-Up
47 Rich Negros Seek 1 Million For Rights Fund
Earlington; A Coal Mining Town; KY State Basketball Champions; A Day In The Sun
High: 51 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
Testimony In First Test of JFK Assassination Case Foreshadows One of U.S.’s Most Spectacular Trails
2 Million Year Old Elephant Skeleton Completely Intact Found In Kenya
B52s Make Near Record Six Raids On South Vietnam
Easter Seal Child Is Kenton Boy; Scott Hutchison

Tuesday, March 21, 1967
Supreme Court Upholds Police In Protection of Tipsters; Keep Names Secret

Marines Land Near DMZ While Reds Blast U.S. Base
Do Americans Need 100 MPH Autos?
The Skinny Look Is In; Twiggy Hits New York
High: 53 Low: 43
Lexington Herald
Tax Suit Planned To Expedite Merger of City, Court Schools
Two UK Students Face Trial on Narcotics
Lexington Ban Robbers Get 20 Years; Leestown Holdup
Mental Patient Shoots Stranger At Greyhound Bus Station

Wednesday, March 22, 1967
Outnumbered GIs Repulse Attack

150 Congressmen Spent $489,000 for “66 Junkets
Romney Tops Nixon Against LBJ
State To War On Mosquitoes
Lexington Herald
Hanoi Rejects Peace Offer In Letter From President

Lexington Solider Cited For Heroism in Vietnam
State Police Told To Protect Lives In Milk Demonstrations
Forrest, Calumet Set For Keeneland

Thursday, March 23, 1967
Court Tells Alabama: Desegregate; Deadline Is This Autumn

Gentle Dancing Cassius Puts Father of 8 Away
Horsemen Big Contributors To Trapp’s Campaign For Governor
Soviets Launch 7th Satellite in A Month; Is Man Next?
High: 60 Low: 50
Lexington Herald
Lexington HeraldOfficials Agree War Could Go On Indefinitely
Value of Horse Farms Is Questioned; Stopping KY Development
Clay Keeps His Heavyweight Title With Knockout Over Folley In 7th
Big Wilt Leads 76er Victory

Friday, March 24, 1967
U.S. Preparing Proposal To Open All A-Plants To World Inspection

New N-Bombs Are Proposed For Vietnam
U.S. Citizens and Corporations Taxed Less Than Any Other Country
U.C.L.A. Arrives In Louisville For NCAA Finals
High: 64 Low: 42
Lexington Herald
Casualty Figures Growing; 3,247 Killed In Bloodiest Week Ever

Shilito Hearing Delayed Till April
Highway Safety Standards Face Opposition By States
Clay Ready To Fight Both Bonavena, Draft
Alcindor-Hayes Battle Opening Session of NCAA

Saturday, March 25, 1967
UCLA Meets Dayton Tonight; It Was Just About All Lew

Nunn Against Any Forced Open Housing
Support Rates For Tobacco Are Increased
A Big Plan To Beautify Roads; 35 Million Over 10 Years
High: 64 Low: 40
Lexington Herald
Spring Break College Students Battle Ft. Lauderdale Police
Nine Sunrise Services Set For Easter Sunday
Cosa Nostra’s Burial Ground Discovered In New Jersey
Surprisingly Dayton Faces UCLA In NCAA Championship; Freedom Hall

Sunday, March 26, 1967
Viet Cong Step Up Aggression

King, Spock Lead Anti-Vietnam March
UCLA, LEW Stand Tall As National Champions
1,500 Kiddies Seize Easter Egg Hill; The Battle of Chenoweth Park
High: 70 Low: 42
Lexington Herald
U.S. Takes Major Action In War On Air Pollution; Better Technology Needed

White Hall, Patterson House Other Historic UK Buildings Being Razed
Cougar Down UNC For Third
Damascus Wins Easily To Boost Derby Stock

Monday, March 27, 1967
U.S. Pilots Bag MIG But Reds Down 7 Copters

Easter Sunday A Day of Contrasts
States Disagree On River Standards; Kentucky Stricter
Police Arrest 16 As 400 Gather To Toss Bottles In River; NCAA Final Celebration
High: 78 Low: 52
Lexington Herald
Klan’s Once Vigorous Empire In Mississippi Is Crumbling

Supertanker Breakup; Oil Threatens Beaches
3,000 Buddhists March In Saigon In Political Protest
17 Arrested On Georgetown Street

Tuesday, March 28, 1967
Viet Constitution To Go Into Effect A Month Early

2 Sea Sagas: Oil Swamps Britain, “Tide of Century” In France
County Democrats Avoid Specific Housing Stand
High: 75 Low: 59
Lexington Herald
Ruptured Ship Releases More Oil Cargo; Losing Battle To Save Beaches

Moon’s Gravitation Pulls Sea Back 6 Miles; 1,000’s Gather To Witness
Lt. Governor Waterfield Enters Governor Race

Wednesday, March 29, 1967

Thant Asks Viet Cease-Fire, Geneva Talks
Mayor Scheimd Housing Proposal Heard; Crowd Unruly; Dr. King Arrives, Delays Decision On Louisville Role
More Negro Job Opportunities Urged
High: 65 Low: 53
Lexington Herald
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Ward Proposes 4-Lane-Lexington-Paris Road

Small Mongrel Dog Is Drenched With Gas and Set Afire
Paris Sheriff Killed In Car Wreck
Asbury College Installs Dr. Wilson As President

Thursday, March 30, 1967
LBJ Curbs CIA’s Secret Grants

Boss of “Fed” Renominated Despite Protest
Opening Housing Group Marches On Opponents Home; Cassius Speaks
Breathitt Urged To Call Session In Milk Crisis
High: 69 Low: 49
Lexington Herald
National Farmers Organization Charged With Using Coercion In Attempt To Control Milk Prices

Milk Truck Driver Hit By Bullet
Time For Utter Confusion; Kentucky Allowed To Be On Three Different Time Zones
Riley, Dampier Share Major Awards At UK Basketball Ceremony

Friday, March 31, 1967
King Leads March On Housing Foes After Arrest of 18

King’s SCLC To Take Aim On The North
U.S. Combat Deaths Last Week Totaled 274, War’s Highest
Tobacco Union Leaders Defied; Strike Continues
Like A Lamb High: 80 Low: 48
Lexington Herald
18 Persons Killed As Giant Jet Crashes Into New Orleans Motel
Bust of Henry Clay Is Unveiled For Pan American Union
UK Faculty Honors Outstanding Teacher; A.D. Kirwan
Reflected Glory Horse To Beat In Florida Derby

Saturday, April 1, 1967
Grand Jury Says No Evidence Supports Glass’ Vice Charges

4 Car Makers’ Suits Fight Safety Standards
Louisville Is Awarded Pro Basketball Team
Milk Holding Apparently Ends In State
High: 79 Low: 59
Lexington Leader
Major Automakers Challenge New Federal Safety Standards
Water Firm Ask For Higher Rates Here
Candidate Chandler Promises N. KY Help In 4 Year College
Ruken, 5 Whitney Horses Arrive By Air At Keeneland

Sunday, April 2, 1967
Thant Ask U.S. To Act First and Declare Viet Cease-Fire

King; Civil Disobedience May Be Necessary If War Escalates
Tobacco Workers Agree To End Strike
Senator Percy’s daughter Is Now A Rockefeller; Two Of the Wealthiest Congress Families Wed
Lexington Leader
Thant Urges U.S. To Take First “Big Step” By Calling Unilateral Cease Fire In War

Young Urges America To Believe In The Negro
In Reality Wins FL Derby Going Away;  Favorite Reflected Glory Seventh

Monday, April 3, 1967

Curb Comcast, FCC Urged By Ford Foundation
10 Mile Fence Built To Bar Viet Cong
6 Candidates For Governor Roam The State
10 Motorist Charged With Drunk Driving
High: 82 Low: 58
Lexington Leader
Educators, Doctors, Engineer, Businessman Among Crash Victims
Computer Use Quite Helpful For Thoroughbred Owners

Tuesday, April 4, 1967

Two Escape From Reformatory At Lagrange
Northern Kentucky College Study Denied
High: 71 Low: 43
Lexington Leader
Investigation Gets Underway In Air Crash Which Took Lives of Nine – 4 From UK

Dr. Schweet – Dr. Cohn – Dr. Navaro – Mr. Watkins

Wednesday, April 5, 1967
LBJ: Congress Hampering Modernization of Military

6 Cent Letter Is Next Step For Post Office
King Bitterly Assails U.S. in Vietnam
High: 75 Low: 53
Lexington Leader
LBJ Asks Postal & Pay Hikes

New UK Facility Post Salary Hikes Okayed
Cornell University Residence Hall Fire Kills Nine
Mayor Fugazzi Seeks Support For Civic Center

Thursday, April 6, 1967
LBJ Asks 4.5% Federal Pay Boost, Including GIs; Offers Postal Plan

Jewish War Veterans Attack King’s Speech
Scientist Ask Research On Anti-Cancer Drug
Charm Wins In Bid To Save Historic Inn; Washington, KY
High: 84 Low: 58
Lexington Leader
Berlin Police Thwart Bomb Plot Against Hubert Humphrey’s Life

11 Extremist Arrested By German Authorities
Johnson Ask Congress To Hike Postal Rates, Servicemen’s Pay
Lexingtonian Jailed For Trying To Wed Girl, 14

Friday, April 7, 1967
Federal Reserve Reduces Interest Rates; Could Ease Home Loans

U.S. To Set Up Viet Hospitals For War Victims
NASA Picks 8 Landing Sites on the Moon
Gov. Breathitt Still “Prisoner” of Lt. Gov. Waterfield
 Aprilization; High: 83 Low: 66
Lexington Leader
Kidnapped Boy Returned After $250,000 Paid; Son of CA Financier

Candidate Nunn Praises Education Aid
UK History Professor Dies of Heart Attack; Award Winner Dr. Stanley Zyzniewski
Aqueduct Plans Saturday Racing; Horse Don’t

Saturday, April 8, 1967
|Syria, Israel Fight In Air, On Land

Gay Brewer Tied For Second At Masters
Saigon Ask Truce For A Day; Buddha Birthday
Nichols or Brewer Can Win It – With Help
High: 64 Low: 45

Lexington Leader
Israeli, Syrian Forces Fight Daylong Battle With Planes, Tanks, Artillery

Vigorous Anti-Vietnam Protest Mark VP Humphry’s Visit To Paris
More Than 14,500 Fans Expected To See Phoenix Handicap As Keeneland Opens

Sunday, April 9, 1967

U.S. Unfreezes 1 Billion In Road Funds
Council of Governments Will Move To Lexington From Chicago
Spring Races Open At Keeneland; 16,156 At Opening Day
Nichols, Boros, Yancey Tied For Lead At Masters
High: 67 Low: 39
Lexington Leader
Trucking Industry Calls Shutdown To Retaliate For Teamsters Strike

Engineering Building Is Dedicated At UK; Gov. Breathitt Speaks
Lexington To Be Home of Government Council
VA Doctors Report On LSD Treatment

Monday, April 10, 1967
Apollo Tragedy Blamed on Sloppy Wiring, Design

Brewer Edges Nichols For Master’s Crown
Mercury Hits Louisville Record 84.5; Old Record 83.6-1919
High: 84.5 Low: 52
Lexington Leader
Board Criticizes Workmanship, Management In Apollo Project

