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50 Years Ago Today

Everyday on the homepage we post the headline from the Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald from 50 years ago. After the headlines have run for the day, they are transferred to this page. Visit when you can and see how 50 years ago progressed. Do we learn from history, just repeat it or both? We began this feature April 2016 while America was in the middle of the Vietnam War, South Vietnam’s leader was Nguyễn Cao Ky.

Friday, April 1, 1966
British Labor Party Headed Toward Landside Victory
LBJ Appeals To Housewives To Cut Spending
Lexington Herald
Financial Pinch Hurts Fayette Library Patrons
More Troops To Be Sent To Viet Nam
Crowd Beats 4 Youths Who Burn Draft Cards

Saturday, April 2, 1966
U.S. Curbs Trips By Congressmen; Viet Crisis Grave
Strike End Indicated Though Rail, Union Not In Full Agreement
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Demonstrators March Through Da Nang Streets
Stolen Car Crash Kills 3 Boys After 10 Cent Holdup

Sunday, April 3, 1966
South Vietnam Troops Demand End To Regime; Gov’t Strikes Back
25,000 Per Day Levied On Rail Union
Lexington Herald-Leader
SEATO Commitment Is Termed As “Hunting License” In Viet Nam For U.S. Says Visiting U.S. Senator 
Transy Student Killed In Wreck

Monday, April 4, 1966
Viet Gov’t To Send Troops Against Foes; Civil War Feared
Union Ends Rail Strike Gets No-Reprisal Pact
Soviet Craft Orbiting Moon
Lexington Herald
Announced Settlement Of  Rail Strike Is Upset
Ky Says Reds Control Da Nang
Tuesday, April 5, 1966
Viet Nam Chief In Da Nang After Bringing In Troops To Crush Rebellious City
U.S. Backs Early Talks On Viet Unrest
Lexington Herald
Lexington Patrolman Is Accused Of Shooting His Wife To Death; Charles Waldrop
3 Of Harlan County Family Killed On Richmond Rd Wreck

Wednesday, April 6, 1966
Governor Comb’s Withdrawal Stirs Potential Candidates For Governor
Bus Company May Request Raise In Fare
S. Vietnamese Military Back Down Before Buddhist Political Crisies Continues
Lexington Herald
100 Dogs Found Jammed Into Back Of Truck
Rioting Erupts Again In Saigon

Thursday, April 7, 1966
500 Try In Vain To Buy Dogs
Jack Nicklaus Leads Masters
Lexington Herald
Impounded Dogs Released To Kennel Owner; Are Trucked Away
Waldrop Sent To Mental Hospital
Ky Agrees To Remove Troops From Da Nang

Friday, April 8, 1966
Buddhists Accept Truce; Ky Balks
GE Appliance Park Offically Ends Strike
Lexington Herald 
Saigon Rioters Stone American Civilians, Burn 2 U.S. Vehicles
H-Bomb Removed From Bottom Of Mediterranean Sea After Crash

Saturday, April 9, 1966
Regime Rejects Buddhist Terms To End Strife
Caribbean Cruise Ship Burns; 3 Die
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Keeneland Opens 14 Day Meet Today; Phoenix Handicap Set
U.S. Evacuating Americans Civilians From Da Nang

Sunday, April 10, 1966
U.N. Authorizes Force To Halt Oil To Rhodesia

S. Viet Buddhist Unite Against Ky
Lexington Herald-Leader 
Graustark Is Impressive, Moccasin Fourth At Keeneland
Darby Dan Wins 2 as 15,602 Watch

UN Votes For Use Of Force

Monday, April 11, 1966

British Use Force to Stop Tanker
South Viet Buddhist Leaders Declare War on Ky Regime
Lexington Herald
Buddhist Have No Faith In Ky

Tanker Stopped, Bordered By Royal Navy

Tuesday, April 12, 1966

Coal Miners Ordered Back To Work
Voiceprint Identification Used In Criminal Trial
Lexington Herald
Miners Join 7 State Strike

Lexington Schools Face Loss of Federal Funds

Wednesday, April 13, 1966

Viet Cong Mortar Attack Blasts Airbase at Saigon;
7 GIs Dead; 28 Aircraft Hit
Chrysler Corp. Recalls 17,500 Cars For Repairs
Lexington Herald
Bloody Mortar Attacks Kills 7 Americans

U.S. Note Rejects French Ouster Deadline

Thursday, April 14, 1966
If South Viets Want To End War, U.S. Should Not Go On

Whiskey Firm Will Expand State Plants
Lexington Herald
First B52 Raid On North Blocks Strategic Pass
Probe Of Glue-Sniffing By Juveniles Is Asked

Friday, April 15, 1966
Stocks Surge; Volume 3rd Highest in History

2 Million Greet LBJ On Mexico City Visit
Lexington Herald
Buddhist Head Demands Ky, Top Aides Step Down
95 Americans Killed In Action Last Week

Saturday, April 16, 1966
Jittery Northern Ireland Seals Border

Keeneland Gets Bonus Today  Moccasin & Graustark To Run
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Brewer Captures Champions Lead

Sunday, April 17, 1966
Scout Leader, Two Rescuers Die In Cave

Brewer Boosts Lead to 5; Palmer 2nd
Lexington Herald-Leader
Ashland: Justakiss Brought Heartaches To Backers Of Claiborne’s Moccasin

Monday, April 18, 1966
Congress Finds War Confusing U.S.

Brewer Faces Playoff; Victim Of Palmer Surge
Lexington Herald
Three American Planes Shot Down By Commies
Merchants Seek Bad Check Answer

Tuesday, April 19, 1966
Ford Calls in 30,000 Cars For Repairs On Brakelines

Palmer Whips Brewer By 4 Strokes For Vegas Title
Lexington Herald
Gemini 9 Launch Planned May 17

U.S. Not Worried About Neutralist Regime

 Wednesday, April 20, 1966
12 Million Paper Plant To Be Built in Hancock

Dirksen, Ford Arque War’s Management
Lexington Herald
Navy Bombers Hit Power Plant Near Haiphong

“Earlie’s Army” follows Teenager To Success At Keeneland Meeting

 Thursday, April 21, 1966
Bigger Viet War Forecast

Tuition Is Raised at UL; Residents To Pay $1,000
Recalls Involve 1.7 Million  Cars Between 64-66
Lexington Herald
Pacifists Stopped By Police

Highways Railways Destroyed Between Hanoi, Haiphong

Friday, April 22, 1966
Jackie Attends Bullfight

Cost of Living Continues to Climb
Lexington Herald
Surgeons Implant Artificial Heart

Marines Battle Reds
Fayette Won’t Block Sunday Store Openings

Saturday, April 23, 1966
Allies Kill 522 Reds In Major Viet Victory

Heart Pump Recipient Unconscious
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
96 Die When Army Charter Plane Crashes In Oklahoma

Sunday, April 24, 1966
France Adamant On Evicting U.S.

Amberoid, Kauai King Clinch Derby Berths
Lexington Herald-Leader
American Jets Shoot Down 2 Red MIGs
Swift Ruler Rolls by 3 1/2 In Ben Ali Before 14,842 

Monday, April 25, 1966
Air War Pickup Foreseen As Hanoi Employees MIG21s

Willie Mays Hits No. 511 & Ties Mel Ott’s Record
Lexington Herald
Air War In Viet Could Intensify
Discount Firms Ignore Sunday Closings Law

Tuesday, April 26, 1966
Nursing Homes Get Rigid Rules for Medicare

Top LBJ Aide Valenti Quits For Movie Post
Lexington Herald
Of Persons Report Seeing Fiery Objects Streak Across Sky
Stage Is Set For Another Bout With Problem of Legal Obscenity

Wednesday, April 27, 1966
Lower Tuition Recommended For Colleges
Automakers Approaching U.S. Car Safety Standards 
Lexington Herald
Viet Cong Terrorists’ Bomb Kills 11 On Bus
Eight In Area With Merit Scholars

Thursday, April 28, 1966
Gentry Says Graustark To Run Despite Injury
Control Of CIA Tighter Since Bay Of Pigs
Lexington Herald
Graustark Choice In Bluegrass

Eight in Area With Merit Scholars

Friday, April 29, 1966
Abe’s Hope Proves Graustark is Not Invincible
Freedom for $20,000; Offer To Buy Pardon
Lexington Herald
Abe’s Hope Scores By Nose over Graustark
4,000 More Yanks Arrive in Viet Nam

Saturday, April 30, 1966
GM Recalls 64 Cadillacs 66 Toronados

Thant Says Viet Situation Worse
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
U.S. Pilots Bag Two More MIG17s

Trots Record Established As 11,000 Wager $96,570 

Sunday, May 1, 1966
Many Congressmen Are Using Subsidies

Mrs. George Wallace Likely To Win Gubernatorial Primary 
Lexington Herald-Leader
U. S. Troops March Toward Suspected Sight Of Viet Cong Psychological HQs

Justakiss Captures Oaks

Monday, May 2, 1966
Graustark Out Of Derby; Xray Finds Broken Bone

5,000 At Saigon March In Anti-American Parade
Lexington Herald
Graustark Out Of Derby; Racing Career In Doubt

Sunday Closing Violations Are Filed Against Three Firms

Tuesday, May 3, 1966
McNamera: More May Go To Viet Nam

1966 Dodges Called in For Inspection
Lexington Herald
Commie Missiles Sights Bombed

Pikeville City Manager, Leslie Judge Are Indicted

Wednesday, May 4, 1966
Mrs. Wallace Wins Democratic Gubernatorial Primary
Libya Sheik’s Daughter May Get Kidney Transplant Here
Lexington Herald
Hazard Will Get New U.K. College

Fiscal Court Eyeing 10% Tax Hike

 Thursday, May 5, 1966
Moderates Hope Dashed By Wallace Win
City To Get U.S. Grant For Community Center
Lexington Herald
U.S. Helicopter Crashes; 21 Die

KY Gov Lifts Bans On Executions; Will Take Them Up Normally

 Friday, May 6, 1966
Some Selma Sheriff Votes Voided; U.S. Goes To Court; Says Baker Won
Pegasus Parade: Fun, Glitter for 175,000
Lexington Herald
Americans Kill 100 Viet Cong And Trap 300 More
Jerry O’Nan; Lexington Marine Dies in Viet Nam

Saturday, May 7, 1966
Early Favorite: Kauai King

8.7 Million Cars Recalled Since Late ‘59
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
School Desegregation Wins Federal Approval
Abe’s Hope, Kauai King Top Choices Today in 92nd KY Derby

Sunday, May 8, 1966
Pace Setter Kauai Kin Wins Derby

Record Set for Betting on Derby Day
Lexington Herald-Leader
Kauai King Leads All Way To Take Derby

U.S. Ground Forces Claim Major Victory

Monday, May 9, 1966
AFRICA: 5 To 10 Years Of Revolts Ahead

U.S. Planes Cut Four Railroads Running Into Hanoi
Lexington Herald
2 Firms Cited For Sunday Sales

All Main Lines to Hanoi Cut

Tuesday, May 10, 1966
Reds Explode Mine Near Billets; 8 Americans Reported Wounded

2,000 Are Graduated At U.K.
Lexington Herald
Viet-Policy Defense Sets Off Vigorous Debate Amongst Senate Dems
Negro Student Honored At U.K. Graduation

Wednesday, May 11, 1966
U.S. Raises Estimate Of China’s N-Blast to 130 Kilotons

Ky Repeats: He Is In Charge For Another Year
Lexington Herald
School Racial Imbalance Cited At Board Meeting

Record Low Set For May

Thursday, May 12, 1966
President Appeals To Intellectuals To Support His Viet Nam Policy

McNamara Forecast: Viet War To Expand By Hanoi’s Choice
Lexington Herald
Hazard Homes Hit By Dynamite

Crops Hit Hard By May Weather 

Friday, May 13, 1966
China Says U.S. Downed Its Plane

College Building Seized In Draft Policy Protest
Lexington Herald
China Charges Five U.S. Fighters Intrude Its Air Space, Down Plane

Patrolman Bound Over in Gun Death Of Wife

Saturday, May 14, 1966
Corporate Profits At Highest Level; Production Eases

Coal-Price Rise; May Be Felt By Consumer
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Third Red China Atomic Blast; Not Hydrogen Weapon Says AEC

Air Raids Against Reds Might Have Set Record

Sunday, May 15, 1966
Inflation Joins Viet Problems As Wages Rise

Using New Language, Children Can “Talk” With Computer
Lexington Herald-Leader
Lex Trot; Mutual Handle Sets Record at $98,782

Horse Racing Retains Leadership In Drawing Fans; Auto Racing 2nd

Monday, May 16, 1966
RFK Proposes Bill To Meet Medical “Crisis”

Ky’s Troops In Control Of Da Nang
Lexington Herald
Women Silversmiths Are Rare; Lex Has Ms. Molly Woolfolk

Two Teenage Brothers Drown In Farm Pond In Bath County

Tuesday, May 17, 1966
Monks Appeal to U.S. Against Ky, Threaten 3 New Suicides By Fire

Gemini 9 Crew Primed For Busiest Space Trip
Lexington Herald
Gemini 9 Ready; Pilots Confident

KY Women Lack Education

Wednesday, May 18, 1966
LBJ Stands Firm on Viet Nam

Immigrant Gives U.S. 25-50 Million in Art; Because I’m An American
Lexington Herald
Gemini 9 Put Off At Least 2 Weeks As Agenda Fails

