Kentucky Newspaper Headlines 
100 Years Ago

Governor of Kentucky

Everyday on the homepage we post the headline from the Courier-Journal and Lexington Leader from 100 years ago. After the headlines have run for the day, they are transferred to this page. Visit when you can and see how 100 years ago progressed. Do we learn from history, just repeat it or both? We began this feature in October 1916 just before a presidential election and when America was getting ready to enter into WWI.

Monday, October 16, 1916
Assailant and His Sympathizer are Strung Up By Mob
Broken Glass Showered Over By Prohibition Campaigners
Masonic Activities Continue; 500 in Town for Grand Lodge

Tuesday, October 17, 1916
Assailant and His Sympathizer are Strung Up By Mob
Broken Glass Showered Over By Prohibition Campaigners
Masonic Activities Continue; 500 in Town for Grand Lodge

Wednesday, October 18, 1916
Fayette County Dairymen Up In Arms; Opposed To Milk Inspection
Officers Of Grand Lodge Of Masons Named Today
Aerial Ferry Gives Ride Over Niagara and It’s the Only One

Thursday, October 19, 1916
Hail Wilson As Second Lincoln
Rousing Welcome Increases Wilson’s Smile
Roosevelt, At Phoenix Hill, Devotes Time To Personal Attack On Wilson

Friday, October 20, 1916
New Citizens Told Allegiance To America Should Be First
Women Riot In Wilson’s Path
Serious Coal Shortage Here
No Explanation Of Prank Phone Calls

Saturday, October 21, 1916
Mexicans Fire On U.S. Troops
Crowds In Rain To Meet Wilson
GOP Friction Helping Wilson

Sunday, October 22, 1916
President Will Preserve Peace
U.S. Will Not Get Into War, Wilson Declares
Wage Earners Must Oppose “Wall Street”
Kentucky Poet, Mrs. Jean Wright Swope, Dies In NY

Monday, October 23, 1916
Five Robbers Hold Up Train But Get Nothing
Former Negro Slaves Begin National Reunion
Farmers Are For Wilson
Latonia Fall Racing On Final Lap

Tuesday, October 24, 1916
Chicago Police Chief Indicated On Charge Of Permitting Gambling
Headache Drug Causes Death
Paducah Double Hanging To Be Probed
Four Dead When Auto Was Driven Into Open Draw

Wednesday, October 25, 1916
Peace May Win Women’s Votes
French Take Village and Fort of Douaumont; 3,500 Prisoners In 2 Mile Gain
Britain And Germany To Exchange Captives Over 45
A Doll Is Cause Of Alleged Murder

Thursday, October 26, 1916
Tide Turning To President
German Secrets In Letter Taken By British
J.P. Morgan Announces New 300,000,000 Loan to British
Car Mangles and Kills Girl

Friday, October 27, 1916
Last World War U.S. Can Stay Out Of Wilson Says
Wilson Tide Is Growing
Hughes’ Fight Uphill Battle
French Hurl Germans Back 4 Miles

Saturday, October 28, 1916
Milk Producers Increases Prices
Mule In Basement Keeps YMCA Roomers Awake
Many Ships Sunk In English Channel Raid, Says Berlin

Sunday, October 29, 1916
$40,000 Dumped into Kentucky by Republicans
GOP Straining Every Effort To Swing State
Tammany Gets On Wilson’s Side
Women Indorse Wilson Ticket

Monday, October 30, 1916
Mother On Trial For Murder Of Her 4 Children
Couple Burned To Death In Automobile Wreck
Famous German Aviator Is Reported Killed
Invasion Of England Possible Says French

Tuesday, October 31, 1916
Attempt Made Against Life Of Queen Marie Of Romania
Americans Lost On Ship U-Boat Sinks
Famous Submarine Deutshiland Given Up; Captured or Sunk
Peace and Prosperity Are Issues Helping President