VA Doctors Report On LSD Treatment
Engineering Building Is Dedicated At UK; Gov. Breathitt Speaks
Lexington To Be Home of Government Council, 1967

Tuesday, April 11, 1967
Louisville Plants Could Feel Impact of Truck Driver Strike Today

LBJ Throws First Pitch To Start Baseball Season For Senators; Stays 5 innings
Moon Goal Possible Despite Tragedy; Panel Says
High: 73 Low: 60
Lexington Leader
Johnson Departs For Hemispheric Summit Meeting

Successor Arrives Here, Begins His Derby Prep
Philharmonic Ball Held Friday Night At Phoenix

Wednesday, April 12, 1967

Open Housing Law Rejected; Alderman Blames “Disorders”
Marchers and Hecklers Demonstrate Downtown
U.S. Senator Morton-KY Plans Hearings On Iron Curtain Trade
High: 58 Low: 40
Lexington Leader
Lack of Facilities, $$ Hurts Juvenile Effort

Par 3 For Wilson Downing
Grand Central Romps At Keeneland
Darby Dan Wins In 1st Two Tries

Thursday, April 13, 1967
Rights Leaders Ask Pledge of Housing Law In Return For Leaving; City Says No

U.S. Halts Arms Flow To India and Pakistan; Worried Over Buildup
Sex Education Urged As part of Schooling
Showery; High: 69 Low: 38
Lexington Leader
Air Pollution Is Seen As Coal Threat
Freight Train derails At Lexington Army Depot
Future Farmers In Owen Plant 2,000 Small Trees
Spendthrift Stakes To Give First Derby Test Of Year

Friday, April 14, 1967
Human Rights Bill Charges City Ignored It On Open Housing; 2 Hurt 5 Arrested As Marchers Pelted With Rocks and Bottles

Youthful Hecklers Jeer At Open Housing Advocates With Confederate Flag
High: 78 Low: 54
Lexington Leader
More Officers Asked For Fayette County

Mammoth Anti-war Rallies Are Planned This Week
Hospitals May Use Liquid Beds For Their Patients In The Future
Snoopstep Romps By 6 In Idle Hour Purse

Saturday, April 15, 1967
Housing Marchers Ignore Injunction; 38 Arrested In New Demonstration

Shun Demonstrations Urge Mayor Schmied Urges City
Poverty War Here Termed Ineffective
U.S. Air Force Bombs Kill 20 S. Vietnamese
High: 79 Low: 65
Lexington Leader
American Jets Accidently Kill 41 Vietnamese Troops
New Circle Interchange Loop Planned By State
Massive Anti-war Demonstration Is Reported Building Strength
Spendthrift Purse, Ashland Stakes May Bring Top Keeneland Crowd

Sunday, April 16, 1967
Anti-war Demonstrators Burn Draft Cards

125,000 Hear Dr. King Demand Bombing Halt
125,000 March For Peace In NYC
Jury Finds Speck Guilty In Slaying
High: 81 Low: 61
Lexington Leader
Thousands Take Part In Anti-war Protest
Richard Speck Found Guilty
Dun-Cee Pulls Big Ashland Upset For Record Payoff
Dr. Fager Winner Over Damascus

Monday, April 17, 1967
Nixon: Hopes For Viet Peace Grow Slimmer

Tonight Is The Deadline For Filing Income Tax
King Says Riots Possible In 10 Cities
Mammoth Cave’s Management Under Fire
High: 84 Low: 56
Lexington Leader
Bombing Error By U.S. Jet Kills In Friendly Village

Stalin Daughter Says Soviet Not Worth Praise
McKnight Will Decide On Dr. Fagers Future, Derby Or Not
Large Field A Possibility For Closing Day Feature

Tuesday, April 18, 1967
Housing Forces Move Into Court Back On Streets; 3 Hurt, 20 Arrested

Dixie Integration Delay Refused By High Court
Clay Loses 2 Bids To Delay Army Induction
Breezing Along, High: 80 Low: 70
Lexington Leader
Americans Kill 39 Reds In Series of Clashes

Surveyor En Route To Moon
Prim Lady Tops The Field In Keeneland’s Briar Hill
Court Refuses Injunction To Halt Induction of Clay

Wednesday, April 19, 1967
6 Rights Leaders Arrested In Brief South End March; Tear Gas Routs Hecklers

State Orders Another Look At Strip Mines
Railroads Losing More Mail Loads
Oil Heiress Really Clicks In Louisville; Heir To Shell Oil Fortune Photographs Derby
Thawing Out, High: 58 Low: 48
Lexington Leader
Vietnam Challenges Hanoi To Join In Talks
U.S. Will De-Escalate If North Does- Rusk
Cabildo Gets 122 Pounds In Ben Ali Handicap
NCAA Is Frustrated In Betting Scandal

Thursday, April 20, 1967
113 Arrested, Tear Gas Used Again; Judge Rules For City On March Ban

Mayor Cook To Meet With Right Agency
U.S. Proposes 10-Mile Pull Back From DMZ
Surveyor 3 Soft Lands On Moon, Send Photos
High: 62 Low: 38
Lexington Leader
Shovel-Packing Surveyor 3 Craft Lands Softly On Moon’s Surface

124 Killed When Swiss Chartered Airliner Crashes
Caribbean Line Captures Keeneland’s Dinner Purse
Barb’s Delight May Earn Berth In Derby Friday

Friday, April 21, 1967
U.S. Jets Bomb Port City, Haiphong, For 1st Time In Major War Setup

Police Pelted, Car Tipped; 89 Arrested New March
Officials, Rights Group Agree On Housing Issue
Showery High: 76 Low: 42
Lexington Leader
U.S. Navy Jets Destroy 2 Commie Power Plants

Clay Issues Word He Will Not Enter Army
Reason To Hail Hails As California Choice For Derby
Blue-White Game Rated Toss-Up

Saturday, April 22, 1967
Illinois Tornado Kills 57; Chicago Suburb Devasted

Miss Stalin Arrives Cheerfully In U.S.; Could Not Return To Russia
Congressmen View Apollo 1; Investigating Fire That Killed Crew
Rain, Quick Arrest Halt Housing March
High: 72 Low: 60
Lexington Leader
Shelby Man Killed In Vietnam; Benjamin Barrick

7 Convicted In Louisville March
Non-Derby Eligible “Racing Room” Captures Forerunner Pirse With Wire-To-Wire Win
Moccasin Second Choice In Ben Ali Cap

Sunday, April 23, 1967
56 Arrested, Ending Days Second March; Louisville

Russia Puts Manned Craft Into Orbit
Digging Surveyor Finds Moon Safe For Landing
Hanoi Claims 44 Killed In U.S. Bombing of Haiphong
High: 70 Low: 49
Lexington Leader
Soviets Blast Manned Spacecraft Into Orbit; Re-Enter Race For Moon

Chandler Opens Campaign With Speech, Predictions
Increased Interest In Historic Preservation
Damascus Easy Wood Winner; Francis U. Takes Ben Ali

Monday, April 24, 1967
Johnson Arrives For Talks In Bonn

Russians Orbit Earth, Second Launch Today?
Russia To Get Most of Space Glory This Year
Dr. King Seeks Political Force To End War
Lexington Leader
New Soviet Space Shot May Be Step In Building Moon Launch Platforms; Second Manned Launching Is Imminent

Air Force Jets Down Two Communist MIGs
Wood Victory Makes Damascus Top Derby Choice

Tuesday, April 25, 1967

Cosmonaut’s Death In Capsule Crash May Delay Russian Moon Program
U.S. Planes Bomb 2 Jet Bases In North As War Widens
Westmoreland Says Protests Prolong War
High: 55 Low: 40
Lexington Leader
Westmoreland Directs Criticism At “Unpatriotic Acts” of Protestors

U.S. Piolets Hit MIGs Air Base
Beaumont Subdivision Plans Filed
Snoopstep Favored Fill To Win Today’s $10,000 Bewitch Stakes

Wednesday, April 26, 1967
Senators Charge LBJ Prepares Expanded War

U.S To Widen Viet Bombing Officials Say
Housing Forces Agree To Day-To-Day Truce
Near Freezing; High: 55 Low: 35
Lexington Leader
Four Planes Lost As Jets Bomb Haiphong

Daylight Time Options Are Varied, Polls Show, Some Like It, Some Don’t
LSD Expert Named As Local Witness; Former UK Employee Trail
Jet To Market Makes It Five Straight, Winning Bewitch Stakes Over Blue Carbon

Thursday, April 27, 1967
Increased MIG Action Triggered Decision To Bomb N. Viet Bases

Nunn Hands Out Platform; Cook Opens Campaign HQs
Lafayette Stakes Won By T.V. Commercial
Blue Grass Draws Field of Ten; Headed By Wheatley’s Successor
Lexington Leader
War Criticism of LBJ Escalates

Reverend Horrigan Sees Ray of Hope on Housing
Super College Football Game Is Planned In Europe; Bear Bryant To Coach
Chill Remains High: 59 Low: 45

Friday, April 28, 1967

Ethics Panel Ask Censor of Sen. Dodd of Misuse of Political Contributions
Senate Votes Appalachian Extension Bill
Westmoreland Speech “Overkill,” Says KY Senator Morton
High: 61 Low: 40
Lexington Leader
Diplomat Way Pulls Upset, Wins Bluegrass

Trainer John Meaux Jockey Sellers Receive Gold Julip Cup From Governor Breathitt
Sixth Spring Trot Season Set To Open Tonight
Clay, Draft Notice Meet Head-On Today; Cassius Talks To Judge

Saturday, April 29, 1967
Gen. Westmoreland Tells Congress of “Unrelenting” Pressure on Foe

Louisville Transit Co. Seeks Fare Increases
Clay Refuses Induction; To Lose Boxing Crown
High: 64 Low: 39
Lexington Leader
Clay Refuses Induction Into Army, Loses Title; Faces Fine Possible Prison Term

Kentuckians Set For Soil Service Sunday; Statewide Soil Stewardship Service
Confusion To Begin Sunday; State To Observe 4 “Times”
Crowd of 3,000-Plus Attends Opening Night of Trotting; Big Red Mile

Sunday, April 30, 1967
President Gives Go-Ahead Order For SST Jets; $1.1 Billion

Pilot Plans Nonstop Solo Around The World
Derby Dropouts have Fans In A Quandary
Opening Day At Churchill; 22,000 In Attendance
High: 71 Low: 41
Lexington Leader
U.S. Continues Heavy Bombing of Hanoi Area

Prototype Construction of SST Okayed By LBJ; First Supersonic Jet Airliner
Record Mutual Handle Established At Trots
Ruken Steps Into Spotlight With Stepping Stone Win; Churchill 



Monday, May 1, 1967
U.S. Hits Red Missiles Near Border

Medicare Is Available To All, Hospitals Aren’t
Surveyor Nudges A possible Moon Rock
Rain Odds 4-1 High: 67 Low: 56
Lexington Herald
SAM Missiles Moved Near DMZ To Back Up Red Invasion Force

Thrifty Imp Wins Feature At High Hope Steeple Chase
Reason To Hail’s Arrival Completes Field Awaiting Saturday’s 93rd Kentucky Derby