Skeleton Of Women Dug Up By Bulldozer Beaumont

Thursday, May 19, 1966
Jet Pilot Dies In Crash Near Middletown

Justice Warren Denies Courts To Blame For Crime Rise
Lexington Herald
Bomb Explodes, Kills Its Carrier In Canada’s House of Commons
Traffic Countdown Ordered to Halt Highway Slaughter

Friday, May 20, 1966
Massive State College Growth Called For In Delayed Report

U.S. To Provide Israel Tactical Jet Bombers
Lexington Herald
Goldmans Appeal to Kidnapper
Officials Indicated Ky’s Time Is Running Out; LBJ Continues To Support

Saturday, May 21, 1966
U.S. Backs I-64 Tunnels for Hill In Cherokee Park

Clay Says He’ll Flatten Cooper in 1st Round
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Maybe State Can Save Mary Todd Lincoln Home

Derby Victor Kauai King; 7-5 Preakness Pick

Sunday, May 22, 1966
Eye Cut Stops Cooper In 6th; Clay Dissapointed No KO

The King Still Reigns
Lexington Herald-Leader
Clark County Attorney Shot 4 Times, Dies

Firms Are Fined For Sunday Sales
Kauai King Easily Wins Preakness

Monday, May 23, 1966
Jones Now Looms In Clay’s Future

Ottenheimer Award Won By Dr. Parrish
Lexington Herald
Anti-American Riots Breakout In Saigon
Clark Child Dies In Cistern

Tuesday, May 24, 1966
Johnson Visits Viet Nam Wounded

Turnout For Primaries Expected To Be Light
Lexington Herald
Pfc O’Nan Is Laid To Rest

Popularity Of Johnson Is Lowest

Wednesday, May 25, 1966
Many Basements Flooded, Streets Blocked By Heavy Rain

Karl The Great Wants Shot At Greatest Cassius
Lexington Herald
Many Basements Flooded, Streets Blocked By Heavy Rain

Karl The Great Wants Shot At Greatest Cassius

Thursday, May 26, 1966
House Extends Minimum Wage To Farm Labor

U.S. Officials Believe Ky Is In Full Control
Fidel Castro Increases His Power
Lexington Herald
Minimum Wage Voted For Some Farm Workers

Teacher Raise Set If Tax Remains Valid

Friday, May 27, 1966
New KY Insurance Rules Proposed To Protect KY

LBJ Asks Overhauls Of Laws Governing Politics, Gifts, Costs
Lexington Herald
County Is Preparing 2.2 Million Budget

Frankfort Officials Predict 11 Will Die On KY Highways This Weekend

Saturday, May 28, 1966
New KY Constitution Adds City Powers

U.S. Abandons Consulate In Hue 
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Gemini 9 Delayed 24 Hours

Miss Robert Kincaid, Lyndhurst Owner Dies 

Sunday, May 29, 1966
A Hue Nun Burns Herself To Death; 20,000 Stage Violent Saigon Protest
Gov. Breathitt Starts Roving Roadblocks To Reduce Highway Deaths

Lexington Herald-Leader
Gemini 9 Given Go Ahead
America Accuses Cubans Of Entering Guantanamo Without Authorization

Monday, May 30, 1966
Suicides Of Buddhists Mount To 4 Including 3 Burnings

5 Are Killed In KY80 Crash Near Somerset
Lexington Herald
Wreck Kills 5 In Pulaski County; Traffic Toll Now 12

Gemini 9 Readied For Touchdown On Moon

Tuesday, May 31, 1966
London’s G. Hill Wins Disrupted 500; 16 Cars Crashed At Start

Buddhist Leaders Ask End Of Suicides; Toll Is Now 6
Lexington Herald
Gemini 9 Hurtles Toward Its Target On The Moon

State Holiday Death Toll On Highways Reach 16

Wednesday, June 1, 1966
Mob In Hue Burns U.S. Consulate; Monk Hurt In Blast

Supreme Court Strengthens U.S. Antirust Muscle
Lexington Herald
Profit Taking, Peace Rumors Cause Stock Market To Drop Sharply
Hill’s 500 Win Worth $156,297

Thursday, June 2, 1966
Surveyor 1 Lands on Moon

“Ah Shuck!” Black Box Foils Gemini
Lexington Herald
Ky and Buddhist Reach Agreement
Boy, 15 Drowns On Fayette Farm

Friday, June 3, 1966
Surveyor Sends 144 Moon Pictures

State Adopts Rules Extending Medicare To Needy Under 65
Lexington Herald
County Budget Tops 2 Million
Board Decides To Close Abe Lincoln Elementary

Saturday, June 4, 1966
Holy Spacewalk! Cernan’s Packing A Set Of Bat Wings

Gemini 9 Space Linkup Is Halted
Lexintgon Herald & Lexington Leader
Richmond, Nicholasville Get Public Utility Grants

10 Other Colts Stand In Kauai King’s Triple Crown Path Today

Sunday, June 5, 1966

Docking Out, Spacewalk In
Actor Reagan Expected To Win In GOP Primary (CA)
Lexington Herald-Leader
Surveyor 1 Continues Its Picture Snapping
Amberoid Wins Belmont, King 4th

Monday, June 6, 1966
Foggy Face Plate Mars 2-Hour Spacewalk

South African Leaders Decline RFK Visit
Lexington Herald
6 Yanks Killed In Ambush

Moon Robots Discover Mountains

Tuesday, June 7, 1966
Police Force King To Side Of Road As Rights Group Takes Up Meredith March

100,000 More Troops Due In Viet Nam This Year
Chandler Says He’ll Run For Governor
Lexington Herald
36 Million Rockwell- Standard Plant To Be Built In Winchester

Jets Help Yanks Kill 77 Reds

Wednesday, June 8, 1966

Mid-Air Collision Destroys 500 Million Bomber
Alma’s 110-M.P.H. Winds Bear Down On FL; 100,000 Urged To Leave
Kansas Tornado Kill 11; Hurt 420
Lexington Herald
Record Times Set At Red Mile
Paratroop Decimate North Viet Battalion

Thursday, June 9, 1966
Mid-Air Collision Destroys 500 Million Bomber

Alma’s 110-M.P.H. Winds Bear Down On FL; 100,000 Urged To Leave
Kansas Tornado Kill 11; Hurt 420
Lexington Herald
Record Times Set At Red Mile
Paratroop Decimate North Viet Battalion

Friday, June 10, 1966

“Truth In Packaging” Bill Is Passed By Senate 72-9; Most Food, Drugs Covered
Alma, Killer of 47, Sweeps Into FL
Americans Impatient Pollsters Tell LBJ
Lexington Herald
Judge Bars Herald Reporter From Juvenile Court

Army Depot Workers Go To Viet Nam

Saturday, June 11, 1966
Burley Sold Aboard To Get 5 Cent Subsidy

State Will Give Needy Free Birth Control Pills
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Kentucky Growers Oppose Leaf Subsidy Plan

Judge Abandons Try To Close Public Court

Sunday, June 12, 1966
McNamara Says 18,000 More GIs Tagged For War

Belle Edges Out Queen
Lexington Herald-Leader
Viet Military Successes Exceed U.S. Expectations

Leaf Men Convene For Meet

Monday, June 13, 1966
U.S. Bombs Viet Reds

Study Shows Negro Gains In Jobs
Lexington Herald
Illegal Whiskey Sales Charged To Four Men

U.S. Made Error Joining Asian War Says Romney 

Tuesday, June 14, 1966
City Wide Kindergarten Approved

First Boat Through Canal At KY & Barkley Lakes
Lexington Herald
6-9 Dan Issel Signs With Kentucky

Expanded Medicare Act Could Benefit ½ Of State

Wednesday, June 15, 1966
Mayor Offers Tight Budget, Warns Of Possible Tax Rise

Fireman’s Union Starts City Hall Hunger Strike
Lexington Herald
Board Makes Closing of Lincoln Elementary Official

Senate Gets 17 Billion Defense Bill

Thursday, June 16, 1966
One Rocket Orbits 8 Satellites

No. 1 Dog “Him” Dead (LBJ Beagle)
Lexington Herald
Patrolman Indicated On Charge Of Murder

Leathernecks Use Knives, Rocks In Fight

Friday, June 17, 1966
Tax Hike Question Still Open: Sec. Flower

Viet Girl’s Fire Death Try Fails
Lexington Herald
More Airline Service Requested For Fayette

20 Central Kentuckians Plan Ministry To Mexico

Saturday, June 18, 1966
Ky Moves To Crush Rebellion

New Divorce Law Is Now In Effect
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
UK To Build Football Stadium On Coldstream

Dems To Open Office In Franfort

Sunday, June 19, 1966
Premier Ky Celebrates Anniversary

Late Charging Palmer Rallies For 70; Takes 3 Stroke Lead In U.S. Open
Lexington Herald-Leader
Knowledge Of Medicare Still Limited

Buckpasser Wins Richard Stakes

Monday, June 20, 1966
Russia Readies Welcome for President DeGaulle

Ky Celebrates One Year In Office; Predicts Complete Victory By 1967
Lexington Herald
Bombers Hit Enemy In 3 Raids

Palmer Blows Huge Lead, Must Meet Casper Today In Open Playoff

Tuesday, June 21, 1966
Vessel Carrying Weapons From China Is Captured

Casper’s 69 Beas Palmer By 4 For U.S. Open Title
Lexington Herald
Eight Killed As Burning Bomber Smashes Homes After Mid-Air Collision

William K. Stoll, 23, Is Killed In Viet Nam

Wednesday, June 22, 1966
Yanks Beat Back 3 Sneak Attacks

Pikeville Judge, 4 Others Face U.S. Charge
Lexington Herald
First Menifee Solider Dies In Viet Nam
2.2 Million Budget Adopted For Fayette County

Thursday, June 23, 1966
Former Aide Calls Sen. Dodd’s Official Visits To Germany A Cover-up

Hope Dims For Viet Nam War Peace Talks
Lexington Herald
Man Gunned Down To Death On Downtown Street

Governors From 4 States Plan Tourists Project For Ohio River

Friday, June 24, 1966
Riot Police Use Tear Gas On Mississippi Marchers

Dodd Denies Accusation By Ex-Aide
Lexington Herald
State Bans Use Of LSD

New York City Cancels Reception For King Faisal Of Saudi Arabia

Saturday, June 25, 1966
Commies Training Frogmen

Clay To Meet German Sept 10 In Title Bout
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Sen Dodd Apologizes For Threats Made By His Son To Key Witness

Site For New Football Stadium May Not Be Ideal

Sunday, June 26, 1966
B52 Bombers Expand Spoiling Operations

Senate Will Investigate All Charges Against Dodd
Lexington Herald-Leader
De Gaulle Gets Close-up View Of Russian Launch

Rights Leaders Fall Behind Meredith

Monday, June 27, 1966
Rusk Sees No Prospect For Peace In Viet Nam

Kauai King Retired To Stud
Lexington Herald
Thousands Of CR Marchers Hold Climax Rally In Jackson
KY Weekend Traffic Toll Rises To 6

Tuesday, June 28, 1966
Yanks Pursue Commies
Dodd Defends Actions, Lashes Out At Former Aides

Lexington Herald
May Takes Third With Homer No. 522
Tobacco Crop Is Near Major Drought Setback

Wednesday, June 29, 1966
Commies Stay Clear Of Yankees

450 Die On KY Highways For Year
Lexington Herald
Marine William K. Stoll’s Body Arrives Today
Court OK New Funds For Roadways

Thursday, June 30, 1966
U.S. Jets Bomb Hanoi, Haiphng Signaling New Phase Of Viet War

Ralston Defeats Drysdale to Gain Wimbledon Finals
Lexington Herald
Fire Destroys Huge Tattersalls Warehouse

Morehead University Building To Cost 14M

Friday, July 1, 1966
Hanoi Oil Raids Designed To Bring War To Conference Table U.S. Says

Oxmoor Development Meets Zoning Rebuff
Lexington Herald
Tattersalls Warehouse To Rebuild Immediately
U.S. Jets Rain Bombs On 3 Fuel Depots

Saturday, July 2, 1966
U.S. Continues Heavy Bombing Of Viet Red Oil

Bad News For The 4th; State May Close Parks
Manuel Santana 1st Spaniard To Win Wimbledon
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Mother Of 7 Dies In Her Driveway

Americans Sink 3 Enemy Boats

Sunday, July 3, 1966
Allies Winning Viet War Gen. Westmoreland Says

Squabble Halts Garbage Pickup
Lexington Herald Leader
Holiday Traffic Death Rate Climbing Slowly
Johnson Forms Committee To Study Firms Effectiveness Of Draft

Monday, July 4, 1966
6 Governors Back Oil Raid; RFK Opposed

Showers May Provide Fourth Of July Bonus
Lexington Herald
Women Jumps To Death From 12th Story Of 1st Security Building

5 Persons Burned As Boat Explodes At Clays Ferry

Tuesday, July 5, 1966
Hanoi Oil Depots Half Destroyed; Industries Next

Right To Know Bill Is Signed Adopted By KY
Lexington Herald
Highway Deaths Are Over 500 For Holiday