Wednesday, November 1, 1916
Milk Strike Nov. 6; Producers Will Stop Supplying To Distributors
Norwegian and British Ships Sunk By Submarines
Hallowe’en Spirit Prevades Whole City; Bonfires Are General; Grease Car Tracks and Soap Windows
Lexington Herald
Women Shoots To Scare Boys; Hits 1 On Maxwell Street
Halloween Celebration Reaches Height at Limestone and Virginia Ave
Deutshiland In U.S. Port Again

Thursday, November 2, 1916
Deutshiland Cargo Worth 10,000,000
Eggs Thrown At Hughes Women In Chicago
Both Sides Spending All Monies Obtainable
Land Holding In California For James B. Haggin $10,593,721
Lexington Herald
Allies Gain In Hard Fighting
Voters Display Lack Of Interest In Change to Fayette Government
Halloween Vandalism Will Be Prosecuted
Red Sox Sold To Foreign Capitalist
Haggin Inheritance Tax $747,391

Friday, November 3, 1916
Revolution Breaks Out In Greece
Aviator Falls To Reach NY From Chicago Without Stop But Broke American Record Landing in Erie, PA
Bandits Kill 29 Guards and Loot Train; Execute Soldiers In Front of Passengers; Clothig Taken from the Women
Lexington Herald
Anti-Cigarette Fight Launched In Lexington
Auto Club Would Force Diming Of Lights Ordinance
Sweeping Tide Of Public Opinion For Peace and Justice Rising To Assert Itself Declares President

Saturday, November 4, 1916
Vote Frauds Are Revealed; 60,000 Negroes Transported into Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Republican Fund passes $2,000,000 Mark
Democratic Contributions Total $1.310,729
$2,500 For Campaign By Courier-Journal and Times; Single Largest Contribution in KY Made to Democrats
Lexington Herald
Wilson Ends Campaign Today
13 Insurance Companies Sued By Haggin Estate For Ali Theatre Fire
Violent Fighting In Germany Invasion Of Romania

Sunday, November 5, 1916
Vance McCormick Confident That Woodrow Wilson will Be Winner
President Closes Campaign For Re-election at Shadow Lawn
90 Lost In Ship Disaster
Wide Probe Of Car Shortage
Lexington Herald
Country Wide Car Shortage Probe Ordered
Fayette Claimed By GOP and Democrats
Wilson Victory Certain

Monday, November 6, 1916
Judge Bingham To Marry Mrs. Flagler Nov. 15
Milk Strike On In City To-Day; Babies & Hospitals To Be Supplied
5 Killed 40 Wounded In Battle Between Refugees and Citizens in Wash. St.
Prohibition Chiefs With Millions To Spend
Lexington Herald
Quiet Prevails Before Storm Of Balloting
Rich Widow Will Marry Kentuckian Judge Bingham
German Trenches Fall In France

Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Women Will Have Ballot In 12 of 48 States
U.S. Foreign Trade For 1916 About 8,000,000,000
Seven Dead In Wreck Of Runaway Coal Train
Record Vote In Nation Forecast
Lexington Herald
Record Vote Is Indicated In Fayette
Congressmen, School Board Members & Commission For County Also Up
Romanians Halt Invasion
Come To Herald Building For Election Results; Be First To Know

Wednesday, November 8, 1916
State Gives Big Majority To President
Ohio For Wilson By An Indicated Lead Of 50,000
Trolley Car Plunges Into Open Draw Bridge In Boston; 30 Dead
Lexington Herald
Fate Of Presidential Race Tied Up In Results In Six Doubtful States
Wilson Carries Fayette By 879 Majority
Hughes Wakened Up To Hear News Of Victory
Kentucky Record Vote Cast

Thursday, November 9, 1916
Wilson Still Holds Good Lead
Wilson Is Sure Of Is Victory
Coal Famine Is Widespread
Democrats See Victory In Far West
Lexington Herald
Wilson 240; Hughes 239 With 32 Of 52; Doubtful Votes Leaning Toward Wilson
Democrats To Hold Majority In Congress
Hearst Newspapers Barred From Canada
KY Gives 27,015 More Votes To Wilson Than Hughes