Tuesday, May 2, 1967
Congress Again Blocks Strike By Rail Union

Pegasus Parade Off; Protective Action Sited
Drivers New Limits; 12 points 2 Years
Pulitzer Prize Awarded To Courier-Journal
Lexington Herald
Congress Acts Quickly To Ban Railroad Strike

U.S Pilots Shoot Down 11 MIG Jets
School Leader Critical Of Head Start Program
Derby Parade Cancelled Because of Open Hosing Demonstrators
Damascus Closes Book At 7-5 Pick

Wednesday, May 3, 1967
Westmoreland Reportedly Pressing For Viet Buildup To 600,000 Troops

Senate Votes For Third Time To Repeal Campaign Finance Law Backed By LBJ
Five Negro Youths Jump Rail In 1st Race At Churchill; Open Housing Advocates Deny Knowledge
Lexington Herald
State Request $72.8 Million For Waterways

Cooper Drive Site Eyed For UK Football Stadium
Additional Guardsmen, Police promised For Derby Protection
The Shoe Is Aiming For Another Derby Win

Thursday, May 4, 1967
LBJ: No “Imminent” Troop Boost; Evaluates Vietnam Strength

Subsidies May Cut A Penny From School Milk Cost
13 to 15 Entries Expected Today For 93rd Derby
High: 62 Low: 36
Lexington Herald
Militarymen Challenge McNamara’s Opposition To Antimissile Defense

Seven In Bluegrass Win Merit Scholarships
Kentucky’s Riley, Dampier Chosen In NBA Draft

Friday, May 5, 1967
Senate Panel Would Let LBJ Draft Youngest

14 Are Derby Elite; Draw Give Favorites Prime Post Positions
Gov. Breathitt Expects Peace At the Derby
High: 72 Low: 46
Lexington Herald
Armed Services Committee Urges Drafting of 19-Year-Olds First

Spindletop Deeply In Debt, LRC Told In Secret Meeting
“Save the Bald Eagle” Interior Department Says
Mantle Needs One Home Run To Join 500 Club

Saturday, May 6, 1967
Lexington Herald
Tough Battle Marines Finally Secure Hilltops

IR Agents Hit Lexington Gambling Ring On Derby’s Eve
Nancy Jr. Wins Oaks
East Vs. West Today As Damascus, Ruken Vie In Derby

Sunday, May 7, 1967
Lexington Herald
Congleton Lumber Co. Is Badly Damaged By Fire

Proud Clarion Wins Kentucky Derby
Local Colt Pays $62.20
Sets Third Fastest Time

Monday, May 8, 1967
Copter Crashes Kills 12 GIs

Civilian Causalities in Vietnam 100,000 Per Year
Louisville Likely To Get Clear View of Eclipse
High: 62 Low: 49
Lexington Herald
B52 Bombers Pound Enemy Target 5 Times

Devastation of Green Beret Camp Is Termed “Inside Job”
Firemen Keep Vigil On Congleton; Fight Congress Inn Blaze
Proud Clairon’s Spurs Question; Doubtful Starter; 2nd Stringer

Tuesday, May 9, 1967
Foe Claims 66,000 GIs Killed in ‘66

Queens Mary, Elizabeth To End Atlantic Reign; Liners Losing Money
Supreme Court Upsets 3 Obscenity Rulings; Paducah Case Involved
High: 65 Low: 50
Lexington Herald
Seven “Heads” Drinkers Die of Alcohol Poisoning; 15 Others Are Hospitilized;

City Police Fear More Deaths; Heads-Mixture of Shellac Thinner and Water
UK Awards 2,398 Degrees
Jury Indicts Clay On Draft Count

Wednesday, May 10, 1967
1st Apollo Orbit Set Next Year, Moon in 1969

U.S. Developing X-Rays To Kill Enemy Missiles
Rupp Jr. To Coach At Shelby
High: 66 Low: 46
Lexington Herald
Fierce Fighting Flares Again In South Vietnam

State Viet War Dead Total 160
3-Man Apollo Flight Set Next Year; Moon Landing Slated By End of ‘69

Thursday, May 11, 1967
Lexington Herald
Two Red Power Plants, MIG Airfield Near Haiphong Bombed By U.S. Jets

Heads Drink – Tablespoon Can Cause Blindness
Women Put on Probation For Grog Sale
Breathitt Calls For Rebirth of Strong State Government

Friday, May 12, 1967
Lexington Herald
Senate Approves Extension of Military Draft For Four Years

100 Tons of Rock Break Away At Niagara Falls
Fayette Auxiliary Police Force Resigns, Blames Police Chief
Marchmont Farm Is Purchased By Horseman A.B. Hancock, Jr.

Saturday, May 13, 1967
Lexington Herald
War Could Cost $5 Billion More Than Budgeted

Federal Deficit Is Likely To Hit $18 Billion In ‘68
Vietnam Peace Possible, Sen. Morton Tells Crowd
Jack Ruby’s Phone Number Found In Code In Oswald’s Book

Sunday, May 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
Thousands Parade To Show Support Of American Fighting Men In Vietnam

Chandler Vows Modern Penal Code, Vet School
Seven MIGs Are Shot Down
Kentucky Baseball Not Up To Par With Others

Monday, May 15, 1967
Lexington Herald
Ground And Air War Grow Hotter In Vietnam; 3 MIGs Are Downed

Revolt In Ranks of Organized Crime Predicted By Commission
Evangelist Opens Crusade For Christ In Memorial; Over 8,000 Attend
Mantle’s 500th Homer Came In Perfect Way

Tuesday, May 16, 1967
Lexington Herald
Cooper (R-KY) Calls For “Limited Bombing” In War

A.J. Foyt Couldn’t Ask For A Better Spot
Senate Begins Probe of Pharmaceutical Companies

Wednesday, May 17, 1967
Lexington Herald
Marines Battle In Banana Groves

Long, Bloody Summer War Is Expected
10,000 Unreliables Removed From Jobs Involving A-Weapons
Monkey Law Repealed By TN

Thursday, May 18, 1967
Lexington Herald
Haphazard Management and Large Defense Contractor Cited In High War Construction Cost

Bridge Collapse As Two Are Victims Are Recovered From KY River; Manchester
Castleton Farm Bred Mata Gay Takes Easy Win At Trots

Friday, May 19, 1967
Lexington Herald
American Infantry Platoon Is Cut Off

Johnson Sees Improvement In Nation’s Vietnam War Attitude
U.N. Part In Peace Move Debated
Whiteley Surprises Everyone Names Celtic Air To Preakness
Cassius’s Trail Reset

Saturday, May 20, 1967
Lexington Herald
Bus Firm Ask Authority To Increase Fares

Most Favor Making Flag Burning A Crime
Allies Make First Thrust Into Demilitarized Zone
Fast Track Expected As Nine Challenge Proud Clarion In Preakness

 Sunday, May 21, 1967
Lexington Herald
Hoping To Find Solution To Crisis In Middle East

U.S. Jets Shoot Down Five MIGs In Blazing Air Battle In North
Sen. Cooper Blasts Nunn’s Campaign
Favorite Damascus Takes Preakness By 2 ¼ Lengths

Monday, May 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

2 Killed, 4 Missing In KY River Boat Accident;
Dr. Hershell Murray, UK Trustee, Is Dead
Jewel Winners Headed For Belmont Showdown
16 Americans Killed In Viet Cong Ambush

Tuesday, May 23, 1967
Lexington Herald
Gulf of Aqaba Is Closed To Israel; Crisis In Mideast Worsens

U.S. Planes Ignore Cease-Fire By Reds, Bomb N. Viet Targets
Two-County Cahes Ends In Wreck, Filing of 7 Counts Against Driver; Breathitt County Youth
Final 3 Weeks of Spring Trots Starts Tonight
26 Schools To Be Represented In 67’ Mountain Laurel Festival

Wednesday, May 24, 1967
Lexington Herald
Ward Wins Over Chandler; Cook, Nunn Close

Chandler Winner In Fayette County
Cook Defeats Nunn In Fayette Vote
AFL Delays Approval of Cincinnati

Thursday, May 25, 1967
Lexington Herald

Mideast Threat Worsens Despite International Pressure For Peace
Nunn Wins By Narrow Margin; Will Face Ward In November
3 Kentuckians Die In Vietnam
Vietnam War Hero Defects To Cuba “For Reasons of Conscience”

Friday, May 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Ex-Governor Sampson Dies In Louisville Hospital; 92
Hazard High To Graduate Record Class; 112
Record Number of GIs Were Killed Last Week; 10,253 Americans Killed To Date
Ohio River Dropping Almost Five Feet Per Day; Indiana Dams Broken

Saturday, May 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

P. Lorillard Says Tobacco Leaf Plants Are Threated By Asphalt Plant; $14 Million Worth
Turnpike Agency Approves Two Proposed Toll Roads In Kentucky
Cincinnati, Parts of N.KY Are Blacked Out
River Traffic Stops On Ohio

Sunday, May 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

Blonde Centre Junior Is laurel Festival Queen; Miss Mary Dedman
Government Probe Into Wall Street Activities Stepped Up
U.S. In Davis Deadlock; Ashe Wins
$662.20 Payoff On Daily Double; Red Mile

Monday, May 29, 1967
Lexington Herald

Nasser Asks U.S. To Remain Neutral In Mideast Crisis
Senator Wants To Limit Presidential Campaigns
Prosperity Comes To Man With Foresight, Computer
Negroes Construct Own Textile Plant; GA

Tuesday, May 30, 1967
Lexington Herald
City Okays Head Start Program; Board To Have Final Say

Gunfire Flares Along Gaza Strip
Buckpasser Seeks 15th In A Row In Metro Mile
Will It be Thunder of Cars or Clouds? Indy 500

Wednesday, May 31, 1967
Lexington Herald
Used-Car Salesman Is Gunned To Death On Roosevelt Boulevard

Nation Honors Its war Dead
Court’s Decision Give Police Broader Powers
$1,500 Feature To Black Mission At Spring Trots
Buckpasser Takes Easy Win In Metropolitan Handicap 

Thursday, June 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
Three New Red Divisions Committed To Fight In War; Intelligence Officers Believe

Arabs Continue Military Buildup Against Israel
Elaborate Downtown Civic Center Proposal Is Unveiled

Friday, June 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

Israel, Jordan Report Clashes; Arabs Shoot Israeli Copter
Kentucky Marks Birthday In Danville Celebration
State Tennis Tourneys For Boys, Girls Today
Kentuckian, 18, Gets Life In Slaying of Officer

Saturday, June 3, 1967
Lexington Herald

FCC Rules Antismoking Campaigns Must Get Free Time On Radio-TV
Student Killed, Three Men Hurt In I-75 Auto Crash
Rubber Match Looming In 99th Running of Belmont; Derby vs Preakness
Weird Payoff, Big DD Give Trots Excitement; $40 Place, $39 Show

Sunday, June 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

Tobacco Blast FCC Ruling Aiding Antismoking Campaigns
Marines Kill 372 Communists
Senator Sponsors Anti-DDT Measure
Damascus Proves Strength In Winning Belmont; Proud Clarion Runs Out of Gas