GOP Governors Forecast Big Comeback For Party

Wednesday, July 6, 1966
President See Signs Viet Nam Reds No Longer Expect Military Victory

Stiffer Labeling Of Foods Rules Adopted By KY
Lexington Herald
Beer Drinker Who Drove 110 MPH Fined $150

Man Slain, 7 Held in Rockcastle Flairup

Thursday, July 7, 1966
All Night Blackout Follows Storms

700,000 Cars Are Recalled By Volkswagon
Lexington Herald
Patrolman Held In DUI Death Case

Fluoridation Rule Goes Into Effect July 22
V.P. Humphrey Hints Hanoi May Be Seeking Peace

Friday, July 8, 1966
U.S. Accuses North Viets Of Violating Geneva Rules In Parading Captive Fliers

2 Klansman Convicted, 4 Acquitted In GA.
Lexington Herald
Most Of Nations Major Airlines Paralyzed As Machinists Strike

Britain, India Call For Viet Nam Truce

Saturday, July 9, 1966
Strike Grounds Airline Travels By Thousands

Repair Crews Labor To Restore Power
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
31 Youths Face Court After Drag Race
60% Of U.S. Air Travel Services Grounded

Sunday, July 10, 1966
U.S. Pressing To End Strikes On 5 Airlines

Soviets Protest U.S. Oil Raids; Threatens Russians
Lexington Herald Leader
Negotiations Resume But Airline Strike Continues

50 Year Old Federal Highway Program Looks Ahead

Monday, July 11, 1966
250M Asked to Fix Strip Mines

Peking Declares U.S., Soviets Conspire To Circle Red China
Lexington Herald
Marine At War May Be Candidate For Congress

Namu, The Killer Whale Dies After Escape Try

Tuesday, July 12, 1966
U.S. Air Raids In Laos Double

China Implies Entry In War Is Not Likely
Lexington Herald
Joyland Pool Destroyed By Fire

Thunderstorms Hit Again; 2 Day Damage Worst In 20 Years

Wednesday, July 13, 1966
Kentuckians Boil In Record Heat; More Is Coming

4th TV Network Planned For Opening In Fall Of 67’
Lexington Herald
Air Strike; Peace Talks Broken Off

City, Rail Officials Sign Contract To Remove Downtown Tracks At phoenix Hotel

Thursday, July 14, 1966
Several City Blocks Flooded As 48 Inch Main Ruptures
Chicago Riots Spread Police, Negros Clash
Lexington Herald
U.S. Jets Beat Back Red MIGs
66’ Burly Crop May Drop To 522 Million Pounds

Friday, July 15, 1966
Trotters Return To Louisville In 10 Yrs

Chicago Rioting Flares
Lexington Herald
Charges Brought Against Police Chief Kersey
8 Students Nurses Slain By Savage Young Killer

Saturday, July 16, 1966
Big Escalation Of Viet War Forecast If Reds Execute Captured American Pilots

SCOTUS Justice Douglas 67, Weds College Coed, 23
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Kersey Is Prepared To Meet Charges Of Misconduct

Growers Told To Solve Dilemmas, Stop Complaining & Work

Sunday, July 17, 1966
Liquor Legalized By Two Counties In Mississippi

Search For Drifter Richard Speck Who Killed 8 Nurses
Lexington Herald Leader
Nationwide Hunt On For Man Named As Slayer Of 8 Nurses

Judge Johnson Charges Kersey

Monday, July 18, 1966
Gemini Is “Go” For Blastoff This Afternoon

Ryun Of Kansas Sets World Mark With 3:51.3 Mile
Lexington Herald
Gemini 10 Set For Launch at 5:21 PM Today

Police Arrest Murder Suspect

Tuesday, July 19, 1966
Gemini Launches But Burns Up To Much Fuel

Commission Asks Change In State Abortion Laws
Lexington Herald
Kersey Says Charges By Johnson Not True

Tates Creek Medium Will Cost $150,000

Wednesday, July 20, 1966
LBJ Urges Hanoi To Join In Red Cross POW Talks

Johnson Colors His KY Trip Political
Lexington Herald
Record Barrage Of Missiles Downs 2 American Warplanes

Cleveland Vandals Loot, Set Fires In New Riots

Thursday, July 21, 1966
LBJ Urges Hanoi To Join In Red Cross POW Talks

Johnson Colors His KY Trip Political
Lexington Herald
Record Barrage Of Missiles Downs 2 American Warplanes

Cleveland Vandals Loot, Set Fires In New Riots

Friday, July 22, 1966
U.S. Apparently Holding 19 Reds For POW Swap

Records Show Dodd Charged One Trip Twice
Gemini Lands Smoothly
Lexington Herald
Mrs. Todd Retires After 17 Years As City Clerk

Col. Sanders Is Tapped As Democratic Finance Chief

Saturday, July 23, 1966
U.S. Navy Pilot Escapes From North Viet Nam

Viet War To Be Theme Of LBJ’s Ohio Valley Visit
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Federal Agents Arrest 16 As Bookmakers In CKY

Officials Brace For More Riots In Negro Slums

Sunday, July 24, 1966
LBJ: Support War, Fight Inflation, President Pleads Policies In Kentuckiana

LBJ Announces Lake Barkley 3.9 Million Grant
Lexington Herald Leader
LBJ Visits Ft. Campbell; Says GIs Have Turned The Tide Of Battle

Viet Cong Bombs U.S. Base

Monday, July 25, 1966
No Immediate Trial For Airman, Hanoi Says

Golfer Tony Lema, Wife Killed In Plane Crash
Lexington Herald
Marines Pinned Down By Heavy North Viet Fire
Airline Strike Talks Get Nowhere

Tuesday, July 26, 1966
Record 200,000 Paid For Thoroughbred Colt

Wounded Marines Executed By Reds, Survivor Report
Lexington Herald
Record Setting Crowd At Lions Bluegrass State Fair Opening

Farmer Kills Self After Shooting 2

Wednesday, July 27, 1966
Clay Says He’ll Retire In 2 Yrs And Become A Black Muslim Preacher

Bank Bails Out Belle With $60,000 Boiler
Lexington Herald
Survey Critical Of Lexington Schools
Toll Expressways Proposed For Lexington

Thursday, July 28, 1966
Senate Deals LBJ Setback By Cutting 100M From Military Aid Bill

Louisville Garbage Collector Strikers  May Be Fined
Lexington Herald
Mayor Fugazzi Against Local Tollroads Proposal

U.S. Crime Rate Outpaces Population Explosion

Friday, July 29, 1966
LBJ May Get Strike-Ending Power To Settle Airline Strikes

U2 Spy Plane Lost Apparently Flying On Cuban Mission
Lexington Herald
UK Students May Get Housing In Hotels

Fair Goes On Despite Weather

Saturday, July 30, 1966
LBJ Announces Airline Strike Over

U2 Dead Pilot Found In Bolivia
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Mrs. Kinkead Dies Following Illness (100)

Nations Airline Strike Over

Sunday, July 31, 1966
Vote Set Today By Airline Strikers On 72 Cent Strike

B52’s Intentionally Hit Viet Nam Neutral Zone
Lexington Herald Leader
Machinist Get Whopping Rise

Shrine’s Imperial Potentate On Official Lex Visit

Monday, August 1, 1966
Machinist Turn Down Airline Pact

U.S. Plane 8 Men Lost On A Secert Mission Over N. Viet Nam
Lexington Herald-Leader
Fast Action By Congress Predicted In Airline Strike

Lincoln School Mothers Fight To Keep School Open

Tuesday, August 2, 1966
 Campus Sniper Kills 13* Before Police Slay Him; Murdered Family Earlier

Senate To Votes To Give Johnson Strike Ending Power
Lexington Herald
Killer Of 15* Is Found To Have Brain Tumor; Charles Whitman Campus Sniper

High-Noon Terror Ended By 3 Police 1 Civilian

Wednesday, August 3, 1966
Johnson Presses Congress For Quick Passage Of Law To Control Sale Of Guns

Red Oil Depots At Haiphong Hit a 3rd Time
Lexington Herald
U.S. To Pull Out Planes In France

Plan Reported Near To End Air Strike 

Thursday, August 4, 1966
2 More Firms Join Steel Rise; LBJ Fights It

Estimated Guns in U.S. Would Arm 100 Million
Lexington Herald
White House Rips Steel Price Hike As Irresponsible

“Joint Blame” Strike Bill Due

 Friday, August 5, 1966
Government Assails Steel Price Rise

Food Price Probe Ordered By Ag Secretary; Price Controls Last Resort
Lexington Herald
Steel Industry Pushes LBJ Into Tight Corner

Viet Nam Demilitarized Zone Blasted

 Saturday, August 6, 1966
LBJ Worries Rising Prices, Wages May Force Cuts In Space Program
Rusk Dosen’t Bar Possible Invasion Of North Viet Nam
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
LBJ “Indirectly” Hints At Steel Price Increase

Washington Gets Ready For Luci Johnson’s Wedding

Sunday, August 7, 1966
3,000 Troops Land, Fly To War Zone
Cassius Won By KO In UK
Flying Farmers Criticize Bowman Field’s Charges
Lexington Herald Leader 
End To Air Strike Is Urged
Outspoken Beatles Sound Off Some More

Monday, August 8, 1966
Pentagon Report: War Requires 750,000 GIs

Viet Nam Effect On U.S. Economy Is Less Than Any Modern War
Lexington Herald
Luci, Pat Honeymoon In Nassau; Fly Airliner Under Assume Names

Flamming Jet Airliner Crashes In Nebraska; 41 Dead On Board Die

Tuesday, August 9, 1966
Rioting Curb Added To Rights Bill: Now Federal Crime To Incite Riot

KEA: Give Teachers Stronger School Role
Lexington Herald
U.S. Pounds North Vietnamese Division With Shells, Napalm

Farmers Not To Blame For Rising Cost Of Foods
6 Year Old 600th Auto Death Of Year

Wednesday, August 10, 1966
Rights Bill Passed By House; Faces Tough Senate Fight

Top U.S. Pilot In Viet Nam Lost In North
3 Inches Of Rain In St. Mathews
Lexington Herald
Lincoln Closing Draws Suit By School Patrons

Johnson Sees No Danger In Wage-Price Inflation

Thursday, August 11, 1966
President Says Senate To Pass Rights Bill Soon

Viet Nam War May Become Third Biggest
Lexington Herald
Officials Shun Arbitration Plan For Plane Strike

14 Fayette Residents Accused Of Selling Narcotics
Drought Is Threatening Burley Crop

Friday, August 12, 1966
Ambassador Harriman To Search For Peace

Area Hospitals To Increase Nurses Pay
Lexington Herald
Government Not Given Authority To Seize Airlines

Lunar Orbiter Put On Perfect Path To Moon

Saturday, August 13, 1966
Call Reserves For Viet War; Senate Urges

Missiles, Cheers Greet Chicago Housing March
Humphrey Says Race Protests Getting Out Of Hand
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Use Of Reserves In Viet Nam War Urged By Senate
Police Kill Suspect; End Shooting Melee In Connecticut

Sunday, August 14, 1966
Multi-District School System Is Proposed; Revolutionary Plan

Union Requests Apparent Air Strike Accord
Air Force Seeks Scientific UFO Study
Lexington Herald Leader
Air Strike Was Settled But Union Torpedoed It.

Big Week Of Air Raids Costs U.S. 13 Aircraft
Race Riots Continue To Plaque North

Monday, August 15, 1966
Westmoreland: Hanoi Not Wavering

U.S. Orbits Camera Craft Around Moon
Lexington Herald
Johnson Says Commie Takeover In South Vietnam Impossible

Winchester Man Killed In Shooting
Hard To End Air Strike

Tuesday, August 16, 1966
End Looms To Strike On Airlines

A Giant Of Journalism, Herald Tribune, Is Dead
Lexington Herald
Machinist Start Campaign For Ratification For Pact

New Jr. High Named By County: Crawford
Gaines Buys Half Of Whitney Farms For 660,000

Wednesday, August 17, 1966
Banks Raise Their Key Interest Rate to 6%; Highest since 1920’s

I-75 To Open In Winter
Pay Raise Suggested For Congressmen
Lexington Herald
House Starts Probe Of Groups Protesting War
Fans Go Crazy For Beatles

Thursday, August 18, 1966
Senate Votes To Let Johnson Call Up Reserves

House Votes 371-0 For Auto Safety Bill
State Fair Opens Today
Lexington Herald
Johnson Given Power To Call Up Reserves

Willie Sets HR Record
Pioneer 7 On Course; Fly Near-Perfect Path Around Sun

Friday, August 19, 1966
LBJ Hints He’s Weighing Alternatives To The Draft

Senate Votes 58 Billion For Defense
Lexington Herald
Record “Peacetime” Defense Budget Approved By Senate 86-0 For 58B

Objects In Sky Seen Over Lexington

Saturday, August 20, 1966
Longest Costliest Air Strike Ends

Young Americans Believe That Draft Is Discriminating, Unfair
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Union Vote Ends Air Strike; Some Flights Resume Today

Johnson Promises To Improve Lives Of Slum Dwellers
New Jobs Open But Negros Aren’t Applying

Sunday, August 21, 1966
Violence Blocks Racial Progress, Johnson Warns

V.P. Humphrey Dedicates Barkley Dam
Buckpasser Wins Travers
Lexington Herald Leader
Barkley Dedicates Dam; Calls For Peace Efforts