Friday, November 10, 1916
California Clinches Victory
Wilson Winner With 4 States Still In Doubt
GOP To Seek Recount In All Close States
All Railroads Violating Rules
Lexington Herald
CA’s 13 Votes Return President To Whitehouse
Promise Of Sharp Watch If Recount Is Made
Wilson 269 Hughes 235 Doubtful 27
Election Of First Women Into Congress

Saturday, November 11, 1916
Let Us Unite Wilson’s Plea
No Surrender Yet By Hughes
L&N Railroad Test Of 8 Hour Law
Montana Women First To Be Sent To Congress
Lexington Herald
Wilson Victory To Be Celebrated With Big Demonstrations
Wilson Vote Is Largest In History
Wilson Resting, Will Return To Capital Tonight

Sunday, November 12, 1916
Duke Of Devonshire Is Installed As Governor General Of Canada
American Ship Reported Sunk
Master Spy Under Arrest
Fighting Heavy On Two Fronts
Lexington Herald
Lexington Schools To Teach Banking
Cornerstone Of Tuberculosis Hospital To Be Laid
American Ship Is Sunk Off Spain
Karl Graves, Master Spy, Is Under Arrest

Monday, November 13, 1916
U-Boat Sank U.S. Vessel
100 Massacred By Zapatistas
Murder Victim, Her Home, And Husband Being Held For Murder
Developments In Milk Strike Expected Today
Lexington Herald
Women, Children Massacred By Zapatistas In Texas
GOP Has Lead In Lower House On Late Returns
Germany Lose On 2 Fronts
Suffrage Association Elects Members Today

Tuesday, November 14, 1916
“Starch Trust” Is Found Guilty
Must Dissolve Within 120 Days
Represents 80,000,000 In Corn Products Industry
Alleged Syrup Monopoly
Lexington Herald
British Strike Fresh Blow On German Front
Railways, Men Can Not Agree On 8-Hr Law
Humane Society Women Defies Horse Traders On Cheapside
First Aid To Be Taught In Lexington Schools 

Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Louisvillian Will Marry Mrs. Flagler In New York To-day
Germans Lose Beaucourt And Total Of 5,000 Men
Berea College Trustees Discuss Building Plans
Governor Ready To Intervene In Milk Strike
Lexington Herald
Kentucky Hunting Season Is On Today
Railway Union Relying On Wilson For 8 Hour Day; Will Fight Adamson Law In Court
City Supply Of Coal Is Short

Thursday, November 16, 1916
Germans Gain Against French
Daylight For Night Driving; Science Delivers Night Driving
Baptist Pass Large Budget
10,000 Discovered In Negro’s Estate 
Lexington Herald
Interpretation Of 8 Hour Law Asked Of Court
Suffrage Meet In Louisville
Cornerstone Of New Tuberculosis Hospital Is Laid
Widow Of Oil King Weds Louisville Judge

Friday, November 17, 1916
Intervention By U.S. Is Desired
Baptist Have Stormy Convention
Trade Commission May Enter Food Price Probe
Spiritual Force Aiding Suffrage
Lexington Herald
Heavy Firing By Germans On Ancre River
Mrs. J.G. South Elected New Suffrage Head
Deutschland Is Off On 2nd Homeward Trip

Saturday, November 18, 1916
Suffrage Leader Is Near Death; Blood Transfusion Fail To Aid
Squad Of 12 To Test 40 Cents-a-Day Diet
40,000 Belgians Deported By Germany
Jews To Receive Largest Loan Ever To Relocate From Europe
Lexington Herald
Oil Company To Test 4,800 Acres For Oil In EKY
Vast Loan For Jews Is Urged
France, England Laud Russia Stand On Poland
Father’s Day Law Planned