Monday, June 5, 1967
Lexington Herald

Marines Claim Lopsided Victory Over Reds; 570 Communists Die
Two Plane Crashes Within 12 Hours Kill 160 Britons
Third Killing In Six Days Occurs In Fayette County
Neo-Nazis Gain Again In W. German Elections

Tuesday, June 6, 1967
Lexington Herald

War Machinery Rumbles In Middle East; Israel Claims 374 Arab Planes Destroyed; U.S. Declares Its Neutrality, But….
County School Board To Go With Head Start
Bert Combs Taakes On New Role As Judge In U.S. Appeals Court

Wednesday, June 7, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.N. Approves Cease-Fire Resolution; Israeli Armor Slashes Toward Suez Canal
Main Egyptian Base Believed Jews’ Aim
U.S. Evacuating 12,000 Americans From Mideast
Step Right Does Just That To Win $700 Feature Trot
4 Stopped In Escape Try At LaGrange Reformatory

Thursday, June 8, 1967
Lexington Herald

Israel Boasts of 3-Day Victory Over Egypt; U.S. Steps Up Peace Efforts In Middle East
Compromise Draft Bill Agreed Upon
Fantasia First; Edges Mata Gay At Spring Trots
Dampier Signs ABA Contract

Friday, June 9, 1967
Lexington Herald

Israeli Forces Mistakenly Attack U.S. Ship; 10 Killed, 100 Wounded; Arabs Accept Truce
Adequate Water Supply Sought By Lexington
Brewer, Beard, Nichols To Play Exhibition Here
Clay Loses Another Round As Judge Rejects Motion
Boone Marker Dedication Set

Saturday, June 10, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S. Death Toll Climbs To 33 Aboard Torpedoed Ship Attacked By Israel
Record Peacetime Defense Budget Approved In House
Ashland Jolts Ft. Knox To Retain Baseball Crown
Hard Luck Indians Finally Wi; Beat Government In Legal War

Sunday, June 11, 1967
Lexington Herald

Fighting On Last Middle East Front Ends When Israel, Syria Agree To Cease-Fire
Actor Spencer Tracy Dies
Merge UK With UL, New York Firm Says
U.S. Planes Bomb Hanoi Power Plant
93 Negroes Now Attend Alabama U.

Monday, June 12, 1967
Lexington Herald

Syria Claims Israel Is Still Waging War
Navy Jets Bomb Red MIG Air Base
Bluegrass Golf Title To Miss Wright Again

Tuesday, June 13, 1967
Lexington Herald

Anti-Cigarette Smoking Battle Unjustified, Burley Men Told
Mayor Fugazzi Gives Nod To Local Builders
Hogan, 54, A Threat In U.S. Open
Buckpasser Assigned Top Weight At Aqueduct

Wednesday, June 14, 1967
Lexington Herald

Reservoir No. 4 On Richmond Road Offered As Site For $300,000 Park; 340 Acres Available; Metropolitan Park
Cincinnati Calls Out Guar As Riots Spread Across City
KU Announces $52 Million Addition at Lake Herrington
Venus probe Ready For Launch Today

Thursday, June 15, 1967
Lexington Herald

Senate Approves 4-Year Extension of Draft Law
Medicare Program Nears Its First Anniversary
Gov. Breathitt Predicts $1 Billion Industry Investment in KY
Kentucky’s Flag Flies In Vietnam
Blue Grass Parkway’s Toll Up In May

Friday, June 16, 1967
Lexington Herald

House Rejects Compulsory Settlement of Rail Dispute
Fleckman’s 67 Leads U.S. Open
High Temperatures Keeping Bass Deep
Phipps Buckpasser Choice For Top 4-Year-Old

Saturday, June 17, 1967
Lexington Herald

Viet Cong Threatens To Execute Yanks
Arnie Takes Lead By One Over “Big Jack” In Open
Buckpasser To Try Grass, Highlights Racing Action
Foster Grandparent Plan Set To Aid The Retarded

Sunday, June 18, 1967
Lexington Herald

Red China Explodes First H-Bomb; Still Lack Long-Term Capability
U.S. Medics Tend To Dying Americans After Ambush
SEC Regulations of Mutual Funds
Amateur Flackman Leads Pros Into Final Round of Open
Poker Stuns Buckpasser, Takes Bowling Green Cap
Clay’s Biggest Battle: Tomorrow Is His Day In Court

Monday, June 19, 1967
Lexington Herald

Japanese Experts Expect Red China To Add H-Bombs To Its Arsenal
U.S. Pilots Busy As Raids Over North Hit 1967 High
Beltone Introduces Tiny Hearing Aid
Hollywood Raises Over 10 Million To Aid Israelis
Nicklaus Wins Open With String of Birdies

Tuesday, June 20, 1967
Lexington Herald
Johnson Outlines Five-Point Plan For Peace Settlement In Mideast

Two New Schools Planned In County
Oil Gives Arabs Bargaining Power
Merry Clay Sings At Trial Prelim

Wednesday, June 21, 1967
Lexington Herald

Cassius Clay Found Guilty of Refusing To Enter Army; Sentenced To Five Years In Prison
Rick Barry Jumps NBA To ABA
Cordero Mounts 5 Winners In Rainy Day At Aqueduct
Blackberry Festival Set For June 30 At Carlisle

Thursday, June 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

Twenty Standardbred Yearlings Destroyed In Walnut Hill Blaze; Cream of Crop Perishes
Viet War Blocking Middle East Peace
National Debt Bill Is Finally Passed By House; Treasury May Borrow 22Million More
3-Year-Old King Could Be Decided in 98th Travers
Clay Formally Appeals His Prison Sentence

Friday, June 23, 1967
Lexington Herald
Federal Experts Probe Lexington Air Crash; NTSB at Phoenix Hotel
France Says U.S. Could Bring Peace To Middle East By Ending Vietnam War
Hippies At The White House
’67 Juvenile Crime Rate Up
Moon Surface Has Awesome Grandeur

Saturday, June 24, 1967
Lexington Herald
21 Marines Killed When Copters Hit

Senate Censures Dodd
Legislation Dim For Civil Rights
Dr. Fager, Furl Sail Head Today’s Racing
Wide Open Race In-Oh! Susannah At Miles Park; Louisville KY

Sunday, June 25, 1967
Lexington Herald
76 Americans Killed When Trapped By Commie Force

The Warren Commission and Its Critics’
Lexington Inventor Is Angry, He Has Inventions But No Patents; TV Antenna
Ann Combs Wins Women’s State Am Title
Dr. Fager Romps To Vitory; Arlington Classic

Monday, June 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Congress May Curb Arms Aid
The Single Bullet Theory – Fact or Fiction
Lumberjack Days Are Numbered
Mental Health Group Formed In Scott County
Frank and Brooks Robinson Spur Birds by Nats 8-3

Tuesday, June 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

King Hussein Says Return of Arab Land Is Only Road To Peace
Reagan Eyeing GOP Presidential Bid
Red Mortar Crews Shell 3 U.S. Bases
Miles park Honors Fires For His Winning Record
Santana Out In First Round; Wimbledon

Wednesday, June 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

Grants Totaling $1 Million Given For Tobacco Study
$2.5 Million Budget Granted For County
Antiriot Legislation Advances In House
Buckpasser Syndicated By Phipps
Aaron’s Grand Slam Leads Braves’ Win

Thursday, June 29, 1967
Lexington Herald

Navy Court Rules Israelis Had Ample Time To Identify U.S. Ship Sunk
Old and New Jerusalem Will Become Single City
Violence Breaks Out In Buffalo Defiant Young Negroes
Shots Came From Grassy Knoll, Critics Say

Friday, June 30, 1967
Lexington Herald

Faulty Machine Gun May Have Started Attack On USS Liberty
Jayne Mansfield Killed In Louisiana Car Wreck
Local Jet Service By 1968 Forecast
Buckpassr Gets 133 Pound Load; Suburban Handicap
Two Americans Remain In Wimbledon

Saturday, July 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
Russia Says U.S. Warplanes Bomb Soviet Ship In Haiphong Harbor

Draft Bill Is Signed Into Law By Johnson
Coca-Cola Company To Build New Plant; Mercer Road
Science and Religion Move To Same Corner
FTC Calls For Stronger Wording In All Cigarette Advertising

Sunday, July 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

Delusions Mask The Realities of the Conflict In Vietnam
Mideast Truce Broken As Fighting Breaks Out Between Israel, Egypt
Americans Kill 75 Reds In Three Days of Fighting
State Is promoting Kentucky Ham With New Label

Monday, July 3, 1967
Lexington Herald

Road Deaths In Central Kentucky Boost July 4th Holiday Slaughter;
20th Scott County Fair Gets Underway
Naming Moon Craters Creates Big Headaches
Marines Clash With North Viet Unit Near DMZ Zone

Tuesday, July 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

Viet Cong Guns, Mortars Pound American Base
Traffic Deaths Near 500 On Highways Across U.S.
150 Youths Will Be Hired For Local Tax-Paid Jobs
John Newcombe Still Only Men’s Seed At Wimbledon

Wednesday, July 5, 1967
Lexington Herald
U.N. Rejects Resolutions Calling For Withdrawal of Israeli Forces

More U.S. Forces For Vietnam? McNamara To Decide After Trip
Buckpasser Rallies Wins Suburban ‘Cap
Exports of Burley May Set Record

Thursday, July 6, 1967
Lexington Herald

B52 Bombers Blast Communist Strong Hold Near Laotion Border
Truth In Packaging Act May Help Buyers
Strip Mining Hearing Is Delayed
Bungert, Newcombe In Wimbledon Final

Friday, July 7, 1967
Lexington Herald

Optimists To Honor 11 For Public Acts
Defending Champ King Gains Wimbledon Finals
Athletics Farmhand Hurls Perfect Game

Saturday, July 8, 1967
Lexington Herald

100,000 More Troops Needed For War
Young Marine Tells of Harrowing Experience With Enemy In Vietnam
“Invaders” Are Favorites In Junior Derby Divisions
Newcombe Slams Bungert For Wimbledon Crown

Sunday, July 9, 1967
Lexington Herald

The Mass Presence of U.S. Troops In Vietnam Unforeseen, Unplanned
Boy Drowns In Scott Farm Pond
Scientists In Submarines Study Bottom of Sea
Morehead School Uses Computers
King Champ At Wimbledon
Junior League Show To Feature Record Entries, Purses

Monday, July 10, 1967
Lexington Herald

McNamara Tours Viet Battle Zone
Medicare Passes First Birthday
Jr. League Show Results
Billie Jean Reigns Supreme After Wimbledon Triumphs

Tuesday, July 11, 1967
Lexington Herald

Vietnam Wounds Fatal To Lexington Solider
Fayette Juries Fail To reach Verdict In Weed Cases
Super Command Five Gated Victor; Jr. League
Record Number Is Entered In Kentucky Central Meet; Tennis

Wednesday, July 12, 1967
Lexington Herald

Air Service To Memphis and Nashville Closer
Truth-In-Lending Bill Is Approved By Congress
’67 Burley Yield Estimate Is Less
Businessmen Suggest Changes To Improve State Government
My My Wins Again At Junior League Horse Show