Proposed UK Stadium Move Meets Stiff Opposition

Monday, August 22, 1966
Rights Bill Appears To Be Dead

Rocks, Bottles Hit Marchers In Chicago
Lexington Herald
Johnson Speaks Of End To War

B52s Pound Viet Cong Post
Strange Doings Reported In Sky Over Lexington

Tuesday, August 23, 1966
Lex & Fayette Schools May Merge

AFL-CIO Expects Growing Assaults On Wage Ceilings
Big 3 Auto Makers Deny Request To Open Pay Raise Talks
Lexington Herald
Beatles Bring Their Fans To The Brink

New Controls Passed On Banking Practices
Big 3 Auto Makers Refuse UAW’s Pay-Raise Request

Wednesday, August 24, 1966
Republicans Begin Pushing All-Asian Viet Peace Talks

Draft Hearing For Cassius Clay
Lexington Herald
Court Votes 16.3 Cent Tax Rate For County

Draft Rejects Will be Given Special Assignments

Thursday, August 25, 1966
Johnson Backs Asian Peace Plan With A Soft Sell

Rights Leaders To Study Possible March Here
Lexington Herald
House Approves Measure To Curb Anti-War Activism

Taxpayers Foot Bill For Monkey Space Travel

Friday, August 26, 1966
House Rejects Senate Bill For LBJ To Call Up National Guard & Reserves 378-3

Orbiter Sends First Photo Of Earth’s Surface
Lexington Herald
Record U.S. Air Raid On North Is Reported

Apollo Moonship Gets Tough Road

Saturday, August 27, 1966
Fiery U.S. Napalm Kills Several American GIs

Greatest Pacer, Bret Hanover, Sold For 2 Million
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
American Jets Mistakenly Drop Flaming Napalm On U.S. Company

6 Murder Cases on Fayette September Docket

Sunday, August 28, 1966
Success Story: 1966 Kentucky State Fair

Top Reds Force New Civilization On China
Fixed Harness Racing Reported In NY
Lexington Herald Leader
Closing Of Lincoln School Upheld By Circuit Court

Reds Guards Are Warned Against Use Of Violence On Youth Protestors Against Communist China

Monday, August 29, 1966
Viet War Strategist Plan 600,000-Man U.S. Force

End Violence Peking Tells Young Reds
5 Burn In Car As Negro Mobs Riot In Illinois
Lexington Herald
Nixon Says Inflation Could Be Biggest Issue In Fall Elections

2 Americans Die When Reds Sink South Viet Ship

Tuesday, August 30, 1966
Reservist Call-Up Plan Revived; Would Let Johnson Mobilize 190,000

Scientist Try Taming Hurricane Faith Today By Bombs With Silver Iodine Smoke
Lexington Herald
LBJ Says Economy Is Strong
U.S. Jets Blast Red PT Boats

Wednesday, August 31, 1966
No Headlines Avaliable

Thursday, September 1, 1966
52 Cent Bet Makes Fertilizer Mixer A Millionaire

De Gaulle Asks U.S. Withdrawal For Viet Peace
Mayor Schmied Ask 10% Boost In Tax Revenue
Lexington Herald
Congress Passes, Sends LBJ Auto Safety Bill

U.S. Shoots Up 2 Red Boats

Friday, September 2, 1966
Federal Reserve Asks Banks To Slow Business Loans

Burly Harvest Time Is Here
LBJ Urges Law To Save Giant Redwoods
Lexington Herald
Moscow Will Increase Aid To North Viets

Agreement On Bill Raising Minimum Wage to $1.60
LT Grant 1st Judge Of Fayette Circuit Division 4

Saturday, September 3, 1966
Ky Says He’ll Never Parlay With Viet Cong

Cost Of Living’s Upward Path
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Russian Official Expelled From U.S.

U.S. Road Deaths Could Hit 630 Persons
France & Cambodia Demand All Foreign Troops Vacate Viet Nam

Sunday, September 4, 1966
LBJ: Revive Life In Small Towns

Negro’s Top Worry Is Crime, Not Police Brutality
Lexington Herald Leader
7 Die In KY Road Accidents on First Day Of Holiday

President Pledges Help To Improve Rural America

Monday, September 5, 1966
Guard Clashes With Whites Attacking Cicero Marchers

P.M Wilson Thinks World On Edge Of Money Crisis
Lexington Herald
Six Held Hostage By Eddyville Escapee

Holiday Death Toll Is 9; 28 Fatalities Predicted
S. Viet Troops Kill 276 Viet Cong in Mekong Delta

Tuesday, September 6, 1966
U.S. Withdrawal Schedule Awaits Hanoi’s LBJ Says

Uninvited Gov. Romeny “Crashes” LBJ Rally
Lexington Herald
LBJ Says U.S. Will Withdrawal Its Troops From Viet Nam When Hanoi Does The Same

Hollywood Filming The “Flim Flam Man” In Bluegrass Today

Wednesday, September 7, 1966
Johnson, King Deplore Death Of P.M. Verwoerd

Atlanta Police Use Gas To Quell Negro Riot
Lexington Herald
South African Prime Minister Slain During Parliament

Farm Bureau Marks 25th Year In Mercer

Thursday, September 8, 1966
GI Who Refused To Go To Saigon Gets 3 Years

October Draft Call Increased To 49,200; Tops Since October 1953
Lexington Herald
Bill Calling For Minimum Wage Hike Passes House

Thousands Of Husbands Are Forced To Dig Deeper To Meet Living Cost

Friday, September 9, 1966
Gemini 11 “Go” For Blastoff This Morning

Poland Refuses To Give Billy Graham A Visa
Lexington Herald
President Announces Broad Attack On Inflation, High Interest Rates

Daring, Complex Gemini 11 Mission Passes Last Test; Given Go Ahead

Saturday, September 10, 1966
2 GIs Get 5 Years For Refusing Viet Nam Service

Gov. Wallace Orders Teacher Segregation
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Turfland Mall Will Use Gas Power

Bold Space Journey Is Postponed

Sunday, September 11, 1966
Food Stamp Plan Expanded In Kentucky

Gov’t Makes Two Moves Against High Interest Rates
Lexington Herald Leader
Gemini 11 Mission Delayed Again; Shot Is Rescheduled For Monday

Lexington Beautification Committee Seeks Clean-Up Volunteers

Monday, September 12, 1966
Australia’s Fred Stolle Wins U.S. Open Tennis Title

Atlanta Moves To Prevent Further Rioting
Lexington Herald
70% Of Voters Turn Out For South Viet Nam Election

3rd A-Bomb Detonated By France
Gemini Mission Gets Firm “Go” From NASA

Tuesday, September 13, 1966
Giant Step Towrd Moon: Gemini 11 Cables, Docks With Agena On 1st Orbit

Negroes At Two Schools Attacked In Mississippi
Lexington Herald
“Determined” Gemini Pilots Dash To Worlds Swiftest Rendezvous, Link-up with Agena

Conscientious Objector From Georgetown Before Federal Court

Wednesday, September 14, 1966
Truth-Label Bill Shelved By Committee

U.S. Judge Orders Mississippi Officials To Protect Negros
Lexington Herald
Senate Expected To Kill New Civil Rights Measure

Astronaut “Poops Out” In Try To Walk Around World

Thursday, September 15, 1966
Bill Raising Minimum Wage Goes to LBJ

Civil Rights Bill Apparently Dead
Lexington Herald
Record Smashing Gemini 11 Astronauts Soar Higher and Faster Than Man Has Ever Flown

Wallace Wilkinson, 11 Employees Of Bookstore Fined For Sunday Sales

Friday, September 16, 1966
Local Teacher Drafted; First During Viet War

Gemini Flight A Rousing Success
Lexington Herald
Gemini Astronauts Return Home Holders Of Seven Space Records

UK’s Fall Enrollment is 13, 871
Keeneland Sales Reach Near Record $3,498,700

Saturday, September 17, 1966
Pay Raises Announced For 1,700 City Employees; Firemen Reject Theirs

4.57M Metropolitan Opera Unveiled
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
Kentucky Football Season Opener Against UNC

Fayette School Tax Rate Attacked; Action Has Statewide Implications

Sunday, September 18, 1966
Louisville Fireman Strike Looms

Exploding Meteor Rains Debris Over Two States
Lexington Herald Leader
Civil Rights Hovering Over Southern Governors Heads

Vaccination Leads To Trouble For Lexington Boy

Monday, September 19, 1966
Futuristic Look Proposed For Downtown Lexington

State Wrecks Claims 5 In Weekend
Lexington Herald
U.S. Marines Break Trap Kill 50 Enemy

Reagan Another Ike?
Intruder Kill Daughter Of GOP Leader Percy

Tuesday, September 20, 1966
Vote Again Fails In Senate, So Rights Bill Is Dropped For This Year

Strike Won’t Halt Fire Protection, Mayor Says
Lexington Herald
County Schools Face Deficit Operations

Housewife Seeks To Aid County Patrols Image

Wednesday, September 21, 1966
U.S. To Offer New Savings Notes

Chandler Files For 3rd Term As Governor
Lexington Herald
UK Complex Will Cost 13M

College Site Near Hazard Approved

Thursday, September 22, 1966
Reserve Call Up Authorization Passed In House

States’ TV To Reach The Hollows
Lexington Herald
Lexington Will Need Two More Big Shopping Centers By 1980

Senate Defeats Civil Rights Proposal By Senator Dirksen

Friday, September 23, 1966
Correction Chief Ousted By Gov. Breathitt

Snow Leopard Escapes From Zoo
Lexington Herald
John Y. Brown Launches Campaign For Senate

U.S. Offers Hanoi Peace Plan If Both Armies Withdrawal

Saturday, September 24, 1966
1,000 Commie Guerrillas Join In Human Wave Attack On South Viet Nam

Russia Spurns U.S. Offer Of Peace In Viet Nam
Lexington Leader & Lexington Herald
U.S. Peace Bid Denounced By Russia

Kentucky Scores Among Lowest On Draft Test

Sunday, September 25, 1966
2 Firms Win Raises On Car Insurance

Bob Kennedy’s In-Law Killed In Plane Crash
Cincinnati Bishop Is Curtailing Appalachian Nuns
Lexington Herald Leader
Cooper Launches Senate campaign At Centre College

LBJ To Continue Search For Peace

Monday, September 26, 1966
Twin Typhoons Hit Japan

House To Get Anti-Poverty Bill
Lexington Herald
Soviet Union Out To Make 1966 An Anti-American Year In U.N.

Economy In No Danger Say Experts

Tuesday, September 27, 1966
LBJ Expected to Meet Viet Allies

200 Firemen Favor Delay On Strike Vote
Carrollton Bridge Connecting Louisville & Cincinnati is Close To Completion
Lexington Herald
Cooper Accuses Brown Of Untruth

Grand Jury Asks Probe Of Fayette Police “Irregularities”

Wednesday, September 28, 1966
Firemen Pay Plan Eases Strike Threat

San Francisco Negroes Riot After Youth Slain
Lexington Herald
LBJ, Seven Allies Will Discuss Chances For End To Viet War

Love Triangle Indicated At Tharp Murder Trial

Thursday, September 29, 1966
Guards Move In As San Francisco Riots Erupt Anew

Doctors Order Arnold Palmer To Slow Pace
Lexington Herald
Tharp Surprise Witness In Love-Triangle Case

Senator Cooper Says History Will Favor Warren Report

Friday, September 30, 1966
Democrats Save, Pass Poverty Bill After House GOP Ambush “Kills” It

Third Party Possible: Segregationist Maddox’s Victory Win, Clear Sign of Dixie Toughness
Lexington Herald
Tharp Gets Life Terms For Killing Two Women

23 Million Bluesky Industrial Complex Denied

Saturday, October 1, 1966
House Votes To Suspend Tax Credits For Businesses

5 Reputed Mafia Men As Silent As Clams
Two Nazi Chiefs Leave Prison After 20 Years
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Hospitals Here Plan Rate Hike
5 Are Killed In 4 Weeks On Central Kentucky Highway

Sunday, October 2, 1966
GE Strike At Midnight Seems Sure

Death Toll From Hurricane Inez Reported at Over 1,100
Lexington Herald Leader
Missing Richmond Boy Found After All Night Search
Mighty Inez Humbled By Cuba’s Mountains

Monday, October 3, 1966
GE Strike Delayed For 2 Weeks

LBJ Pleads Viet War Needs
Lexington Herlad
Russian Troops Training North Viet Missile Crews

Air Calvary Kills 110 Enemy Troops 

Tuesday, October 4, 1966
Ike On War: Wouldn’t Bar Use Of A-Arms

Use Of Taft-Hartley Act “Possibility” If GE Talks Bog Down
Lexington Herald
City School Board Asks Merger Of Lexington, Fayette Districts

GE Urged To Settle Disputes

Wednesday, October 5, 1966
Senate Trims, Passes Poverty Bill; Slash Is Budget Victory For LBJ

GE, Union Told Walkout Would Hurt War Pace
Lexington Herald
Record Per Acre Leaf Crop Predicted

Walnut Hall Colt Brings $90,000 At Tattersalls
3 Flee Franklin County Jail; Kidnap Optometrist In Getaway