Sunday, November 19, 1916
Recluse Found Dead; While Feeding His Pigs
Archduke Soon To Be Made Co-Regent Of Austria, And His Wife
Apple Growers, Cotton Shippers, Auto Industry Suffer Through Car Shortage
Prices Rising On Every Product
Lexington Herald
Big Oil Man Is Coming To City
Mexico: Foreigners Are Ordered Killed
Y.W.C.A. Holds Mass Meeting To Get Formed
State Organization For Protection Of Animals Is Sought

Monday, November 20, 1916
2nd Inauguration Of Wilson To Be Very Quiet
International Issues Occupy Wilson’s Mind
French Occupy Monastir As Enemy Evacuates City
159 Killed In Mexican Train Wreck
Women Breaks Aerial Record
Lexington Herald
International Situation Now Faces Wilson
1,000,000,000 U.S. War Relief Fund Is Now Urged
Early End Of Mexican Border Powwow Is Now Promised
Flight Record Made By Women
Germans Quit Monastir; Serbs Set Up Capital

Tuesday, November 21, 1916
Milk Strike Declared Off
33,000 Operatives In Cloth Mills Get Raise To 27.5 Cents Per Hour
Interstate Commerce Commission Ask Why More Train Cars Are Not Being Built
Congressman Goes to Washington In Own Aeroplane
Lexington Herald
Y.W.C.A. For Lexington Is Now Assured
Railroad Issues Hold Attention In Washington
Nava Budget For 1918 Largest In History
2 Women Hurt In Auto Smash

Wednesday, November 22, 1916
End Of 68 Years Of Reign In House Of Hapsburg
Nephew’s Assignation Precipitated War That Engulfed Europe
Wife Murdered; Brother Emperor Maximillian
Louisville Gets large Oil Refinery
Lexington Herald
Haggin Estate Placed On Sale; 9,000 Acre Elmendorf To Be Sold
Austrian Emperor Dies As Climax To Long Life Of Personal Tragedies
Mexico Ask For Time To Weigh U.S. Proposals
War After War Causes Concern

Thursday, November 23, 1916
Train Car Inquiry “Just Begun”
Rush Decision On 8 Hour law Is “Voided”
American Hospital Ship For Allies Destroyed; 50 Dead
Lexington Herald
Military Base In Lexington Is Sought
Milk Price May Go Up In City
Express Driver Is Robbed Of $40,000
Attorneys Fail To Agree On 8 Hour Day

Friday, November 24, 1916
Committee Investigating 8 Hour Day Law
Mexicans Request Two Week Recess On Border Control
Shawnee Bathing Beach Promised West End Citizens
Mangled Body By Railroad Tracks To Be Winchester Man
Lexington Herald
Ms. Ruth Law Getting Ready For Return Flight To Chicago
Haggin Estate Tracts On Sale At End Of Week
Autoist Warned On Dimming Ordinance

Saturday, November 25, 1916
Nations Population Now Over 102,826,000; Kentucky 2,385,566
New Lexington Oil Pipeline Into Field
Sir Hiram Maxim, Famous Gun Inventor, Dies At London Home
Convention Of Kentucky Phone Men On
Lexington Herald
Another Bandit Attack On Chihuahua Mexico Repulsed
Auto Light Dimming Measured Passed
New Irvine Oil Line To Be laid
Count Seeks Bluegrass Horses For Army

Sunday, November 26, 1916
Millions of Eggs Seized by Man Controlling 72,000,000
Germans Raid English Coast
Fire Sweeps Entire Block In Irvine
Taxidermy Is Real Fine Art
Lexington Herald
Reserve Board Warns Against Foreign Loans
Improvement Of City Parks Is Plan Of Board
Wildcats Leave Tonight For Knoxville; 20 Strong
Highlawn Annexation To Be Discussed Today

Monday, November 27, 1916
Union Of German Forces Imperils Rumanian Capital; Rumanians Burn Towns In Retreat
Kentucky 4th In Tax paid To Government
Suffragist, Mrs. Boissevain Dies As A Result Of Exertion In Campaign
Enormous Tax Frauds Reported In Tobacco Industry
Lexington Herald
Death Claims Noted Social Worker and Suffragist; Ms. Milholland
Bandit Attacks Grow Weaker
Oil Is Struck East Of Irvine
Pistol Manners Of West Brought East

Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Hostile Airships In Another Raid On British Coast
Cattle Malady Is Under Test
Mrs. J. Pierpont Morgan Critically Ill
State Is Caught By Soaring Coal Prices
Lexington Herald
Teutonic Vise Closing about Roumania City
UK’s Dr. Patterson Continues To Work
Other Cattle Show Disease; Foot and Mouth Found In 2nd Shipment From Kansas City

Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Negro Denies Finding Pistol
Bucharest In Teutonic Vise
Women Declare War Against High Costs; New York Boycott On
Pittsburgh Papers Cutoff Free Subscribers
Lexington Herald
Crew Abandoned On Open Sea Picked Up By Spanish Steamer
GOP Urged To Join With Drys
Women, Theater Force NY Egg Boycott

Thursday, November 30, 1916
Daniels Awards 65,000,000 in Naval Contracts
Nationwide Turkey Boycott Movement Grows; Poultry Men In Panic
Big Shake up in British Admiralty Puts Men In active service At Helm
Prominent Rotarians Will Speak At Suffrage Headquarters  
Lexington Herald
Russians Launch Furious Offensive In Roumania
Wildcats In Fighting Trim, Pounce On Tennessee Today
East Boycott Turkeys In War On High Prices
W.H. Laudeman’s Illness Is Fatal

Friday, December 1, 1916
Foe Almost At Door Of Bucharest
Germany Again Hints At Peace
Nine Girls Flee Reform School
Aeroplane He made Kills Indiana Boy
Lexington Herald
Dead Piled High And Burned in Chihuahua
500,000 LBS Of Tobacco Are Ready
Kentucky Holds Tennessee Scoreless; Transylvania Humbles Red And Black; Centre Downs Tigers; Capturing Title

Saturday, December 2, 1916
Admiral Beresford Says Crisis Of War Is Now Urges Stronger Naval Power
Battles In Carpathians
U.S. Tells Germany Treatment Of Belgians Has Made Bad Impression
Lexington Herald
321,795 Pounds Sold On First Tobacco Market
Russian Troops and Rumanian’s To Make Escape
Chesapeake Bay Base Is Urged
Elizabeth Buckley, 125 Years Old Attends Convention of Former Slaves

Sunday, December 3, 1916
Strike On Fifty-Cent Butter Eggs
Congressmen Hope To Jolt Cost Of Food Discussion Ranges From Embargo to Probe For Conspiracies
200 Killed In Athens Clash; Greek King Surrenders Guns; Foe Pierce Rumanian Line
Lexington Herald
Wilson May Ask Congress To Study High Food Prices
Liberty Statue Blazes Welcome Caress Waters
Russian Aid To Late To Halt Teutons
Presbyterian To Rule Sayre

Monday, December 4, 1916
Russians Make Desperate Effort To Check Foe, Now Five Miles From Bucharest
Wilson Rushes Railroad Laws
Women Line Up For Boycott Forces
German Named To Rule In Occupied Rumania
Lexington Herald
Americans Safe In Chihuahua, Chinese Killed
Constantinople To Be Czar’s Prize, Agreement Of Allies
“Drys” To Ask Wilson For Prohibition Position
Government To Take Over Tract Of Land With America’s Tallest Trees In Sequoia

Tuesday, December 5, 1916
Huge Budget Is Confronted, Unprecedented $1,654,819,654
Germans Again Score Victory
Tornado Hits West Kentucky
Government Acts On Food Cost
Lexington Herald
Teutons 12 Miles From Bucharest
Germans Vice Council and Two Americans Killed By Mexican Bandits
Appeals Called For Saving Old Newspapers

Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Huffaker Tells How He Was Shot
Woman, Son and Nephew Held For Death of Man
Lexington Herald
Teutons Swarm At South Doors Of Bucharest
Dairymen Split On Increase In Price Of Milk
Sunday Hunting Warning Issued
Light Sales On Tobacco Breaks; $16.43 Average Price
Explaining Who Owns 92,000,000 Eggs, Now On Ice

Thursday, December 7, 1916
Bucharest Taken By Teutonic Armies
Federal Food Probe Begins To Take Form
Hotel Dancing Law Opposed
Evansville Mayor Sells Potatoes For $1.40 Bushel
Lexington Herald
Game Warden Arrest 12 In Harrison County
Bucharest Falls Before Brilliant Teutonic Campaign
Tobacco Mart Sales Triple
Wheat, Flour Prices Drop In Lexington

Friday, December 8, 1916
Businessmen Strongly Urge Special Session
Gibbons Slaps At Suffragists
Millionaires, Waiters At Funeral For Boldt
Cost Of Eggs and Butter Drop
Lexington Herald
500,000 Pounds Of Burley Sold
Inquiry Points To Manipulation Of Food Prices
L.L. Haggin Taken To Cleveland For Operation
600,000 Women Making Munitions In England

Saturday, December 9, 1916
Warship With 700 Men Lost
Coal Mining On Advance
Negro leads Police On record Breaking Chase
Thermometer Drops 21 Degrees During Day
Lexington Herald
Tobacco Crop Brings $23.60
Labor Leaders Draw Rail Bill For Congress
Suffragists Go On Firing Line Today
New Liberal Party Urged

Sunday, December 10, 1916
Germans Adopt Use Of “Tanks”
New Cars Prove Worth In Romania Campaign
Bill To Change Postage Rates
Original Mammoth Cave Hotel Burns To Ground
Lexington Herald
King Of Greece Threatens To Join Germany
Suffragist Tag Day Big Success
Sues For $50,000 For Alienation Of Wife’s Love
Magazine Hard Hit In New Postal Measure

Monday, December 11, 1916
Six Framers Chosen For Kentucky’s New Revenue Law Announced
Enormous Sum For War Cost ; France And Britain Have Spent 32 Billion
Knife Duel In Dark Is Fatal
Navy Feeds Its Men For 36 Cents A Day
Lexington Herald
Three New Bills Recommended By Tax Investigators
Deutschland Is Home Again; To Return To U.S.
Food Inquiry Shifts To West
Burns Fatal To Women

Tuesday, December 12, 1916
Slavs Fail To Halt Invaders
Holland Makes Appeal To U.S.
Butter Drops 3 More Cents; Eggs Hold Steady
Aged Capitalist Reed Charged With Contributing To Girl’s Delinquency
Lexington Herald
Drastic Defense Measures Urged Before Congress
Record Price On Tobacco Market
Rose Street Crossing Claims Another Victim
Miss Gilbert Finds Lobbying For Suffragist More Fascinating Than Decorating

Wednesday, December 13, 1916
Germany and Allies Make Peace Offer But Fail To Announce Specific Terms; London Sentiment Is Against Proposal
General Note Of Pessimism In England
Steps To Hurry New Tax Laws
Shot Is Fired In Tomkinsville Courtroom
Lexington Herald
High Court Rules GA Can Pick Governor
Air Force B58 Crashes On Lincoln County Farm
Crash Dug Hole 30 Feet By 50 Feet
Stable Leaf Volume and Prices Gain

Thursday, December 14, 1916
Cabinet Of Austria Has Left Office
Peace League May Be Urged
State Health Has Floor
3,000 Attend Bowling Green’s County Road Engineering Convention
Lexington Herald
Greek Troops Attack French Below Saloniki
Vote Near On Immigration
Big Gain In Lexington Assessment; $1,500,000
Receipts Drop On Burley Mart