Thursday, July 13, 1967
Lexington Herald

White House Plans Cut In Domestic Spending
20,000 To 30,000 Troops Will Be Sent To Vietnam
Overloading Listed In Lexington Air Taxi Crash
Construction Of Runway Set For Danville Airport
Cassuis Clay Boxing License Denied 

Friday, July 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
6 Unions Threaten Walkout Against Nation’s Railroads

Spirit of 76 Stars In Horse Show
Boyle Marine Dies In Action In Vietnam
Lancaster Baptist Church Plans Its 125th Anniversary

Saturday, July 15, 1967
Lexington Herald

Communist Rocket Crews Rain Shells On Da Nang Base Killing 13 Americans
Surveyor 4 Given 50-50 Chance of Making Soft Lunar Landing
Inventor Says Tobacco Firms Wouldn’t Help Him With Filter
Pay-TV With No Advertising May Be offered To Viewers
Six Tracks Offering Rich Purses As Racing Has Its All-Star Day

Sunday, July 16, 1967
Lexington Herald

Harlan Landslide Destroys Homes, Blocks River, Threatening Flood
Graves Enters City Race; Will Join Wylie’s Team
Kentuckian, Last Man Alive in Unit, Shot In Head But Survives
My My, Moore Share Honors As Horse Show Concludes
Dr. Fager Sets Mark ith Rocingham Win; Damascus Is Dwyer Winner

Monday, July 17, 1967
Lexington Herald

Another Landslide in Harlan Feared As Cleanup of “Biggest” One Is Begun; 1 Million Cubic Yrads of Dirt Slides From Mountain Top Removal Mining, Several Homes Destroyed
Surveyor 4 Crashes on Moon
Native Diver Horse Racing’s 7th Millionaire
Damascus, Dr. Fager Will Meet In Travers
Bunning Pitches Four Hitter

Tuesday, July 18, 1967
Lexington Herald

Irishtown Spokesman Says Tots Mistreated
Congress Approves Bill Directing End To Nationwide Railroad Strike
Hornung Undergoes More Tests On Neck
Buckpasser Given 136 For Brooklyn

Wednesday, July 19, 1967
Lexington Herald

UK Professor Gets Photo of Rare Bat
Police Take New Stance For Catching Speeders; Time/Distance Conversion Chart and A Stopwatch
Automobile Club To Hire Traffic Improvement Aid; Traffic Engineer
Sewer Systems In 2 Areas of State Termed Nuisance

Thursday, July 20, 1967
Lexington Herald

Spacecraft Headed For Lunar Orbit
Richmond Policeman Charged With Murder
Prison Break Try Foiled; LaGrange
Survey Of Histroic Homes To Be Discusssed
Negro Teacher Gets Restraining Order; Mt. Sterling

Friday, July 21, 1967
Lexington Herald

Navy Jets Down 3 MIGs; Death Toll For Yanks Tops 12,000
LBJ Ask Allies For Men
Three Harlan Families Move In Threat Of Another Mountain Slide
Ocean Roll Wins Spy Song At RD

Saturday, July 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

UK Will Prepare Offer On Maine Chance Farm
$9.9 Billion U.S. Deficit Is Reported
UK Eyes 1968 Opening For Hazard Community College
Aaron, Boyer Power Braves Over Cards 4-1

Sunday, July 23, 1967
Lexington Herald

Famed American Poet Carl Sandburg Dies
Smouldering Fire Guts Upper Street Buildings
Communist Invading Kentucky, Legion Told
Freed Viet Prisoners Tell of Reds’ Cruelty
Congressman Says Russia Could Knockout U.S. With 18 A Bombs
It’s Bloody and Illegal But Some Call It Sport; Cock Fighting In Harlan
Handsome Boy Beats Buckpasser By 8 Lengths

Monday, July 24, 1967
Lexington Herald

LBJ Sends Troops Into Detroit Area As Negros Riot
LBJ Lacks Votes To Enact New Tax Bill
1968 Assembly To Consider Motorcycle Safety Package; End of Unrestricted Cycles
“Combs Night” Featured At Keeneland Sales

Tuesday, July 25, 1967
Lexington Herald

Troops Control Detroit; LBJ Asks End To Rioting
Grandstand Is Packed Twice; As Fair Crowd Tops 30,000
LSD Case Is Underway; UK Employee Is Charged
World Record Price Set At Keeneland; $250,000

Wednesday, July 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Negro Sniper Squads Wage Guerrilla War In Detroit
Nation’s Midsummer Riots Continue In Several Cities
Keeneland Sale Record Tumbles
Kirklevington Park Site Proposed

Thursday, July 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

Historic Georgetown Home Saved From Destruction; Hamilton-Washington Street
Gasoline Bombs Hurled At 3 Louisville Negro Stores
KY Senator Cooper Calls For End To Bombing North
1,300 Cheerleaders To Attend UK Clinic

Friday, July 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

LBJ Calls For Racial Peace, Creates Riot Commission
Crowd of 33,000 Breaks Single Night Fair Record
1st Negro Named To Head Group On Education
Coal Mine Explosion Kills 4; David, KY
Saturday, July 29, 1967
Lexington Herald

Riot Panel To Meet With LBJ
Ford Motor Co. Reports Large Drop In Sales
American Quakers Call For War’s End
Rats Costing US $1 Billion A Year

Sunday, July 30, 1967
Lexington Herald

46 Americans Sailors Killed As Crippling Fire Sweeps Carrier; Saigon
Keeneland Gives Endorsement To UK’s Maine Chance Purchase
Straight Deal Takes Delaware Cap
Paul Mellon’s Fort Mercy Captures Tidal

Monday, July 31, 1967
Lexington Herald

Guys Were Burning, Screaming and Withering; US Carrier Burns In Saigon
Romney Says LBJ Played Politics in Riot-Torn Detroit
Marines Fight Way Out Of DMZ Zone
U.S. Track Team Continues To Dominate Pan-Am Games 

Tuesday, August 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
U.S. Planes Hit Target In Vietnam

UK To Pay $2 Million For Maine Chance Farm
Forward Pass Surprises At Saratoga; Calumet Farm
State To Celebrate 175 Years of Statehood

Wednesday, August 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

Police Chief Forecast No Real Violence Here
FTC To Test Cigarettes For Tar, Nicotine Content
America’s Lunar 5 Reported On Course
Spitz, Kolb Collect More Pan-Am Gold

Thursday, August 3, 1967
Lexington Herald

Jorden, Israel Battle
Bombing Pause Is Unlikely In N. Vietnam
Court Rejects Cassius’ Motion To Fight In Japan
Idealistic, At 34-1, Wins Schuylerville Stakes

Friday, August 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

State Agency To Probe Maine Chance Purchase
LBJ Asks Congress To Levy 10% Tax Surcharge on Individuals and Corporations
U.S. Forces In Vietnam To Be Boosted By 45,000
Damascus Assigned 126 For American Derby

Saturday, August 5, 1967
Lexington Herald

101st Airborne Troops Will Go To S. Vietnam To Bolster Troop Levels
Life’s Dream Realized For Lexington Astronaut; Dr. Story Musgrave
Antipoverty Programs Called Weapon Against Racial Hatred
$70 Billion Defense Bill Is Recommended To Senate

Sunday, August 6, 1967
Lexington Herald

Commies Attack U.S. Base Camp, Marine Outpost
Jewels Worth $781,800 Are Stolen From Estate of Mrs. C.V. Whitney
Stupendous Wins Whitney
Quinella More Popular Than Exacta?

Monday, August 7, 1967
Lexington Herald

North Vietnam Targets Smashed By U.S. Bombers
Airliner Hijacked Over Sea; Havana
Will Durocher Be First MLB Manager To Earn $100,000?
Spencer and Ellis battle To See Who Succeeds Cassius Clay

Tuesday, August 8, 1967
Lexington Herald

Israel and Jorden Troops Fight With Machine Guns
Keeneland is “Cow Country” As Cattlemen’s Meet Starts
Mississippi State Cagers Basketball Placed On Probation By SEC
Exclusive Native Wins Sanford; Calumet’s Forward Pass Is Second

Wednesday, August 9, 1967
Lexington Herald

Kentucky Burley Festival Opens Today In Fayette
Another Lexington Civic Center Is Offered By Consultants
Three $51,000 Bids Top Saratoga Opening
Early Morning Fishing Is Good

Thursday, August 10, 1967
Lexington Herald

Rep. Watts Urges Burly Men To Unite For Industry’s Sake
89 Will Get Degrees At Georgetown College
State Payroll Exceeds 25,000 Workers; Costs $11.5 Million a Month
World Cup Picks Are Jack, Arnie

Friday, August 11, 1967
Lexington Herald

Commies In Korea Kill 3 GIs
U.S. Fliers Destroy Two MIGs; Siagon
World Record $190,000 Paid For Bold Ruler Filly; Saratoga Sales
Maiden Gal, 87 to 1, Surprises At River Downs

Saturday, August 12, 1967
Lexington Herald

Key Bridge In Hanoi Blasted By U.S. Jets
State Will Seek Condemnation of Mary Todd Lincoln Home
Gala Performance Nudges Great Power In Jim Dandy
Nineteen Tobacco Queens Vie For Kentucky “Burley Belle” Title

Sunday, August 13, 1967
Lexington Herald

Early Morning Fire Guts Splinter Hall At UK; Arsonists Beleived
Brenda Lois Layman Queen of State Burley Festival
Poverty Workers Charged With Sedition In Pike
Local Alcoholism Problem Is Huge
Mountaineers Battle Strip Miners

Monday, August 14, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S. Warplanes Strike Rail Yard, Bridge 10 Miles From China
LBJ Lifted Restrictions On Bombings
UK President, Gov. Breathitt Defend Maine Chance Buy
Palmer Gets 50th Win, Takes American Golf Classic By 3

Tuesday, August 15, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S. Planes Blast Rail Sights Again Near Red China
Administration Offers To Reduce Spending If Congress Hikes Taxes
LBJ Will Help Find Jobs For War Veterans
Berlin Wall Has Benn Up For Six Years
Oldest Mountain Mission School Has 24th Reunion; Hazel Green Academy

Wednesday, August 16, 1967
Lexington Herald

Shillito Shopping Center Approved By Fiscal Court
Pike Attorney Denies Claim Sedition Charges Are Political
University of Louisville President Resigns Post; Philip Davidson
Agent Hancock Pays Record $365,000 For Quill At Saratoga Springs

Thursday, August 17, 1967
Lexington Herald

General Wheeler Backs U.S. Air Attacks on N. Vietnam
Aaron’s 30th HR of the Year Leads Atlanta Past Giants
House Passes Civil Rights Bill
August 28 is First Day of School

Friday, August 18, 1967
Lexington Herald
U.S. War Dead In Vietnam Is Now 15,000

House Votes To Increase Social Security Benefits
Give Up Cigarettes, Caner Research Head Urges
Cassius Clay To Marry 17 Year Old On Sunday
Ken Stabler Reinstated On Crimson Tide Squad

Saturday, August 19, 1967
Lexington Herald
Graham Heir May Sue Over Maine Chance Farm

OEO Plans To Cut Off Money To Appalachian Volunteers
Damascus, Three Others Meet In Travers
Murder of Kentucky Soldier In Germany Is Still Unresolved

Sunday, August 20, 1967
Lexington Herald

Mrs. Graham’s Niece Says Suit Statement Untrue
City Patorlaman Stricken, Dies While On Duty
Damascus Captures Travers With Ease, Equals Track Mark