Thursday, October 6, 1966
Retrial Ordered For Jack Ruby Outside Dallas

2 On Warren Commission Defend Report
Lexington Herald
Chrysler, UAW Arrive At Terms To End Walkout

Tattersalls Sales Hits 1,860,400 To Near Record
Franklin Escapees Jailed In Michigan

Friday, October 7, 1966
School-Aid Bill Passes; Intergration Pace Slowed

Police In Louisville To Get Good-Guy Look-White Cars
Lexington Herald
Records Tumble At Tattersalls

Lexington Bus Drivers Threaten Midnight Strike Sunday

Saturday, October 8, 1966
Gov. Connally Tells KY Crowd To Send Johnson More Democrats To Washington

44 Fleeing Cuba Lost After Inez Sinks Boat
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Bret Hanover Paces in 1:53 3-5 To Break World Record For Mile

Bus Negotiations To Begin Today

Sunday, October 9, 1966
As U.S. Softens Peace Terms, More Is Asked

GE Unionist At Owensboro Vote To Strike
Lexington Herald Leader
Bus Drivers To Strike At Midnight; Settlement Attempts Prove Futile

Paul Harvey Will Speak For Chamber Banquet

Monday, October 10, 1966
Orioles Sweep Dodgers In World Series

Deadly Inez Again Perils Texas Coast
Lexington Herald
Bus Drivers’ Strike Idles 71 Buses, Transpiration Woes Expected

Inez Aims For Coast Of Texas

Tuesday, October 11, 1966
Church Tax Exemption Left Standing By Court

Impasse Broken On Pact To Halt Nuclear Spread
Lexington Herald
Downtown Area Taking Transit Strike In Stride

D.C. Is Denied Home Rule

Wednesday, October 12, 1966
LBJ To Propose 10% Increase In SS Benefits For All

LBJ Given Power To Call Reserve Force
GE Trying To Renege On Pledge, U.S. Says
Lexington Herald
3 Vehicle Wreck Kills 2 Hurts 5 In Richmond

SS Raises To Be Sought In 67 Increase To Cost 2.2 Billion 

Thursday, October 13, 1966
Food Prices Spur Revolt Of Housewives

New GE Offer Rejected
Lexington Herald
November Draft Call Is Lowered
Strangler Strike Again, Kills Wife Of Physician In Cincinnati
Rebellion Against Food Cost Ignites Supermarket Wars

Friday, October 14, 1966
LBJ Rejects Suspension Of Bombing Until Hanoi Reduces Its War Activity

Social Security Boost Rushed By Congress
Lexington Herald
Spending Increases U.S. GNP
Russia Says China Halted Viet Win

Saturday, October 15, 1966
Surprise Accord Averts GE Strike; Pay Package Estimated at 5% Yearly

Zionist Seized In U.N. Protest At Syrian Office
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
GE, Unions Arrive At Terms; Victory For LBJ

Bus Freeze Ends; Mayor Steps In

Sunday, October 16, 1966
Surprise Accord Averts GE Strike; Pay Package Estimated at 5% Yearly

Zionist Seized In U.N. Protest At Syrian Office
Lexington Herald Leader
GE, Unions Arrive At Terms; Victory For LBJ

Bus Freeze Ends; Mayor Steps In

Monday, October 17, 1966
Kremlin Says LBJ “Deluded” In Bid For Closer Ties While War Goes On

U.S. Coast Guard Yields To Kentucky on Navigable Waters In Commonwealth
Lexington Herald
Bus Strike Negotiations Begin Today

Russians Will Launch Spacecraft This Week
Transy 1.6 Million Fine Arts Center To Be Dedicated

Tuesday, October 18, 1966
LBJ Leaves On Tour Of 6 Nations

2 Monkeys May Spend A Year Orbiting Earth
Cancer Awaits 1 In 4 Americans Society Predicts
Lexington Herald
LBJ Starts Asian Journey Today To Find Solution To Viet Conflict

Buses Still Stalled; Negotiations Failed

Wednesday, October 19, 1966
Housewives On Warpath Snub “High Price” Grocers

Killer Vine, Kudzu, Strangles Part Of State
House Probers Say Light Bulbs Die To Soon
Lexington Herald
Tidal Wave Headed For Shores Of Hawaii

LBJ Arrives In Honolulu On First Day Of Peace Mission

Thursday, October 20, 1966
JFK’s Grave Site Near Completion

Taft-Hartley Action Halts GE Walkout
Fireman’s Pay Plea Rejected By Aldermen
Lexington Herald
Arbitration Is Unlikely In City Transit Strike
Elizabeth Arden, Owner of Maine Chance Farm Dies

Friday, October 21, 1966
LBJ Asks Australia To Hold Fast In Viet Nam, Says “Light At End” In Sight

U.S. Sets Major Attack On Alcoholism
Louisville Post Office “Bursting At The Seams”
Lexington Herald
East High Apartment Is Described As Meeting Place Of Drug Users

5th Victim; Cincinnati Women Is Found Strangled

Saturday, October 22, 1966
Paint Throwers Fail To Dampen Huge Australian Welcome For LBJ

Food Price Dips As Boycott Grows
Coal Avalanche Buries School In Wales, Killing Scores
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
UK To Purchase Two Motel Sites

Police Clam Up On Drug Investigation
Mayor Asks For Daily Talks In Bus Strike

Sunday, October 23, 1966
Wales Feels Numb In Slide’s Wake; 2,000 Dig On

Soviet Spy George Blake Escapees London Prison
State Steps Up Air Pollution Fight
Lexington Herald Leader
Master Double Spy Escapes From Prison

Cooper & Brown Meet In Cordial Atmosphere

Monday, October 24, 1966
7 Nation Manila Summit On Viet Nam War Opens With Call For Asian Peace

Big Business Is Criticizing Government
Ex-Convicts Questioned In Escapee Of Soviet Spy
Lexington Herald
3 UK Students Face Drug Counts; Marijuana Possession Charged

Cincinnati Takes Measures To Deal With Strangler

Tuesday, October 25, 1966
Firemen Begin Strike Vote

Anti-American Mob Fights Police At LBJ’s Hotel
Gallop Poll Predicts Dramatic GOP Gains
Lexington Herald
Trick or Treat Is Sunday

Bus Company, Union Will Resume Talks

Wednesday, October 26, 1966
Manila Proposal Gives Hanoi A Timetable For Withdrawal

Bread, Milk Hikes Blamed On Middleman
Fireman Vote Against Strike In Louisville
A Good Spat Now and Then Can Help A Marriage
Lexington Herald
UK Medical Center Employees Napped In Drug Probe

Secrecy Sought In UK Marijuana Trial

Thursday, October 27, 1966
How LBJ’s Trip To Viet Nam Was Decided – and Kept Secret

We Rely On You, President Tells Cheering Troops
Muhammad or Cassius, Clay’s A Champ To Kids
Lexington Herald
Johnson Makes Surprise Visit To Viet Nam
Whitney Urges More Turf Racing
Trials Set For Nov 9 In U.K. Hallucination Drug Cases

Friday, October 28, 1966
Red China Fires A Nuclear Missile; Range Of Test Believed To Be 400 Miles
Test For Germen Measles Developed
Five Catholic Hospitals Cut Charitable Care
Lexington Herald
Red Chinese Claim Development Of Missile Able To Carry A-Bomb
Bus Drivers Reject Offer By Company

Saturday, October 29, 1966
King of Thai Toast Thanks To LBJ For Aid

Civil War Still Marks Today Mountain Politics
An Oklahoma “Shootout” Revises Old Dueling Law
U.S. GI Guilty Of Murder In Death Of Viet Women
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
China Is Still Several Years From Perfecting Nuclear Missile
Owner Of Tree Haven Farm Dies In Helicopter Crash
Halloween Mask For Kids Only

Sunday, October 30, 1966
LBJ Finds Kind Words In Malaysia

Time Change Affects Few Kentucky Cities
Sad Face Queen Visits Welsh Disaster Village
Lexington Herald Leader
Old Morrison To Be Designated National Historic Site

Columbia Gas Is Accessed Of Pressuring Local Union

Monday, October 31, 1966
Violent Demonstrations Mar Visit To Malaysia; LBJ Warns China

Fireman Plan Court Action In Pay Fight
No Need To Fret Folks; Lexington Still Stands; A Mock Disaster
Lexington Herald
Violent Demonstrations Mar LBJ’s Malaysia Trip
Minutemen Terrorist Plot Smashed In NY


Tuesday, November 1, 1966
Reds Shell Heart Of Saigon During Huge Holiday Parade

Millions Hail LBJ’s Entry Into Seoul
Alleged Arson Targets Of Minutemen Listed
Lexington Herald
FBI Authorities Arrest Air Force Sergeant On Spy Charge

Johnson Given Warm Reception In South Korea
Gunman Gets Cash At Lexington Hotel

Wednesday, November 2, 1966
LBJ Ends Tour With Fervent Vow To Defend U.S. Interest In Asia

KY: Ruling May Stir Broad Juvenile Protection Policy Changes
JFK Autopsy Photos, X-Rays Given To Archives
Lexington Herald
Johnson Winds Up Far East Tour
Difficult Days Still Ahead In Vietnam
Lexington Leaf Market Will Open Nov 28

Thursday, November 3, 1966
Storm Dumps Foot Of Snow On City

Thousands Left Without Power; Schools Closed
LBJ Home; Peace Hopes High
Korean Reds Wipe Out U.S. Patrol In Ambush
Lexington Herald
Three Killed On Accident On Snow Slick Paris Pike

Early Snow Hits Lexington; Nov. Record In Sight
Bus Firm, Drivers Meet Again Today
Monoxide Fatal To Teenager

Friday, November 4, 1966
LBJ To Undergo Minor Surgery To Repair Scar

Coal Miner Sued In First State Action To Comply With Stricter Strip Mining Laws
Pentagon Plans For Stepped-Up Viet Air Raids
Lexington Herald
Worst Early Snowstorm Is Blamed For 21 Deaths In Ohio Valley

Freezing Weather Moves Across State
LBJ To Undergo Another Operation

Saturday, November 5, 1966
Radar Use In Speeding Is Upheld

Nixon Retorts To LBJ’s Sharp Attack On Him
Fire On Carrier Off N. Viet Nam Kills 8 Soldiers
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
“Another” Carrier Blaze Takes Lives Of 8 Yanks On Aircraft Carrier FDR

New Contract Presented As Union, Company Meet
“Old Morrison” Is National Shrine, Dedicated Yesterday

Sunday, November 6, 1966
McNamara Says Cut In Draft Due

Kentucky Vote Of 800,000 Is Expected
Less Food, More Walking Is Good For Heart, Famed Doctor Says
UL Forces Issue Downs Kent State 23-20
Lexington Herald Leader
Dynamite As Firecrackers Is Fatal To 3 Pikeville Youths

Draft Calls May Be Cut In Half Says McNamara
LBJ, Nixon Speak Up As Election Nears

Monday, November 7, 1966
Chelf Is Named To Run In 4th After The Death Of Moloney

Candidate Dies After Heart Attack
Ex-Swimming Champ Is Found Shot To Death
Death Toll In Italian Floods Reach 143
Lexington Herald
Emergency Force Of 100,000 Battling Italy’s Worst Flood

Local Interest High In Tuesday Election
LBJ, Nixon Speak Up As Election Nears

Tuesday, November 8, 1966
Nearly A Million Kentuckians Cast Votes Today; State Constitution Top Issue|

Fires Level 3 Buildings At Old Boone Distillery
200,000 Riot In India At Cow-Slaughter Protest
Lexington Herald
GOP Confident Of Posting Gains
Off Year Record Of 59 Million Votes Expected
33 Of 36 Frankfort Police Officers Resign in Mass Protest

Wednesday, November 9, 1966
Cooper Sweeps; Snyder, Cowger Win; Constitution Beaten, Reagan Wins

State GOP Holds Most Congressional Seats Since 1928
All Counties Turn Down New Charter
Pope Authorizes Work Toward Common Bible
Lexington Herald
Cooper Wins Easily Over Brown

KY Constitution Dealt Severe Blow
Gains By GOP Spell Trouble For LBJ
Reagan, Percy, Romney Lead GOP Triumphs

Thursday, November 10, 1966
Cook Enters Governor’s Race; More Expected Today

GOP Gains In States, Congress Restore Two Party Balance
Charter Loss May Be Big ‘67 Vote Issue
Gov. Breathitt Announces New Aid For Mentally Ill
Lexington Herald
GOP Draws Even; Now Have 25 Governorships

Jury Will Get UK Drug Case
Chandler Sees “State In Decay”

Friday, November 11, 1966
Ward In Race For Governor

Russia Likely Erecting Missile Defense System
LBJ Expects Trouble With New Congress
Ex-Nazi Chosen To Try To Form Bonn Coalition 
Lexington Herald
Ward Says He’ll Run For Governor
Traffic Death Toll Within 16 of 1965 Total
Nunn Voices Approval For Senator Morton For Governor

Saturday, November 12, 1966
Agena Balks After Gemini Docking; Boost To Higher Orbit “Scrubbed”

Stop-Romney Plan Reported Rising In GOP
Mother Widowed Twice By The Viet Nam War
Court Opens Way For GA Governor Runoff
Lexington Herald & Lexington Leader
Union Saboteurs Are Reported Tampering With Local Columbia Gas Company Mains