Friday, December 15, 1916
Three Allied Premiers Must Decide Whether Time Is Ripe To End The War
Trapped U-Boat Submarine Saved
Scores Injured In Snowstorm
Nations Daily Average Expenses Of War Now $28,550,000
Lexington Herald
Drys and Equal Rights Backers Win In House
Belgians Herded Away As Slaves
Entente Allies Change Front; May Consider Peace Offer
U-Boat Stuck In Sand; 27 Members Of Crew Rescued

Saturday, December 16, 1916
American Widow To Marry British Lord
May Effect Compromise on 8-Hour Act
Cold Claims Lives of Two
Russians Consider Premature Peace Would Bring Another War
Lexington Herald
French Gain In New Offensive In Verbun Region
“Dry” Petitions Flood Congress
New Liberal Party Convention Called
Peace Is Up To Enemy; Emperor Tells Troop

Sunday, December 17, 1916
Noted Professor Dies In Classroom
National Food Moved Indorsed; Regulatory Laws
Peace Offer Cabled Forth
Lexington Herald
Lexington Banks Deposits Expand $1,686,050 In Year
Big Publishers Oppose Plan of Paper Division
Peace Crisis Is Awaiting Speech Of New German Premier
Increased City Tax Is Averted

Monday, December 18, 1916
Eight-Hour Act Repeal Fought
Wealthy Couple Shot To Death; Money Stolen
Rumanian Reported To Be Preparing To Flee His Country
Penniless 16 Years Ago Now A Morgan Partner
Lexington Herald
Men In Trench Hoot Proposal
Adamson Denies Repeal of New Railroad Bill
Extension of Oil Activity in KY; Growth Miraculous
Youths in Death Cell Ask Early Execution; Sing Sing, NY

Tuesday, December 19, 1916
Seventeen Americans Killed When British Transport Ship When Took Down By Submarine
First Visits To “Movies” By President and Wife
Louisville Is Snowy Center of Hoary Winter
Christmas To Bring No Cessation of Hostilities
Lexington Herald
Big Publisher Push Plan To Finance Mills Tobacco
Tobacco Price Averages $17.99
Cold Wave of Several Days from Rockies Skys
Famous German Aviator Brings Down 40 Enemy Airplanes in Dramatic & Interesting Career

Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Entente Allies Unanimously Refuse To Negotiate Peace Terms With Germany
Mrs. Robert Worth Bingham Niece To Wed Cincinnatian
Great Britain and France Announce Concerted Action
Bill Provides Federal Control Over All Wireless
Lexington Herald
Washington Sees Hope For Peace Despite Rejection of Proposal
Shot In Side, He Walks 3 Blocks From Dice Game To Hotel; Robbery Alleged
Federal Workers Get Wages Boosted
Lexington Aviation Station Plans To Be Pushed After New Year

Thursday, December 21, 1916
Wilson Appeals To All Belligerents For Discussion of Peace Terms Now
Diplomats Don’t Think Offer Would Have Been Made Without Some Assurances of Respectful Consideration By Recipients.
Young Girl Hel Here Following School Escape
Lexington Herald
Wilson Ask Nations At War To Discuss Terms Of Peace
Secret Meetings Ended By Louisville Commissioners; All Affairs To Be Open
Zero Weather Forecast For Lexington Tonight
The Theaters; Ada Meade, Ben Ali, The Strand

Friday, December 22, 1916
Queen of Sweden Reported Ill
10,000 Pounds of Oleo Seized
President’s Proposal of Peace Discussion Comes As Great Peace
New Blizzard Arrives Here
Lexington Herald
Kaiser William To Summons Gerard To Discuss Possible American Mediation
Minister Seeks Central Sunday Entertainment
Burley Prices Going Upward
2,500,000 Relief Fund By Jews

Saturday, December 23, 1916
Hung Jury In Trial of Reed; Didn’t Know She Was 16, He Declares
Teiper Found Guilty Of Having Killed Mother
Mrs. Barnes Found Not Guilty of Killing Husband
Four Injured In Train Crash
Lexington Herald
Sparrow Frozen To Tree Limb Free
Lexington To Have New Packing Plant; Dairy Far Company
Dunlap From Centre Wins Rhodes Prize; Scholarship To Oxford
U.S. To Get Bethlehem Steel Plant In Case Of War