Monday, August 21, 1967
Lexington Herald

Communist Missile Downs MIG Attacking American Warplanes
Marine Coper Saves GIs From Red Torture
Despite Riots, Civil Rights Law Enforcement Improve
Damascus-Dr. Fager Duel May Hing On Buckpasser

Tuesday, August 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

New Fayette Merged Schools Short Bus Space For 1,260
Two U.S. Jets Downed In Red China
Army Making Extensive Study of Ways To Revise Its Riot-Control Training
Keeneland Denies Conspiracy Charge In Maine Chance Sale

Wednesday, August 23, 1967
Lexington Herald

Bombings Crippling N. Viets
Forest Fires Spread; 86,300 Acres Are Burned In Northwest
Greg Page In Critical Condition With Severe Neck Injury; UK Football Player
Queen of the Stage Heads Spinaway Field

Thursday, August 24, 1967
Lexington Herald

Five More U.S. Planes Shot Down In Heavy Air Action Over North
4 Right-Wingers Arrested; Guns Grenades Seized
Air-Cured Tobacco Less Harmful Scientist Say
“Queen” Captures Spinaway

Friday, August 25, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S. Plane Losses Over North This Week Nearing Old Record
New Turfland Mall Gets Good Welcome
Squires Road New Location For Polo Club
Versailles Is Selected For Factory Site; Kuhlman Electric

Saturday, August 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Ousted Nazi Party Official Held In Slaying of George Rockwell
Lexington Citizens Want Historic Homes Kept
U.S. Surgeon General Calls For Standards On Cigarette Impurities
Fabled Saratoga Concludes Today With Hopeful

Sunday, August 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

LBJ May Seek U.N. Action To Halt Vietnam War
Reds’ Mortar Attack Kills 38 In Can Tho
Voter Registration Booths To Be Set Up At School
Hopeful To What A Pleasure
Hambletonian Wide Open
Alabama, Georgia Picked To Share SEC Championship

Monday, August 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

Stiff Wind Blows 18 Skydivers Into Lake; Two Killed, 14 Missing
Company That Isn’t A Real Company Owns 4 of the Largest Ralroads in U.S.
Red Terrorism Spreads
Little Use of Pesticides Means Higher Prices; Food Would Triple if Not for Modern Ag Chemicals

Tuesday, August 29, 1967
Lexington Herald

Little Hope For Jumpers
Assault Charges Placed On Namath By Time Editor
Fayette County School Enrollment is 31,709 On First Day
Study Says Annual Vehicle Inspection May Not Save Lives

Wednesday, August 30, 1967
Lexington Herald

Vietnam Election Observers Placed Under Heavy Guard
U.S. Planes Pound Reds Along DMZ
Big 3 Automakers Make Billion Plus Offer To UAW
Quality Up At Churchill With Moccasin

Thursday, August 31, 1967
Lexington Herald
Urgent Need For Riot Legislation Cited By Fireman

Shelling, Tourism Continue In Vietnam
Speedy Streak Captures Hambo In Straight Heats
FBI’s Computer Handles 10,000 Problems Daily

Friday, September 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
Senate Panel Urges Increase In Bombing of North Vietnam

Steel Prices To Go Up
IBM Gets 14.7 Million Contract To Supply Government Typewriters
Keeneland Deadline For Stalls Today

Saturday, September 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

UAW Picks Ford
The Trees At My Old Kentucky Home Are Cut Down For Road Widening
Projector Stolen From Anderson School Found
Defenders Over Devils; Generals Over Clark
Old Hat Purse Draws 14 As Churchill Meet Opens

Sunday, September 3, 1967
Lexington Herald

Election Day For South Vietnam
Funeral Home Director, W. Graham Kerr, Dies
McCreary County Crash Kills Six Teenage Boys
Pike County Mining Operation Among Nations Most Modern

Monday, September 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

Communist Guns Shell Marines Below DMZ
Weekend Traffic Toll May Fall Below 1966’s
Despite Boating Clampdown Violations, Deaths Increasing; Frankfort
Buckpasser Scratches From Race With Damascus; Hoof Not Heeled

Tuesday, September 5, 1967
Lexington Herald

Marines Hit Dug-in North Viets
Air Boat Slips Inside To Take Labor Day Feature At Churchill, Pays $65.20
Amish Are Pressed Hard By Modern World
SEC Practice Goes Into High Gear

Wednesday, September 6, 1967
Lexington Herald
Marines Pursing N. Viets

Threat of Teachers’ Strike Spreading Across The Nation
Local Soldier Wounded Second Time In Vietnam

Thursday, September 7, 1967
Lexington Herald
Auto Workers Go On Strike

France’s Charles de Gaulle Is Greeted In Poland By Crowds Waving Banners Condemning U.S. Involvement in Vietnam
Johnson Names Negro Mayor of Washington, D.C.
36 Marines Killed In Heavy Fighting

Friday, September 8, 1967
Lexington Herald

Both UAW, Ford Say Strike Will Be A Long One
Panel Seeks New Federal Bank To Provide Loans For Students
600,000 U.S. Students Idled By Teachers’ Walkouts
Backers of Red River Dam Organize To Fight For It

Saturday, September 9, 1967
Lexington Herald

Detroit Newspaper Says Romney Should “Bow Out” in Favor of Rockefeller In U.S. Presidential Race
Mrs. Kin Wins At U.S. Open; Forest Hills, NY
10,000 Lexingtonians Given Help By Local Salvation Army Last Year

Sunday, September 10, 1967
Lexington Herald

Hurricane Beulah Thunders Toward Dominican Republic
Drunk Drivers Boost Road Death Toll; Half of all Fatalities Involve Drinking
Two New Type Aircraft To Make Debut In Vietnam War

Monday, September 11, 1967
Lexington Herald
Civil Rights Group May March
Nicklaus Rallies To Beat Brewer By One In Series
24th Annual Fall Sale Begins At Keeneland

Tuesday, September 12, 1967
Lexington Herald
Pike Grand Jury Indicts 5 On Sedition Laws
R.F. Kennedy Is Assailed By Tobacco Institute
Burley Crop Estimated At 546 Million Pounds In the 8 State Belt
Beulah Whirls Toward Jamica

Wednesday, September 13, 1967
Lexington Herald
New York, Detroit Teachers Continue Crippling Walkouts
Surveyor 5’s Lunar Soil Test Studied
Bwamazon Farm Pays Top Price At Tuesday Action

Thursday, September 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
Billions Pledged To Help Improve Housing In Slums; Washington, DC
Senate Panel Says Armed Forces Have Shortage of 17,000 Pilots
$70 Billion Defense Bill Is Sent To White House
Clark Buys Catullus Colt For Reinhold at $24,000

Friday, September 15, 1967
Lexington Herald
Section of Sedition Law Is Ruled Unconstitutional; Pike County
1.5 Million In Treasury Bonds Stolen; NY
LBJ Calls Riot Leaders “Poisonous Propagandists’”
$4 Million Mark Neared At Keeneland Fall Sales

Saturday, September 16, 1967
Lexington Herald
LBJ’s Proposal For 10% Surcharge in Income Tax Is Stalemated
Pikeville College Has Record Enrollment; 843 Students
New Marks Set As Keeneland’s Fall Sale Ends

Sunday, September 17, 1967
Lexington Herald
Hurricane Doria Hammers North Carolina Coastline
“Go-Ahead” Given For Construction of Anti Ballistic Missile System
Transy Welcomes Record Number of New Students; 345

Monday, September 18, 1967
Lexington Herald
Beulah Gains Strength, Aims At Texas Coast
2,000 GIs Open Assault On Viet Cong Stronghold
Mt. Sterling Man Held On Possession Of Bogus Currency
Soccer Match Riot Kills 44; Turkey

Tuesday, September 19, 1967
Lexington Herald
Russians, Arabs Unleash “Bitter” Attack On Israel
Judge Calls UK Trustees “Bunch of Trained Pigs”
King of KY Captures Churchill Feature

Wednesday, September 20, 1967
Lexington Herald
Beulah’s 160 M.P.H. Winds Near Texas-Mexican Coast
Mrs. Wilson, Dodge Heiress, Dies at 83
Best of All, Romulus Draw Outside Positions in $84,778 Jug

Thursday, September 21, 1967
Lexington Herald
Hurricane Beulah Unleashed “Death Blow” On Texas Coast
600 Women Protest War In Vietnam
Teachers In Pike Vote For Strike
College Students Play Games To Avoid Working, Studying

Friday, September 22, 1967
Lexington Herald
Massive Flooding Hits South Texas After 30-Inch Rains

Secretary of State Rusk’s Daughter Marries Negro Data Processor
Rain Postpones Little Brown Jug
Distillers File Protest And Appeal Over Whiskey Assessment

Saturday, September 23, 1967
Lexington Herald
Best Of All Captures $84,778 Jug In Three Heats Over Nardin’s Byrd; Top Finishers Bred At Walnut Hill Farm
Red Shells Hammer GIs Below DMZ
Wildcats, Hoosiers To Test Sophomores In Grid Opener

Sunday, September 24, 1967
Lexington Herald
Squall Hammers Lake Michigan; 6 Person Killed
Soviets Pledge Massive Military Aid To N. Viets
Rallying Hoosiers Overtake Wildcats, 12-10 In Season Opener

Monday, September 25, 1967
Lexington Herald
Red Guns Hit Hard By Yanks
Surveyor 5 Shuts Down For 2-Week Lunar Night
Arnie’s Charge In Thunderbird Wins By One
Unitas Passes Colts Over Phily 38-6

Tuesday, September 26, 1967
Lexington Herald
41-Ft. Floodwaters Rip Second Dam, Surge Roof-Deep Into Texas Town
Savage Artillary Fire Continues Along DMZ
First Aardvark Born In Zoo In Over 55 Years; Miami
Damascus Nears Seasonal Money-Winning Record; $752, 550 is Record

Wednesday, September 27, 1967
Lexington Herald
Five Cent Bus Fare Hike Receives State Approval
Rio Grande Tops Levees, Cuts Of City; Harlington, TX
Juvenile Arrests Record Set In Lexington; 200 Arrested this Month
Trots Launch 92nd Fall Meeting; Red Mile

Thursday, September 28, 1967
Lexington Herald
Senator Morton (R. KY) Attacks Johnson’s Handling of Vietnam War
LBJ Will Fly To Texas To Inspect Flooding
Low-Nicotine Cigarette Could Up Burley Sales

Friday, September 29, 1967
Lexington Herald
LBJ Visits Texas Cities Hit By Beulah
Navy Pilots Strike Haiphong
Trots Postponed Due To Rain

Saturday, September 30, 1967
Lexington Herald
Johnson Offers To Halt Bombing If Hanoi Willing To “Talk Peace”
Football Injury Fatal To UK Player Greg Page
Cats Veteran Rebels Test SEC Hopes Today
Its Official: Big 4 Meeting At Aqueduct Today; Damascus, Buckpasser, Dr. Fager, Handsome Boy

Sunday, October 1, 1967
Sunday Herald-Leader
Railway Post Office Cars To Be Eliminated