Gemini 12 Pilots Successfully Link Up With Rockets
Car Insurance Rate Hike To Be Allowed By State

Sunday, November 13, 1966
Aldridge Sets Space Stand Record

Killer Laughs As Shots Take Lives Of 5
5 U.S. Planes Lost In North; 2nd Worst Day
Cheer Up Folks Basketball Time Is Almost Here
Lexington Herald Leader
Youth Turns Executioner Kills 5 In Arizona
2 Hour Space Walk Scheduled For Today
Gas Line Sabotage Tried At Local Tobacco Plant

Monday, November 14, 1966
Astronaut “Walks” For 35,000 Miles and Isn’t Tired

LBJ Approves Tax Dollars For Campaign
Japan Plane Hit Sea, 50 Aboard
Soccer Style Kicker Sets Record Of Six Field Goals
Lexington Herald
Aldrin Sets Space Walk Record; Astronaut Makes Plea For Peace
North Viets Clash With U.S. Forces
GA May Not Have Governor To Inaugurate

Tuesday, November 15, 1966
Gemini 12 Loses Some Of Its Zing In Homestretch

Catholic Bishops; Birth Control Invades Privacy
Clay Stops “Cat” In 1:08 Of Third Round
Court Asked To Halt Negro Draft In Mississippi
Scotland Yard Arrest Another Spy
Lexington Herald
Breckinridge In Gov. Race; Morton is Out

UK Students Bound Over In Marijuana Counts
Nunn To Wait Until GOP Chiefs Conference
Pilots Drift Toward Return To Earth In Tiny Spacecraft Plagued By Troubles

Wednesday, November 16, 1966
Astronauts Write Finale To Gemini Series

Now Apollo! U.S. Zeroes In On Moon
Still Higher Food Prices Predicted
Eavesdropping Admitted By FBI
Lexington Herald
Record Breaking Gemini 12 Flight Lands On Target

Mare In Foal To Bold Ruler Brings $186,00o At Keeneland
Transit Firm Makes Offer; Transit Strike May End Soon
5 U.S. Copters Shot Down By Reds

Thursday, November 17, 1966
President Successfully Undergoes Duel Surgery, And Couldn’t Feel Better

Chandler Throws Charter Into Gov. Race
Pope Sharply Rebukes Jesuit Progressives
Well, TV Fans, You’ll See Irish Spartans After All
Lexington Herald
Union Makes Counter Offer In Transit Strike

KY Road Deaths Break Record With 6 Weeks To Go; Toll 918
Nunn Says He Will Run In Governor’s Race

Friday, November 18, 1966
Ike May Make Overseas Tour At LBJ’s Behest

Baptist Drop Ban On Loans
Brown Farm Shopping Unit Is Proposed; Louisville’s Largest Mall Center
Assembly Barred From Choosing GA Governor
Lexington Herald
Signs Of Deterioration Increasing Among Viet Enemy

Warren Commission Attorney To Clash With Critics Of Report
UK Marijuana Case Delayed
Man On Moon Moves Step Closer

Saturday, November 19, 1966

Alderman Vote 10% City Tax Boost; $1 Million Revenue Gain Predicted
Bishops Lift Ban Of Meat On Friday For U.S. Catholics
Koufax Forced Into Retirement By Ailing Arm
Israeli-Arab Border Sealing Debated By U.S.
Lexington Herald
Striking Bus Drivers, Mechanics To Vote On New Contract Tonight

U.S. Bishops Abolish Old Abstinence Rule
Orbiter 2 Radios Pictures; Show Potential Landing Sites

Sunday, November 20, 1966
Bohemians Vs Wealthy For Sunset Strip Power

Football Titans Battle To 10-10 Tie; Mich/Irish
U.S. Bishops Support Negroes In “White Belt” Suburbs
State Land Will Connect Official’s Land and I-65
Lexington Herald
Transit Strike Settled Service Resumes Friday

Transfer Of High Officers Shakes Up South Viet Command
Historical Marker To Be Placed At Transy For Lexington Architects

Monday, November 21, 1966
Neo-Nazis Capture 15 Seats In Bavarian Legislature

U.S. Viet Force To Reach Top At 475,000
Israel’s Aim: Seal Borders; “Deploy” Forces
Packers On Top; Unitas Benched
Lexington Herald
Nevada Town Unconcerned About Nearby A-Bomb Test

Yanks, South Viets Kill 166 Reds Near Cambodia
Path Is Cleared For Buildup Of GIs In Mekong Delta
Bama Gets Shot At Number 1 After Irish Spartan Tie

Tuesday, November 22, 1966
U.S. May Prop Shaky Jorden With Arms Aid

Louisville Girl Named U.S. Science Scholar
Warren Report Erred On Bullet, Aid Says
Meeting Fails To Avert Cook, Nunn Battle
Lexington Herald
Aid Says Friction Existed Between JFK & LBJ Factions On Funeral Plane

City Bus Service To Resume Today
U.S. Forces Pounded By Enemy
Court Sets Hearing For Dec. 5 On GA. Election

Wednesday, November 23, 1966
Government Slashes Poverty Funds, State Hit Hard

War Spending Running Ahead of 1965 Rate
3 Years Later, Thousands Pay Homage To JFK
Disney Undergoes Surgery On Lung
Lexington Herald
Burley Profits Pinched By Labor Cost
Leaders Of House See No Need For New Assassination Probe
Safe Driving Appeal Made
Bank Merger Ruling Passes Major Test

Thursday, November 24, 1966
Military To Take 300,000 Fewer Men Next Year

LBJ Trims U.S. Road Funds By 25%
Plutonium Breakthrough Promises Endless Power
Cost Of Living Rises Sharply For October
Lexington Herald
Fayette School Tax Hike Agreed In High Court
Viet Build Up To Be Lower Next Year
Lower Death Toll Is Hope As I-75 Stretch Opens
Highest Apartment Building In Lexington Is Planned; 23 Stories

Friday, November 25, 1966
Censure Of Israel By U.N. Council Is Likely Today

JFK Autopsy Sketch Erred, Doctor Says
Turkey Day Party In Wat Zone
Largest Crowd See Male Upset Manual
Lexington Herald
Palestine Denied Arms To Fight Israel Riot
Population Pleas Given To Pope By 21 Nobel Scientist
Thanksgiving Day Marked By Both Joy an Sadness
Czechs Relent On Captured Yank

Saturday, November 26, 1966
Security Council Strongly Rebukes Israel For Raids

Smog Puts Three States Under Alert
Both Parties Support LBJ on Fund Cuts
Grab A Mask, Capote Is Having A Ball 
Lexington Herald
Shooting Erupts As Legionnaires Fire On Rioters; Disorder Spreads To Jerusalem

Seniority Pay Started For Lexington Police and Fireman
Tobacco Official Blast Reasoning Used By Critics of Cigarettes
Midway Girl Killed In Auto Mishap

Sunday, November 27, 1966

Viet Cong Says They’ll Honor Two 48-Hour Holiday Truces
U.S. Backers Win Elections Down Under
King Hussein Hardens Line In Jordan Israel Rift
Gun Shot Kills Kentucky’s Youngest Sheriff In Johnson County 
Lexington Herald
Johnson County Sherriff Killed In Gun Fight

Viet Cong Propose 48 Hour Truce In War For Christmas and NYE
Arab Tension Frightens U.N. Peacemakers
U.S. Fears Cease Fire Will Turn Into Prolong Lull In Bombing

Monday, November 28, 1966
Saudi Troops Reported In Jordan To Aid Hussein

House Whip Predicts Rise In Income Tax
State Road Toll: 14 In One Day, 29 In Four Days
Dr. King Says Domestic Cuts Would Invite Riots, Despair
Lexington Herald
Auto Truck Crash Kills 4 Pineville Teenagers

Holiday Traffic Toll Rises To Record 677
Arab Nations Lack Unity To Fight Israel Effectively
Burley Market Will Open Today

Tuesday, November 29, 1966
Red China Edges Nearer U.N. Seat In Voting Today

Burley Sets A Price Record; $68.63 A Hundred Pounds
LBJ Steps In To Speed Up Home Building
State Road Funds Cut 14.1 Million
Lexington Herald
Burley Brings Record Price As Market Opens

Icy Bridges Cause Many Wrecks
State To Lose 14.1 Million In Road Aid; LBJ Cutback

Wednesday, November 30, 1966
Allies Agree To Cease Fires On 3 Brief Holiday Periods

Daylight Time Likely; Breathitt In No Hurry To Act On Slow Time
Mental Levels For Draftees Lowered Again
Jordan To Fight Israel If Raided, Hussein Warns
U.S. Intensifies Smoking Warning
Lexington Herald
Israel Claims Its Fighters Destroyed an Egyptian Jet

Leaf Averages $68.89; Deliveries Still Slow
Allies Announce Holiday Truce
Brezhnev Addresses Hungarian Communist Party

Thursday, December 1, 1966
New Budget May Reach 140 Billion

Lunar 2 Sends Great Photo of Big Crater
GE Lays Off 4,600 For Two Days
All Wiretap Cases Face U.S. Review
Lexington Herald
Freighter Sinks, 32 Feared Dead, One Survivor; Lake Heron

Teacher Fined In Grog Sale To Girl
All Eavesdropping Cases To Get Extensive Review
Gaines Loses Fight On Thoroughbred Control

Friday, December 2, 1966

Secretary Thant To Stay On At U.N.
U.S. Plans To Offer Radar To Midwest To Help Raids
New, Longer Tax Form To Be Tried
A Good Santa Claus Nowadays Is Hard To Find
Lexington Herald
Block Broken On Burley Market; Lexington Bidding Still Is Strong

Cincinnati Strangler Still Free One Year And 5 Deaths Later
Lafayette High School Band Concert Tonight At Memorial Coliseum
Fuller Given 20 Years For Carlisle Bank Holdup

Saturday, December 3, 1966

Recession Unlikely Strong Economy Predicted for ’67 In Report To LBJ
Mutual Fund Report Urges Tight Controls
Reagan Tells Striking Berkeley Students; Obey Rules Or Get Out
Additional Week Offered Churchill Downs In Fall
Lexington Herald
Report Calls For Reforms In Mutual Fund Industry

70% Drop Noted In County-Wide Construction
Lexington Boys Ranch Is Given New Home For Next Year
Rupp Starts 37th Season At UK; Kittens Play Cincy

Sunday, December 4, 1966

13 U.S. Fliers Lost In Hanoi Raid
Viet War World’s Top Issue
6-Cent Priority Mail Studied
Unfaithful Hubby Cured Of Misdeeds By Electric Shock
Lexington Herald
U.S. Government Successfully Conducts “Sneak” A Bomb Test

Shriners Circus Raises $9,750 For Oleika Shrine Temple
Red Mortars Hit Saigon Air Base
Bus Slack Explained, Service Revamp Seen

Monday, December 5, 1966

British Endorse Rhodesia Plan
Dog Rips Red, Then Dies In Defense Of U.S. Base
University Of Chicago Students Protest Draft
U.S. Confidence in LBJ Sinks To All Time Low
Lexington Herald
Boys Death Brings State Toll To 989
Britain Endorses Conditional Agreement To Settle Rhodesia’s Year Old Rebellion
Red Tape Is thick In Russia
Frankfort Bus Line Quits Today

Tuesday, December 6, 1966
Britain Ask For U.N. Sanctions After Rhodesia Rejects Its Terms

New Missile For Destroying Viet Nam’s Successful Air Defenses
DeWitt Sells Reds To Cincinnati Group
5-Day Layoff Due For 5,700 At GE Plant
Little Louie Dampier Scores 40
Lexington Herald
Rhodesia Rebel Government Scorns British Approved Pact

Leaf Average Up Again; Deliveries On Increase; $74.36
Chinese Claim U.S. Hits Boat Killing 17 Men
Sharp Is Accused Of Ticket Scalping U.K. Basketball Tickets 

Wednesday, December 7, 1966

Breathitt Outlines 6-Year Plan To Combat Juvenile Delinquency
LBJ Says He’ll Ask At Least 9 Billion Extra For War
Britain Urged To Cut Off Oil From Rhodesia
Students Vote To End Draft Strike At Berkeley
Lexington Herald
Fayette Court School Tax Ruling Upheld By Court Of Appeals

War Cost Increase 10 Billion
Alleghan Hall 2199 Nicholasville Road Gone
Morton Parents Ask For School Improvement
Dyslexia Program Asked For Schools

Thursday, December 8, 1966

19,000 GIs To Leave Fort Knox For Holidays
Blast Rocks Destroyer As Senator Visits
New Drug Saves Burn Victim’s Life
School Lag In Building Is Feared Due to Law
Lexington Herald
Second National Holdup Nets Gunman $13,000
Lexington Burley Average Is Down $69.41
Students Get Word On How To Dodge Draft
Vietnamese War Seen As Tragedy

Friday, December 9, 1966

Lt. Gov Calls Special Session For Day Light Savings Time
U.S. Russia, Agree To Space Pact
Centre Adopts 3 Term Year and 4 Day Week 
Cancer Society Opens New Drive Against Smoking
Lexington Herald
Syrian Military Regime Seizes Big Oil Pipeline

Paris Woman Is Slain When Turned Into A Human Torch
Tobacco Market At Record Low On Local Market
State Leaf Volume Hits Season Low

Saturday, December 10, 1966

State Lists 6 Priority Road Jobs
Churches “Urge” Taking Risks To Win Peace
Hanoi Rejects U.S. Proposed POW Swap
5 East Germans Crawl To West Through Barbed Wire, Gunfire
Lexington Herald
Jack Ruby Taken To Hospital

Sixth Strangling Brigs New Fear To Cincinnatians
County School Tax Will Be Lowered
Paul G. Blazer, Oil Magnate Succumbs

Sunday, December 11, 1966

FBI Chief Shifts “Bugging” Blame to Bob Kennedy
U.S. Bombs Accidentally Kill 16 Yanks
Richest Man’s Son Weds His Girl In $2 Ceremony
Nuclear Treaty Talks Called Encouraging
Lexington Herald
Lung Cancer Causes Many Deaths In U.S.