Sunday, December 24, 1916
Employees Share Prosperity With Their Men; Bonuses and Wage Increases Are Numerous
Santa Claus On The Job, Showing How Louisville Is Fairing In Midst Of Prosperity
Christmas Joy For 8,000 Poor
River Is Gorged With Heavy Ice
Lexington Herald
Wilson’s Note Insulting Says London Chronicle
Rome Friendly, Says Paris and London Lose The True Meaning Of Wilson’s Note
Car Ventilation Is Insufficient
Christmas Programs In Local Churches

Monday, December 25, 1916
Santa Clause To Slight No One
Autos Crash; Four Injured
200 Kentucky Troops Fire Shots Across Mexican Border
Swiss Give Their Full Support To U.S. Peace Plea
Lexington Herald
Merry Christmas
All Citizens Join Hands To Lift Weight Of Need
Christmas At Lincoln School
All Neutrals To Join In Peace Move

Tuesday, December 26, 1916
Santa Clause Winds Up Big Charity Distribution
3 Dead 5 Shot Christmas Toll; Christmas Tragedies In Kentucky
Kentuckians Rout Snipers Near El Paso
Roads At Peak of Prosperity; Incomes High
Lexington Herald
Tragedy Stalks In Wake of Christmas Day; One Dead and Four Wounded In School Gun Battle
Third Kentucky Under Fire On Mexican Border
London Pulpit Abuse Wilson
Bank of England Named Agent U.S. Federal Reserve

Wednesday, December 27, 1916
Wilson’s Plurality Was 568,822; Total Vote Cast Over 18,600,000; Decrease In Socialist Ballots
Neither Side To Have Majority In Next House
Farmer Killed, Negro Wounded
Former Kentucky Slave Is 120 Years Old
Lexington Herald
Tax Increases Are Proposed
Independents Hold Power To Name Speaker
Wilson Gets 9,116,296 Votes; Plurality Is 568,822

Thursday, December 28, 1916
Kentucky Troops Fired Upon Again West of El Paso
Wealth Tops That Of 10 Big Nations; 15,520,000,000 National Bank Resources
South, West and Far West Greater Than New England and East
Farm Loan Bank Awarded Louisville Expected To Be Doing Business February 1; Great Victory For Louisville
Lexington Herald
$18.91 Average Tobacco Price
U.S. National Bank Assets $15,520,000,000
New President of Standard Oil Company; Alfred C. Bedford
Third Kentucky Fired On Again

Friday, December 29, 1916
Supreme Court Decision On 8 Hour Law Awaited
Engineers Solve Army’s Water Supply At Front Line
Druggist To Increases Prices In January
Peace Moves To be Secret From Now On
Lexington Herald
President Will Remain Silent On Race Moves
Fervid Pleas Bryan At Opening Of Collegians Prohibition Convention
700 Delegates From 25 States Visits In City; Drys Open Campaign
Quit Meat When Your Kidneys Are Bothered

Saturday, December 30, 1916
Entente Peace Terms Outlined By London Paper
All Eager For Durable Peace
Printing Cost Worry Editors
Louisville Land Library Convention; Becoming A Convention City
Lexington Herald
Wide range Of Demands In Ententes Peace Terms
National Unity Is County’s Need, Foss Tells Prohibitionists
First Tobacco Show A Success
Solider Visiting Home Recalled By Wire

Sunday, December 31, 1916
Hope Of Peace Fade Away With Note
Wool, Rubber and Coffee Tariffs Resume; Sugar Undecided
Quail Sold At Legal Auction Here Today!
Lexington Herald
Haggin Main Street Property Is Placed On Market; $104,000 Offer Rejected
Food Cost Probers To Make Report Today
No New Street Cars; Extension Of Tracks In Lexington Not Expected
Ugliest Bachelor’s Contest At Y.M.C.A.