Rural Economic Development Is Gaining Favor
Rebs Dominate First Half, Beat UK 26-13
Damascus Kos Rivals In Big Woodward Win
High: 47 Low: 40

Monday, October 2, 1967
Lexington Herald
Leaf Men To Discuss Problems of Burley
Bombing Halt Could Escalate War Critics Concede
UK To Honor Football Player Greg Page
Pike School Bus Drivers To Strike For Higher Pay
High: 74 Low: 48

Tuesday, October 3, 1967
Lexington Herald
Newborn Hurricane Whirls Closer To Storm-Wracked Texas Coast
Leafmen Face Challenge In Tobacco Health Scare
Dying Family of 3 Lived Two Months In Wrecked Plane On California Mountain
Coach Kidd Not Worried; He Knew QB Speaks Was OK
Injury Forces Buckpasser Into Retirement After Loss
High: 78 Low: 54

Wednesday, October 4, 1967
Lexington Herald
Health Scare Baseless, Philip Morris Exec Says
Cleveland Democrats Nominate Carl Stokes A Negro, For Mayor
Fulla Napoleon Equals World Record; 1:58 Mile
Tattersalls Totals Reach $1,255,300
High: 80 Low: 57

Thursday, October 5, 1967
Lexington Herald
Laborites Ignore Wilson, Condemn U.S. Viet Policy
Life Begins at 55…. But Only If You Drink Less and Exercise More
Polls Says Rockefeller-Reagan Ticket Would Beat Johnson-Humphrey
Jockey Dies At Del Mar; Fred Robertson
High: 81 Low: 57

Friday, October 6, 1967
Lexington Herald
Pentagon Freezes $350 Million in Military Building Contracts
American Jets Hammer Haiphong
Kentucky Freshman Meet VA Tech at 3:30 on Stoll Field
75th Futurity Today; Lexington Fall Trots

Saturday, October 7, 1967
Lexington Herald
Speed Model Captures Futurity, Beating Out “Halifax” In Third Heat
Once Forbidden Target Pounded By U.S. Planes; Fuel City
Computer Stocks Pace Fairly Active Session
History Against Wildcats In Game Today At Auburn

Sunday, October 8, 1967
Lexington Herald
Communists Say Nine U.S. Planes Shot Down By Gunners Over North
Sen. John Sherman Cooper, R-KY Announces Retirement
Auburn Air Game Bombs Kentucky To Third Straight Defeat 48-7
Keeneland Fall Meet Will Open Tuesday

Monday, October 9, 1967
Lexington Herald
Russia Is Sending N. Viets World’s Largest Helicopters
Prince Charles Begins Cambridge Today
Pike Teachers Vote To Continue Strike
Total Burley Stock Now Appears Lowest Since ‘62

Tuesday, October 10, 1967
Lexington Herald
High Court Grants Hearings On Draft Card Burning Case
Six Allowance Races Slated For Keeneland’s Opening Day
Gay Brewer Wins Alcan In St. Andrews; $55,000

Wednesday, October 11, 1967
Lexington Herald
A.B. Chandler In Newspaperboy Hall of Fame
Jury Acquits Woman of Slaying Husband; Richmond
 Whitney, Dumbarton Stables Score Doubles First Day At Keeneland

Thursday, October 12, 1967
Lexington Herald
Unemployment Takes Biggest Monthly Jump in Five Years
UK Research Foundation Acquires Final Title To Maine Chance Farm
Teachers in Pike County End Strike
Castle Rullah Wins Circle M; Knapp Rides DD

Friday, October 13, 1967
Lexington Herald
Haiphong’s Port Facilities Are Bombed By U.S. Planes
Louie Nunn Says “Herald” is Out To Get Him
Don Brumfield Scores Triple

Saturday, October 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
Attorney General Plans To File Suit In Maine Chance Controversy; “They Jumped the Gun”
Gov. Breathitt Cites Kentucky’s Gains At Annual Press Meet
Moss Heads Alcibiads Field of 12 Today
Bruised Wildcats Battle Tech’s Powerful Defense; Stoll Field

Sunday, October 15, 1967
Lexington Herald
Critics Fear Defense Department Becoming To Powerful
American Planes Batter Shipyard In Haiphong
Transylvania Planning $3 Million Science Complex
VPI Holds Off Stubborn Wildcats 24-14

Monday, October 16, 1967
Lexington Herald
3 of 5 Targets Hit In Haiphong Raids Heavily Damaged

Pike School Bus Drives Take $10-A-Month Raise, End Strike
Wildcat Cagers Start Practice; Rupp Feels Good About Team

Tuesday, October 17, 1967
Lexington Herald

Thousands Stage Anti-War Protest
18 OK To Drink Says Government

Wednesday, October 18, 1967
Lexington Herald

Governors Seek Campaign For Racial Peace
“Man on Street” Prefers Peace Candidate
Allied Force Hunts Commies South of DMZ
Frazier Stops Doyle in 2nd Round

Thursday, October 19, 1967
Lexington Herald

29 Charges Filed Agianst Five In Sunday Brawls at Carlise
Russia’s Interplay Program Is 10 to 20 Ties that of U.S.

Friday, October 20, 1967
Lexington Herald

Army Paratroops Will Protect Pentagon From Anti-war Rally
Chandler Endorses Nunn For Governor
Kinkead Will Request Clay Statue Be Restored; Made A State Shrine

Saturday, October 21, 1967
Lexington Herald

Pentagon Resembles Fortress As Troops Set For Protestors
Jury Convicts 7 Klansmen In Civil Rights Slayings
Opinion Poll Readers Favor Viet Bombings

Sunday, October 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

Thousands of Anti-Vietnam Protestors Besiege Pentagon
Worldwide Protests Staged Against War
UK Students Watch Melee At Pentagon
Tigers Overwhelm Kentucky 30-7

Monday, October 23, 1967
Lexington Herald

Government Ends Antiwar Rally By Arresting Last of Pickets
$100-A-Day Hospital Costs Predicted For Near Future

Tuesday, October 24, 1967
Lexington Herald

Burley Sale May Start Late
Auction the late Elizabeth Graham’s Estate Draws 1,000s

Wednesday, October 25, 1967
Lexington Herald

Massive Bombings Raid Hits Largest Air Base in North
City of Suez is in Flames after Hit on Oil Refinery
U.S. Resumes Deliveries of Arms To Israel, Arabs

Thursday, October 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Hanoi’s Main Highway, Rail Link Knocked Out
Speaker At UK Wants Collapse of Country
Stright Deal Even-Money Pick In Spinster

Friday, October 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

Heavier Bombing Hasn’t Cut Flow of Red Supplies
UK May Get 4-Year School of Fostery
Dr. Weatherford Inaugurated As Berea’s Sixth President

Saturday, October 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

Vietnam Protestors Pour Blood Into Draft Files
Air Raids On Hanoi, Haiphong Continue
Burley Auctions To Begin Nov. 28

Sunday, October 29, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S. Planes Pound Hanoi For Fifth day In A Row
Slate of Nixon-Reagan Endorsed By Goldwater
Barn Fire Threatens VA Hospital Housing

Monday, October 30, 1967
Lexington Herald

Key Installations Near Hanoi, Haiphong Hit
Namath Bombs Boston As Jets Get 30-23 Win

Tuesday, October 31, 1967
Lexington Herald

Nine More Depositions Fled In Suit On Maine Chance Farm
New South Vietnam president Proposes Peace Talks With Reds 

Wednesday, November 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
Montgomery Ward Head Visits Lexington Store

Bus Strike Averted, As New Pact Reached
Cats Have Hopes of First Victory For Homecoming Against WVA

Thursday, November 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

Commies Burn Down 300 Homes In Saigon
UK Given Title To South Lime Motel
Thieves Net $3,200 At Turfland Mall
Campbell House To Be Sold At Public Auction

Friday, November 3, 1967
Lexington Herald

Yanks Repulse Bloody Raids By Viet Cong
Senators Vote Social Security Tax Increase
Latonia Opening Hit By Rain

Saturday, November 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

Russians Said Testing “Orbital” Missile That Would Cut Warning From 15 To 3 Minutes For Nuclear Attack
Brezhnev Wards U.S., Red China That It Can Repel Military Threats

Sunday, November 5, 1967
Lexington Herald

Israel Fears Russia May Take Stronger Steps In Middle East
Soviets Have Put “Heat” on U.S. To Build Bigger Defense System
NASA Bolsters Hopes of Moon Shot In 2 Years
Combs Becomes The First Breeder To Pass Million Mark In One Year

Monday, November 6, 1967
Lexington Herald

Augustus Threlkeld, Conservationist, Dies; Cornith, KY
Unitas Beats Green Bay With Two Scoring Tosses

Tuesday, November 7, 1967
Lexington Herald

Ward, Nunn See Narrow Victories In Today’s Election
Vietnam War, Racial Issues Spur Interest of Voters
Four Protesting Students Dragged From UK Building

Wednesday, November 8, 1967
Lexington Herald


Thursday, November 9, 1967
Lexington Herald

Chrysler, UAW Reach Settlement
Political Turmoil Is Seen For Nunn
Saturn 5 Is On The Ready

Friday, November 10, 1967
Lexington Herald

Saturn 5 Makes Debut With A Perfect Flight
Surveyor 6 Sends Pictures From the Moon

Saturday, November 11, 1967
Lexington Herald

Johnson Takes Swing At Critics of Vietnam War
U.S. Winning War In Vietnam –Physicist Teller Says
Northwestern Mutual Buys Phoenix Property

Sunday, November 12, 1967
Lexington Herald

LBJ Climaxes Salute To Veterans With “Peace Challenge” To Hanoi
Marine, Red Causalities Climb In Heavy Fighting Near Dak To

Monday, November 13, 1967
Lexington Herald

B52s Smash Red Forces Near Dak To
Bombing Raids On North Not Getting Any Easier
Top U.S. Officials Misleading The Public, Journalist Claim
Unitas Leads Colts, 49-7
U.S. Arnie Take World Cup

Tuesday, November 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
Yanks Beat Back “Fierce” Charge By Communists

UK Protestors Get Fines, Jail Time
Investment Banker Top Buyer at Keeneland
Is Something New In Store? Rupp Holds Closed Practices

Wednesday, November 15, 1967
Lexington Herald
Fugazzi Says Dam On Red River Vital
Shirley Temple Black Loses Election
UK Students Schedule Protest Today
Straight Deal’s Half-Sister Brings $80,000 

Thursday, November 16, 1967
Lexington Herald
Increase Is Expected In Burley Sales Costs

70 Nurses Walk Out of Hospital; 140 Quit; Covington
LBJ’s Top Advisors Veto Extending Holiday Truce
Attorney Says C. Clay Will Win Appeal

Friday, November 17, 1967
Lexington Herald
Zoo For Meadowthorpe Draws Strong Protest
Haiphong Shipyard Is Bombed
Oswald Was Not Killer Says Professor-Investigator
Popular Native Dancer Dies After Operation

Saturday, November 18, 1967
Lexington Herald
Johnson Vows U.S. Will Stay In S. Vietnam
Yanks Drive North Viets From Two Dak Hills
“Restraint” Urged As Foes of Red River Dam Plan Hike Today
Injury Riddled Florida Is Favored Today To End Healthy Kentucky’s Two-Game Winning Streak