Hoover Says That RFK Increased Use Of Wiretapping Equipment
Test Show Jack Ruby Has Cancer
Ambulance Needed? Good Luck

Monday, December 12, 1966

School Construction “Lag” Threatens To Increase Double Sessions In State
School Group Head Finds Outlook Bleak
Hoover, RFK Stoke Feud Over Wiretap
U.S. Platoon Loses Heavily In Viet Battle
Father, 46, Held In Shooting Death of Son, 24, at Café
Lexington Herald
Syrian Oil Line Dispute Vitally Concerns Europe

Cancer To Keep Ruby From Facing Retrial
Eisenhower Slated For Surgery Today
U.S. Army Platoon Is Hit Hard; Fighting Picks Up In Vietnam

Tuesday, December 13, 1966

Court Upholds Hoffa’s Conviction; 8-Year Jail Term Due To Start Soon
B-58 Bomber Crashes South of Danville
Russia Gives North Vietnam 100 MIGs
Air Pollution Is Described As A “Killer”
Court To Rule On Virginia’s Marriage Law
Lexington Herald
High Court Rules GA Can Pick Governor

Air Force B-58 Crashes On Lincoln County Farm
Crash Dug Hole 30 Feet Deep by 50 Feet 
Stable Leaf Volume and Prices

Wednesday, December 14, 1966
Capital Bombed Causalities High, Hanoi Charges

Mrs. Kennedy Plans Legal Action On Book
St. Mathews Shopping Center Site Rezoned
Community Services Cut In Poverty War Setback
Lexington Herald
Blue Shy Zoning Change Okayed By Fiscal Court

Students Oppose UK Stadium Move
Crash Site Is Probed For Clues
Price Dips 55 Cents On Local Leaf Market

Thursday, December 15, 1966

U.S. Would Discuss Longer Truce;
Bombing of Hanoi Proper Denied
Mrs. Kennedy Says Book Tasteless and Distorted
3,000 Vote Walkout Over Hoffa Decision
Lexington Herald
Citizens Union Branch Hit Second Time In 13 Months

Rose Street Liquor Store Is Robbed
Burley Dips Again At Lexington Mart
U.S. Jets Hit Near Hanoi For Second Straight Day

Friday, December 16, 1966

U.S. Defends Hanoi Raids
Citizens Not Bombed
Disney, the Man of Fun and Fantasy Dies at 65
Navy Bomber Crashes in Residential Area
Lexington Herald
Walt Disney Dies

Hanoi Homes Not Hit, Pilot Reports Prove
Wet Leaf Brings Season Low $68.82
UK Graduate Student Admits Marijuana Use

Saturday, December 17, 1966

China Charges U.S. Bombed Its Embassy
Drive Looms To Keep Hoffa Free For Talks
Illinois Site Picked For Giant A-Smasher
Mrs. Kennedy Files Suit To Stop Manchester Book
Lexington Herald
U.N. Votes Oil Embargo Against Rhodesia

Women 51, Perishes As Home Burns
U.S. Planes Hit At New Red Targets
UK Women Employees Charge Inequality

Sunday, December 18, 1966

Hostility of JFK Party Bewilders Johnson
Cutback of Road Funds Attacked By Governors
Car Insurance Profits Quizzed On Profits
19 Airlines Slash Fares To Europe For Groups, Tours
Lexington Herald
Biological Craft Lost In Space; Astro Bug Satellite

U.N. Group Unanimously Okays Treaty Outlawing War In Space
4 Owingsville Youths Killed In Crash

Monday, December 19, 1966
Manchester Denies He Broke Faith In JFK Book

Alderman Hint At Compromise On Housing Plan
Prisoner Dies; “Meningitis” Scare Quelled
South Desegregation Pace Called “Shameful”
High: 51 Low: 38
Lexington Herald
Cavalrymen Slug It Out With N. Viets Kill 65

Lexington Man Charged With 3 Armed Robberies
U.S. Allies In Europe Won’t Help In Viet
Centre Student Rhodes Scholar

Tuesday, December 20, 1966

U.S. To Thant: Get Hanoi To Talks on a Cease-Fire
Jets Hammer Red Fuel Depot In Hanoi Area
U.N. Approves Space Treaty, Argues Peace
U.S. Urges World To Help Feed Starving India
High:46 Low:27
Lexington Herald
Three Young Lexingtonians Accused of Citizens Union Branch Holdup

Leaf Drops To $67.68 On Lexington Market
U.S. Jets Hit Oil Depot

Wednesday, December 21, 1966

U.N. President Adds His Weight To Truce Efforts
Vacation Time, Errors Snag City Payrolls
Breathitt’s Poll: Public Divided On Fast Time; EST
1 Million Diamond Split Into Two Gems
High: 48 Low: 32
Lexington Herald
Tax-Exempt Foundation Keeping Most Of Income

U.S. Explodes Mighty N-Blast Deep Beneath Nevada’s Dessert
North Viet SAM Misses U.S. Plane, Hits Boats
7 Fayette Murder Cases On Docket
Women Bakery Workers Win Equal Pay Rights

Thursday, December 22, 1966

Rusk, Goldberg Indicate New Flexibility By U.S. On Talks With Viet Cong
Jackie Drops Look Suit
U.S. Trying To Avert Missile Defense Race
Queen Belle Won’t Race Derby
Lexington Herald
Lunar Shot Launched By Soviets

Mrs. Kennedy Withdraws Her Suit
Students Against Playing Of “Dixie” At UK Games
Billy Graham Visits Hospital In Saigon

Friday, December 23, 1966

U.S. Allots Grains Worth Millions To Feed India
U.S. Sending Arms, Planes To Aid Jordan
Pollution Curb Called To Expensive
High:38 Low:32
Lexington Herald
Acreage Poundage Leaf Referendum Is Likely

Controls On Foundations May Be Tightened
Bacon Leads The Way As Food Cost Drops
Ground Action In War Slows As Holiday Truce Nears

Saturday, December 24, 1966
Christmas Truce Gets Off To A Rocky Start In Vietnam

Crash Near Caneyville Kills Five
Snow Ties Up Traffic In Most Of Kentucky
U.S. Will Ship Food To Hungry Pakistan, Too
High:29 Low:25
Lexington Herald
U.S. When Truck Overturns; Leitchfield, KY
Homeward Bound Drivers Caught In Tangles On Snow-Slick Roads
UK Is Willed $175,000 For Tobacco Research
Guns Go Silent In Vietnam War

Sunday, December 25, 1966
Five More Are Killed On W. KY Parkway

“Incidents” Mar Truce In 2nd Day
Russian Craft Lands Softly On The Moon
Stranded Not Strangers
High: 30 Low: 24
Lexington Herald
Richmond, Berea Residents Extend Hospitality To Stranded Travelers

Five Are Killed On W.KY Parkway
Rifle Fire Shakes Uneasy Truce; Air Crash Kills 125 Vietnamese
Phipps Horses Earn 2.9M; Dominates Thoroughbred Racing

Monday, December 26, 1966
Yule Truce Ends, Vietnam Allies Go Back To War

Marines Spend Yule Searching Crash Victims
Johnson Irked By JFK Book, Magazine Says
Johnson Hibernating As he Works On Problems
High: 33: Low 17
Lexington Herald
Kentucky Pat Riley Carries Off UKIT Championship Trophy

Outbreak Of Fighting Mars Holiday Cease-Fire
Foot of Snow Brings Blessing, Nightmare
Rick Bailey Is Showing Improvement

Tuesday, December 27, 1966

GIs Unload Ships As Dockworkers Strike In Saigon
Henderson Crash Kills 4 On U.S. 41
Air Pollution’s Danger Spreads To Farmlands
Kentucky Births’ Drop May Change Hospitals
High:33 Low:16
Lexington Herald
Red China Says Its President May Be Arrested

Explosion Lifts Manhole Cover at UK Dormitory
Old Danville Church Razed By Fire On 2nd and Walnut
Local Shoplifting Detail Arrested 112 Suspects

Wednesday, December 28, 1966

Aldermen Get Strong Ordinance On Open Housing
Save Poverty Program, Louisville’s Poor Plead
U.S. Grants $1,734,000 For Barren River Park
Allies Launch Massive Attack In Delta Area
High:34 Low:16
Lexington Herald
U.S. Bombs May Have Hit Civilian Areas In North

GIs Hunt Reds After Long Battle
Landry and Meredith Prepare For National League Championship
KY Highway Department To Spend 190M in 1967

Thursday, December 29, 1966

LBJ Stands By Bombing Orders; House Leader Says Flatten Hanoi
North Viets Expect Hanoi To Be Leveled
Red China Explodes 5th Atomic Device; Closer To H-Bomb?
Earth Slide Near Hazard From Strip Mining Blocks Roads
High: 51 Low: 33
Lexington Herald
Federal Taxes To Go Up Another Billion Dollars

Red China Conducts 5th A-Test
Blaze Strike Barns In Fayette and Jessamine
Police Catch Lexington Escapee After Main Street Chase

Friday, December 30, 1966

U.S. Courts Uphold School Desegregation Guidelines; Says South Must Comply
Strip Mine Operations Face Court Actions
Koufax Signs Long-Term Contract With NBC Sports
Louisville’s War On Poverty Bailed Out; Money Provided By Local Agencies
High:32 Low:25
Lexington Herald
22 Million Receiving Social Security Checks

Appeal For Restaurant On 6th Steer Denied
Mountain Slide In Perry County Blamed On Strip Mines
One Of Last Underground Mines Sold To Peabody

Saturday, December 31, 1966
Britain Ask U.S., Both Vietnamese To Attend 3-Way Peace Conference

Russia Says Moon Surface Is Hard
Louisville Brings Home Quaker City Title 72-63
Capacity Crowd To See UK Notre Dame In Freedom Hall
High: 37 Low:17
Lexington Herald
48-Hour Holiday Truce Begins In Vietnam

Keeneland Gives $29,150 To Forty Charities
Good Samaritan Funds Top 1 Million


Sunday, January 1, 1967
LBJ Willing To Meet Hanoi Halfway In Peace Talks

LBJ: U.S. Can Afford Both Guns Butter in ‘67
U.S. Issues Guides For School Integration
Strip Mines Boom Under New State Law
High: 39 Low: 26
Lexington Herald
World Says Goodbye To ’66; Looks Toward New Year With Hope For Peace In Vietnam

Government Chooses Boeing, GE CO., For Construction Of Super Sonic Transport
London Art Gallery Looted Of Paintings Worth 7 Million
Shoe Making Industry Flourishes In Kentucky
Hot Shooting Cats Down Irish

Monday, January 2, 1967
Marines Attack Infiltrators Despite Viet-Cease Fire

Viet Cong Call 7-Day Truce Next Month
Opinions On Smoking Change Little; Surgeon General Report Little Impact
Traffic Accident In Winchester Is State’s First
High: 41 Low:35
Lexington Herald
1,000 Marines Launch Attack Before New Year’s Truce Ends

World Is Tense As It Steps Into 1967
Paris Man, Kentucky’s 1st Traffic Fatality
Late Cowboy Rally Dies As Packers Win NFL Title
Coach Lombardi Wins 4th NFL Crown

Tuesday, January 3, 1967
U.S. Phantoms Deal War’s Worst Blow To Hanoi Air Arm; 7 MIGs Downed

$18 Million State Parks Plan Sought; Breathitt Will Ask Session Tomorrow
Hidden Tape recorder Gets Jack Ruby’s Story; Conspiracy Denied
Soviet Lunar Probe Indicates Moon Is “Alive”
High: 44 Low:21
Lexington Herald
U.S. Air Offensive Explodes As Yanks Down 7 MIGs

Highway Death Toll Rises At A Slow Rate
“Best I’ve Been Associated With,” Says Tide’s Bryant; Alabama Wins Sugar Bowl 34-7

Wednesday, January 4, 1967
Sen. Cooper Defends Warren Commission’s Findings
Jack Ruby Dies Of Blot Clot Caught In Lung
Community College Expansion in 1967 Set At $18.4 Million
“Broad-Form” Strip Miners Ruled Liable
3 More Auto Makers Protest Safety Standards
High: 45 Low: 24
Lexington Herald
Plot To Invade Haiti Smashed; Raiders Are Arrested In FL; Stepping Stone For War Against Cuba

Jack Ruby Dies Of Cancer
City Motorcycle Patrolman Lexington’s First Traffic Fatality
200,000 Loan Made By Louisville’s Federal Land Bank
18.5 Million Community College Expenditures Forecast

Thursday, January 5, 1967
Clarify Stand On Peace Talks, U.S. Ask Hanoi

Kincaid Bids For Louisville’s Third Largest Bank
Hoffa Pushes Portable Plan For Pensions
It’s Still Winter But Kentucky Parks Fill For Summer
High: 35 Low: 18
Lexington Herald
Leaf Averages $68.12 As Sales Reopen Here; Price Up 93 Cents

Runaway U.S. Missile Flies Over Red Cuba
Coal Truck Driver Shot In Head With Son In Cab In Madison County
Governor To Dedicate New Nicholas Library

Friday, January 6, 1967
Hanoi Envoy Arouses U.S. Interest With Hint Of Talks If Bombs Stop

New Concept Of Aid Aimed At Appalachia
LBJ Rejects Portrait Calls It “Ugliest Ever”; Lady Bird Embarrassed
Mansfield Drafts Proposal For Vote By All 18-Year Olds
High: 31 Low:27
Lexington Herald
Graham and Clay Dispersal Boost Keeneland Receipts To Record

T.M. Evans Pays $170,000 For Daughter Of Bold Ruler
Mining Reclamation Urged By Gov. Breathitt
Owsley Courthouse Destroyed By Fire
Leaf Down 76 Cents On Lexington Market

Saturday, January 7, 1967

Hanoi Statements Called Maneuver To End Bombing
Revolution Developing In China
U.S. Buys 60,000 Acres In Eastern KY; 4 Counties $2M; Daniel Boone National Forest
GM Recalls 296,000 Cars In 1967 Cars For 8 Defects
High: 31 Low: 25
Lexington Herald
Commie Guerrillas Range Throughout Vietnam – And Calling It War

Transy Clerk Is Beaten By Youth
Season Low Posted With $66 Mean
200 Acres In Woodford County Offered For Wildlife Haven By C.E. Buckley

Sunday, January 8, 1967

Quiet Diplomacy Peace Key
American Bar Recommends Direct Presidential Vote
Liberty Bank Urges Stockholders Not To Vote
School Needs More Money; KEA Says
High: 51 Low:42
Lexington Herald
Suicidal Explosion Rips Las Vegas Hotel – 6 Dead

Louisville Bankers Urged Not To Sell To Kincaid
Chandler To Name Campaign Aids For Unprecedented Third Run
New Peace Offensive Highlight Viet War

Monday, January 9, 1967

Largest City Of China Struck By Anti-Maoists
Gunfire Flares Again On Syria, Israel Border
U.S. Relaxing Controls On Prescription Drugs
Public Confidence In Congress Takes A Dive
High: 33 Low: 21
Lexington Herald
Hording Of Gold Continues

Uncle Sam-The Rainmaker-Trying To Pull Moisture From The Air
U.S. Airfield In Saigon Hammered By Commies
Father Of 29 Dies; Williamstown, KY

Tuesday, January 10, 1967

Marines’ Chief Says More Yanks Going To Vietnam
$23 Million In Viet Aid Lost In ’66, Report Says
Main Issue: Guns, Butter Or Both
Wilt Doubtful For 17th NBA All Star Game
High: 35 Low: 13
Lexington Herald
Chinese Crisis Appears Headed For Showdown; Civil War Definite

Leaf Means Hit $68.06 In Lexington
College Basketball UCLA#1 Louisville#2
Kincaid Dealt “Low Blow” By Directors, He Claims

Wednesday, January 11, 1967
LBJ Seeks Boost In Income Taxes; Ask Higher Social Security Benefits

New 6% Surcharge Would Cover War, Domestic Spending
Watts Bill Would Delay Fast Time In Kentucky
Kincaid Increases Offer For Liberty Bank Stock
High: 35 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
CORE Attempts To Block Lexington’s Schools Desegregation Plan

President Johnson Ask Congress To Increase Taxes 6 Per Cent
Watts Bill Would Ignore Daylight Savings Time
Lexington Businessman Files In Governor’s Race; David Trapp

Thursday, January 12, 1967

Congress Won’t Rush Tax Raise
Kentucky Legislatures Prohibit Car Insurance Companies From Cancelling Policies Without Reason
Independent Marcum Runs For Kentucky Governor
Lance Corporal From Louisville Dies In Vietnam
High: 32 Low: 14
Lexington Herald
Congress Plans To Move Cautiously On Tax Hike

City Is Negotiating For Greyhound Bus Terminal
Sportsman Liquor Fined For Grog Sale To Teenage Girl
Mexico City Covered By Record Snowfall; 26 Year Old Record

Friday, January 13, 1967

Mao Starts Purge, Names Wife As Adviser, Gives Police Extra Powers
U.S. Cuts “Happy Pappy Aid By 30%; EKY Aid
2 More GIs Convicted Of Slaying Villagers
Drive On To List Cigarette Tar Content
High: 49 Low: 20
Lexington Herald
Yanks Overrun Red’s HQ Base

Volume Is Down Slightly With Average At $66.40
21 Nurses Ask Raises, Threaten To Resign; Paducah, KY
Georgetown College Celebrate 138th Year
Good Sam Nursery School To Cap 30 Freshman

Saturday, January 14, 1967
LBJ Nominates Bert T. Combs For Post On U.S. Appellate Court

Bombs Drive Out Much Of Hanoi’s Industry
An Elbow Bone Could Date Man 2.5 Million Years
LSD Worth $500,000 Seized In CA.
22 Women Are Arrested In Louisville Vice Raids
High: 52 Low: 28
Lexington Herald
Photos Indicate Many Sites For Lunar Landing

Burley Down To $66.10 On Lexington Market
Gov. Combs Nominee For U.S. Judge
Safety Officials Seriously Consider Fingerprinting Kentuckians

Sunday, January 15, 1967
State Plans New Rules For Movers: Consumers To Get Closer Estimates, Action On Damages

U.S. Plans To Rate Cars By Safety Standards
Notre Dame Priests Asked To yield Power; 125 Years Of Control To be passed To Lay Persons
Experience May Be Super Difference; Green Bay/Kansas City In 1st Super Bowl
High: 50 Low: 35
Lexington Herald
U.S. Reds Engage In Battle

Private Agency Hired To Patrol Shadeland Neighborhood
Lexington Police Chief Davis Retires From Force
Lexington’s Record Setting Burley Market In ’66 Judged “Unique”

Monday, January 16, 1967
Packers Calmly Chill Chief’s Super Hopes;

Extravagantly Produced And Advertised 1st Super Bowl in 70 Degrees Heat
Louisville Man’s Lucky Coin Confiscated By CIA
LBJ Expected To Seek $3.2 Billion In Foreign Aid
Marines Kill Almost 120 In Jungles Near Da Nang
462 Yale Faculty Members Ask For End To N. Viet Bombing
High: 50 Low: 18
Lexington Herald
Special Year End Edition
Keeneland Observes 30th Birthday With Longest Season

Keeneland Anniversary Meet Set Record High Attendance
1966 Was “Year of the Top Price”
Buckpasser Named Horse Of The Year
John Gaines Is One Of A Few “Two-Way Horseman” Trotters And Thoroughbreds
Big Red Mile Has Registered More Two Minute Miles Than Any Other Track

Tuesday, January 17, 1967

Chicago Convention Hall Burns; $150 Million In Damages
Louisville Moves Fast To Fill Chicago Gap
Farm Group Supports Burley Poundage Limit
Lurleen Wallace Takes Alabama Governor’s Oath of Office
UFO Pictures Seem Authentic To Professor
High: 35 Low:10

Lexington Herald
Iron Triangle Offensive Nets 700 Reds, 2,600 Tons of Rice

UK President Outlines New Programs For Women
Designers Say Short Skirts Are Here To Stay
Superstar Starr Guides GB To 35-10 Waltz Over KC

Wednesday, January 18, 1967

Saigon Offers To Meet With Hanoi On Longer Truce-Maybe Indefinite
LBJ Says Arms Cost To Top $73 Billion In His 1968 Budget
War At A Turning Point; Signs Point To Talks
Kentucky PTAs Start No Smoking Campaign
High: 37 Low: 27
Lexington Herald
Acreage-Poundage Plan Draws Violent Reaction

Shillito’s Will Construct Shopping Center Here; 14 Million Dollar Project
Engineers Ask Four Lanes For Stretch of Lane Allen
Terrell Threatens To Withdrawal From Clay Fight

Wednesday, January 18, 1967
Breathitt Says I-65 Will Be Completed First

Trailbreaking Surgery Gives Boy New Hope;
18-Year-Old From Pike County Receives Plastic Heart Valve
Midwestern Cold Wave Spills Into Kentucky
High: 21 Low: 5
Lexington Herald
Breathitt Says Work Will Start Soon On New Circle Road Section;

Harrodsburg To Tates Creek Connection $2.2 Million
Fayette County Jail “Almost Medieval”
Total Defense Property Valued At $183 Billion

Friday, January 20, 1967

GOP Spurns LBJ’s Tax Hike; Demands End To War “Shortest Time Possible”
Tuition To Be Increased At Bellarmine and Ursuline
Snowstorm Hits Kentucky With Up To 10 Inches
State Holiday For Robert E. Lee’s Birthday; Shutdown of Capitol Leaves Visitors Baffled
High: 34 Low: 13
Lexington Herald
American Causalities Hit Peak; Largest Action Of Viet War Gets Blame
New Terminal, Runway Extension Are Planned
Planners Are Told Need For Library Extension
Percent Of Income Spent On Food Lowest Ever

Saturday, January 21, 1967
Total Civil War Is On In China; Mao’s Aid Says

3 Kentucky Teachers’ Groups To Ask New Raises
Fort Knox To Get 17 Million For Buildings
Louisville Zoo Offered A $441,000 Fund Match
High: 43 Low: 22
Lexington Herald
$42 Million Construction For UK Is Approved By Board

Breckinridge Switches To Attorney General Bid; Out of Governor Run
Proposed Bill Would Extend Poverty Act For Kentucky
Rupp is Honored As Basketball Coach of Century

Sunday, January 22, 1967
China Admits Peasant Uprising

64,000 In State Due Pay Boost Next Month; New Minimum Goes Into Effect
Interstate Park Group Wants Park In Falls of Ohio Historic Area
6 Men Charged With Drunk Driving Friday Night
High: 52 Low: 30
Lexington Herald
$21 Million Defense Contract Extended For Lexington Based Munitions Firm

GOP Leaders Favor Nixon For ’68 Race
Minimum Wage Raise From $1.25 To $1.40
Atomic Waste Dump Means Prosperity For Fleming County
Number Of U.S. Farms Continues To Decline

Monday, January 23, 1967
Mao’s Forces Threaten Use of Army

Magic Gulf Air Turns Winter Into Spring
Louisville Expects $12 Million Convention Decline
Casper Fires 69; Leads Palmer And Nicklaus By Stroke In Crosby
High: 65 Low: 42
Lexington Herald
U.S. Planes Hit Rail Lines Feeding Hanoi

Two Wrecks Take Two Lives In Kentucky
Nicklaus, Palmer Trail Casper In Bing Crosby
Chalk Up Another Award For Orioles Frank Robinson

Tuesday, January 24, 1967
LBJ’s Social Security Proposals Would Increase Benefits, Tax Bite

18,445 Billboards Face Ax On Kentucky Roads; Beautification Act
Veteran Holdup Victim Has Had It After #18; Restaurant on E. Broadway
Enjoy, Enjoy! Winter Rerun Due Tomorrow
High: 70 Low: 59
Lexington Herald
Congress Asked To Raise Social Security Benefits

Computer To Invade Tobacco Warehouse; Electronic Paychecks
Red China Army Called Out To Quell Revolt
Record Crowd To Attend Harvey Speech At Phoenix Hotel; 1,300 For Annual Event

Wednesday, January 25, 1967
LBJ’s New Style Budget Puts U.S. Spending At $169.2 Billion

LBJ Asks 20-30% Rise In Postal Rates
Garvice Kincaid Named To Liberty Bank Board; Fails In Control Bid
“The Sun Shines” On State Song, But Clouds Form; Investigated For Racial Overtones
High:70 Low: 54
Lexington Herald
1,000 Students Swarm Huguelet and Woodland Area After False Fire Alarm

Johnson Unveils Budget of Record $135 Billion
Republicans Claim Budget Is Excessive
Local Man Nabbed On Obscene Photos Count
Zip Code Numbers Must Now Be Used

Thursday, January 26, 1967
Mao Puts Army On Battle Alert, Peking Reports; Mongolian Revolt?

“Happy Pappy” Plan Faces New Trouble
LBJ Wants Tax For Public TV
Male Vote Set On Acre-Pound Set For Burley
High: 63 Low: 30
Lexington Herald
Furious Battle Is On Between Germans, Russians

99 Cincinnatians Face Election Fraud Charges
Opera Singer Dominic Sings His Way To U.S.

Friday, January 27, 1967

LBJ, Advisors Drop Guidepost Ask Restraints on Profits and Wages
Big Bank Cuts Prime Rates; Will It Spread
Ashland Oil, Amerada Reported Near Merger
Berea Doctor Raps Colleagues For Pill Sales;  Pill Pushing
High: 68 Low: 45
Lexington Herald
Soviets Antimissile System Forces U.S. To Improve ICBMs

Economic Plans Will Be Made For War’s End
Big Apartment Complex Planned On South Lime; 324 Units
Apartments Are Planned Around Historic Clay Villas