Sunday, November 19, 1967
Lexington Herald
Justice Douglas Leads Five-Mile Hike Through Gorge of Red River
Romney Enters 1968 Presidential Race
Bowl Minded Gators Maul Wildcats
Whitney’s Bugged Takes Victory In Garden Stakes

Monday, November 20, 1967
Lexington Herald

Four Are Killed In Plane Crash; Jamestown
Namath’s Bombs Survive Pat Rally For 29-24 Win
Bowl Bids Await Top SEC Teams
High:49 Low:39

Tuesday, November 21, 1967
Lexington Herald

Two New High Schools Planned Here
U.S. Population Hits 200,000,000
Helluvalot Starts $503.60 Double With Latonia Win

Wednesday, November 22, 1967
Lexington Herald

Officials Charge Plane Accidents To “Excessive” in KY
County Policeman Killed Answering Trouble Call; Fayette
Senate Defeats GOP Attempt To Increase Payroll Tax
Cotton Bowl On Line; Texas vs A&M

Thursday, November 23, 1967
Lexington Herald

Yanks Capture Hill 875 After Marathon Battle; “Bloodiest of War”
Pro, Anti Views of Red River Dam Told
State Won’t Appeal Ruling On Whiskey Tax
Issel, Berger In Standoff; Several Wildcats Ailing

Friday, November 24, 1967
Lexington Herald

Thanksgiving For All Soldiers
GI Son Alive, Mother Learns After Funeral
Thanksgiving Holiday Wrecks Fatal To 10; KY
Early Sayre Success Hinges On Reynolds, Holingsworth

Friday, November 25, 1967
Lexington Herald

Readers Heavily Favor Red River Project
American Troops Report Killing 150 Communist
Wildcats Are On A Salvage Mission In Today’s Finale Against Rampaging And Bowl-Bound Volunteers

Saturday, November 26, 1967
Lexington Herald

Wave of Terrorism Seen In Mississippi
Dak To Was Costliest Battle of Vietnam War
Determined Cats Lose Finale To Vols 17-7
Negro Athletes Disagree On Olympic Boycott Plan

Sunday, November 27, 1967
Lexington Herald

Floods Ravage Portugal; 218 Dead
Thanksgiving Holiday Wrecks Are Fatal To 28 In KY
“Scramblin” Fran leads Giants 44-7
UK Intersquad Cage Battle Tuesday Night

Monday, November 28, 1967
Lexington Herald

Sale of Burley Will Begin Today On Local Market
McNamara To Step Down As Defense Chief
Two Killed, Deputy Shot In Gun Battle
Rupp Unveils Squad Tonight In Dollar-For-Scholar Game

Tuesday, November 29, 1967
Lexington Herald
State Burley Sales Set Price Records; Averages $72.70
19 Proud New Citizens Take Allegiance Oaths Here
Ike Says He Would Approve of Invading DMZ
Beban Awarded Heisman; Simpson 2nd 

Wednesday, November 30, 1967
Lexington Herald
Burley Average Here Is $73.11
UK-UL Merger Is Asked As Financial Crisis Pends
Last of Six Escapees Is Still Hunted; Richmond
Dampier Leads Kentucky Colonels

Friday, December 1, 1967
Lexington Herald
Sen. McCarthy Challenges LBJ For Nomination

Nunn Defeats Ward By 28,449 For Governor
SEC Open Season Tonight
Bad Weather Closes For Tracks

Saturday, December 2, 1967
Lexington Herald

Nunn Fills 4 Administrative Posts; Press Secretary Filled
$6 Million Civic Center Proposed In Lexington
Deputies Indicted On Double Slaying; Jackson
National League Votes To Expand To 12 Teams

Sunday, December 3, 1967
Lexington Herald
Train Kills Boy & Grandfather At Crossing On S. Broadway
McCarthy Accuses LBJ Of Leading U.S. Into Immoral War
Excited Casel Tabs 28, Leads Exciting Cats To Opening Game 96-79 Win Over Michigan
Pistol Pete Gets 48 AS LSU Blasts Tampa

Monday, December 4, 1967
Lexington Herald

U.S., Allied Forces Repel Heavy Red Mortar Attacks
Strong Market Brightens Burley Picture
Wildcats Sophs Must Star As Gators Invade Tonight
World’s First Successful Heart Transplant; S. Africa

Tuesday, December 5, 1967
Lexington Herald

GIs, Viets Trap, Kill 200 Reds
Comedy King Bert Lahr Dies
Hot Streak Shoots KY To Win Over Gators 99-76
25 Negro Students Protest Rupp’s Recruiting Style

Wednesday, December 6, 1967
Lexington Herald

New York Police Arrest 264 Antiwar Protesters
KY Jumps to 9th Place In AP Poll
ABA’s Oakland Oaks Files 1 Million Suit Against NBA’s San Fran’s Warriors
Shrewd Prince Caprture Latonia Feature

Thursday, December 7, 1967
Lexington Herald

President Urges “Price Restraint” By Steelmakers
Meat Inspection Bill Sent To LBJ
Cats Hit 50% From Field; Conquer Xavier 111-76
Unseld, Beard Spark Cards Over Kansas

Friday, December 8, 1967
Lexington Herald
Shelling At DMZ May Signal Plan For Red Invasion

8 Called For Army Draft Exams; Harrodsburg
Scientist Experiment With LSD; May Benefit Humans
Sonny Passes Unitas, May End up As No. 1

Saturday, December 9, 1967
Lexington Herald
Viet Troops Trap Kill 365 Reds

Youths, Police battle in NY; War Protest
First White House Wedding in 53 Years Today
9 Entered for Handy Mandy Handicap; Latonia

Sunday, December 10, 1967
Lexington Herald
Foolproof Antimissile Defense Is Not Possible

Yanks Repulse Suicidal Attack By Communist
Velasquez Rides 5 Winners; Needs 4 More
London Has First Electronic Horse Race

Monday, December 11, 1967
Lexington Herald
Dr. Barnard Describes Drama of Historic Heart Transplant

Charging In Darkness, Young “Doped Up” Reds Beaten Back By Yanks
Atomic Blast For Industry Is Detonated
Bernie A. Shively UK Athletic AD Dies of Heart Attack

Tuesday, December 12, 1967
Lexington Herald
Nunn To Be Inaugurated Governor Today

French/British Supersonic Transport Plane Concorde Makes 1st Appearance
Monsoon Rains Helping Reds Resupply Troops In S. Vietnam
Hungry Tar Heels Battles Wildcats Tonight

Wednesday, December 13, 1967
Lexington Herald
Nunn Offers “Friendship” Says Party Split Must not hurt state

Kentucky Inauguration: “They Just Ain’t Nothing Like it”
Red Assault Near Saigon Leaves 39 Enemy Killed
Possible Mafia Link To Lexington Seen

Thursday, December 14, 1967
Lexington Herald
King Constantine Lands In Rome

Gov. Nunn Assumes New Role With ease
Marine From Powell Dies In Vietnam; Larry Wayne Birch
Blanda Selected AFL Offensive Player

Friday, December 15, 1967
Lexington Herald
U.S. Jets Stage Massive Raids On Hanoi Area

Welfare Checks Won’t Be Cut, Nunn Pledges
Shrewd Prince Takes Latonia Feature
“Just Doing My Job” Says MVP Unitas

Saturday, December 16, 1967
Lexington Herald
February Draft Call is 23,000 Men

Johnson Convinced Peace Will Come
U.S. Will Observe 12/25 Cease Fire
Sysonby Handicap Closes Aqueduct Meet

Sunday, December 17, 1967
Lexington Herald
Americans Are Sharply Divided On Vietnam War

Bucs Get Bunning From Phils For Fryman
Hempeter Scores As Latonia Ends A Record Meet
Issel Leads Cats With 15.2 Average

Monday, December 18, 1967
Lexington Herald
U.S. Jets Attack Heart Of North For Fourth Day

772 Workers May Lose State Posts
Australia’s Leader Holt Feared Drowned
Tarkenton Passes Giants Into Third

Tuesday, December 19, 1967
Lexington Herald
High Court Bars Public Phone Bugging

Pilotless Plane Hits Supermarket; 8 Killed
Inspection of State Bridges Ordered By Nunn
Kentucky Slips to 8th in UPI

Wednesday, December 20, 1967
Lexington Herald
6 Day Air Offensive Against Reds Is Slowed By Monsoons

LBJ Offers Peace Plan
’67 Tobacco production Rated at 2 Billion Pounds
Aaron Named Braves MVP

Thursday, December 21, 1967
Lexington Herald
First Heart Transplant Dies

Johnson Arrives In Australia; Talks With Viet Allies
Castro Claims Russia Becoming Capitalistic
Former Police Director Gets Post At Keenland; Bassett

Friday, December 22, 1967
Lexington Herald
Forecast of Vietnam; More of Same

B52s Escape Red Missiles In Bombing Raid On DMZ
Cats Biting Nails, Ready For UKIT
Walter Hagen Celebrates 75th Birthday

Saturday, December 23, 1967
Lexington Herald
Johnson Drops In On GIs In Vietnam

Harrodsburg Fire Loss $500,000
Nunn To “Underwrite Extra $300,000″ For Mental Health
Gamecocks, Wildcats Scratch It out in UKIT Final

Sunday, December 24, 1967
Lexington Herald
LBJ, Pope Discuss War, Peace In Vietnam

U.S. Forces To Observe 1-Day Truce
Tommy Bell; 6th Season As NFL Referee
Cats Take UKIT 77-66 Over Gallant Gamecocks

Monday, December 25, 1967
Lexington Herald
Christmas Truce Stills Most Guns In Vietnam

Chinese Explode A-Device
Long Time Appalachian Dies; P.F Ayer From Berea
Namath Fires 4 TDs As Jets Win, 42-31

Tuesday, December 26, 1967
Lexington Herald
Allied Units Return To War
Did Something Go Amiss With China’s A-Blast?
ACLU Takes Cassius Clay Case
Santa Anita Opening Tops Racing Activity

Wednesday, December 27, 1967
Lexington Herald
Red Supply Convoys Hit, Major Arms Cache Found, As Vietnam Truce Ends
War Progress in 1967 “Great” Westmoreland
5-Cent Postage Stamp Are Almost Gone

Thursday, December 28, 1967
Lexington Herald
American Space Story; Trial And Error
1967: Tragedy, Success For U.S. Space Efforts
1968: Potentially Great, Predict Apollo Pioneers
Federal reserve Tightens Grip On Nations Credit

Friday, December 29, 1967
Lexington Herald
Marines Struggle With Red Forces In Rice Paddies
McCarthy Campaign Opens Door For LBJ
2 Prisoners Flee From Mercer Jail
Lombardi: The Skeptic Optimist

Saturday, December 30, 1967
Lexington Herald
2 Local Solders Get Prison Term; Bill Padding
King of Jazz Paul Whitman Dies at 76
Asbury President Relived of Job
CA Breeders Championship Stakes Last Weekend of 67 Racing

Sunday, December 31, 1967
Lexington Herald
Communist Forces Stun U.S. Marines In 2 Battles Killing At Least 70 GIs
500,000 U.S. Servicemen Are Stationed In Friendly Countries
Rolling Stones Gather Much Money and trouble
Rupp Now Winningest Coach with 772